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R new war…It’s more than I can stand

September 23, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Rosie’s Theater Kids: In case you missed it, The View panel started today’s show discussing last night’s gala to support Rosie’s Theater Kids.  Rosie O said her charity raised $1.1 million in one night to support arts programs for underprivileged kids in New York City.  To date, Rosie’s Theater Kids has served 20 thousand kids. Rosie P. and Whoopi had prior commitments last night and couldn’t attend, but Nicolle was able to make it.  She commented how “breathtakingly talented” the kids were. She said they are the future stars of Broadway.  It was also Nicolle’s first red carpet event and she said she wishes she’d known, she would have worn her spanx.  Rosie O.’s eldest son Parker doesn’t like red carpet at ALL but he walked it with his mom.  Last night he said to her “This is your legacy and in a way it will be mine too.”  The audience let out a collective “aaaaawwwwww!!!!”  Whoopi asked the audience to help Rosie O help the rest of the world because that’s what she loves to do.    Check out pictures from last night’s gala here and be sure and like Rosie’s Theater Kids on Facebook here!
  • People’s Climate March: As many as 300,000 marchers took to the streets of New York to protest a lack of movement on the issue of climate change, but the story got little play in the media. With so many hurricanes and other disasters, Detroit is on track to become the safest place to live by 2050. Some people were surprised by this, but Rosie P. doesn’t understand why.  She said Detroit is going to have the last laugh!  And she said she is really impressed with how some corporations are taking responsibility for their combating climate change. Ikea, for example, is advocating for climate change because it lost $9 million in hurricane Sandy and it can save $40 million by making energy efficient changes.
  • Robert Kennedy handles critics by saying that one of the biggest canards in the climate change discussion is to blame individuals for their own choices rather than what’s happening on Capitol Hill.
  • Why is climate change underreported in the news? Nicolle says the reason the media doesn’t pay more attention to climate change is because it’s not one of the top five issues that drives voters to the polls in a single battle ground state.  She further explained that people see it as a global problem and they want China and India to have some stake in the game.  Whoopi lamented that the USA used to be very decisive on issues, but now there is so much nit picking. Rosie O believes part of the reason the subject gets downplayed is because the media is now corporately owned.  “What you are fed serves the corporate interests, so we are talking about Justin Bieber and Kanye West instead of why bees are dying and Monsanto.  We are being fed things to distract us from the actual news of what is going to save the world.” Whoopi asked, “What happened to personal responsibility? With so many [T.V] channels, I want to know about the bees and Kanye, I want a blend. . .  We used to be given information that we could decide what we want to do with.” Then she concluded, “Maybe that’s why WE’RE here.”
  • Viral Video: Alaskan Anchor Quits On Air: They played the video of the Alaskan anchor Charlo Greene quitting her job on camera!  Whoopi said it was her favorite story ever.   Watch the video and you’ll see why.
  • Why do men become gynecologists? In this week’s New York Magazine, men explain why they became gynecologistsWhoopi said she doesn’t mind male doctors, but Rosie P draws the line at a male gynecologist.  She said if she’s not intimate with a man, she doesn’t want him looking at her stuff!  Nicolle thinks women (in general) make better patients because they take alarms more seriously.  All of Rosie O’s doctors are female because she thinks they know the female body best, because they have the same body.
  • Chris Christie in the news: The New Jersey Governor was recently seen at a GOP fundraiser showing off his 85 lb. weight loss from last year’s lap-band surgery. Whoopi said at first he said his weight was no one’s business. Nicolle thinks if Chris Christie wants to run for President his health is everyone’s business as he has to have the stamina for the job.  Nicolle is a big fan of Chris Christie and observed that even Republicans who don’t want him to become president should “want our field to be as populated as possible, ruling people in not out.”  Rosie O didn’t think Governor Christie chose the right kind of weight loss surgery.  She said lap band is “antiquated” and in half the cases it has to be removed.  She recommended people who are interested in weight loss surgery do the research and choose what works best for them.  Whoopi thinks Chris Christie “is an interesting cat.”  She said she doesn’t really want to see someone yelling and telling her that if she’s not this or that she’s not American. She doesn’t know if she wants him as President.  Whoopi ended the Christie conversation by joining Nicolle, looking straight in the camera, and inviting the Governor to stop by The View!
  • Kathy Griffin Joins Hot Topics:  Kathy joked with the panel about climate change being as important as the recent news that Bruce Jenner is leaving his wife, but mostly she favors the Jenner story because it’s great news for her act.  They then discussed a myriad of topics including Honey Boo Boo’s mom leaving her boyfriend Sugarbear, Miss America’s self accompianied cup percussion talent, and whether she may have been involved in a craft hazing incident.  Rosie O interjected that’s hardly hazing, but a LUXURY!
  • Kathy and Rosie O discussed Kathy’s mom, Maggie.  Kathy said her 94-year-old alcoholic mother is great and was most likely halfway through her box of wine at the moment.  Kathy said her mom had a request for Rosie; she wants her to do more with her hair and makeup and maybe wear a dress that’s more ladylike.  Tune in tomorrow because Rosie O. said she’ll be dressing for Maggie!
  • Regarding the celebrity nude photo leaks, Kathy said she’s way into being naked.  She SHOWS off her body so much so that she had to leak some nude photos of herself!  She said she’s just throwing them onto the internet.  She even did the ice bucket challenge naked!  Kathy said she has no shame in fact, she’s trying to get shame.  She said she couldn’t buy some shame.
  • Why are there no women in late night?   Kathy pointed out that Joan Rivers was the only exception.  Kathy is amazed when she looks at the late night landscape because women don’t have a voice anymore.
  • Kathy’s latest comedy CD Kathy, who won a Grammy for her last comedy album “Calm Down Gurrl,” has a new CD entitled Look At My Butt Crack. Look At My Butt Crack is available now for download.





Andrea Martin the Broadway star and who’s most memorable from her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding joined the panel to discuss her revealing new memoir, Lady Parts. Rosie P said it made her laugh out loud! And she had a big announcement!  There’s going to be a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding!  Rosie O. wanted to know if it’s going to be called “My Big Fat Greek Divorce?”




Audience Gift:   Everyone got a copy of Lady Parts.


Audience Spotlight!

Mastercard treated a woman who spends all her time volunteering with seniors in the Asian community in Chicago to an all expense paid trip to London. “She is giving people who could be left behind a reason to celebrate life.” #priceless



Parker O’Donnell: “This [Rosie’s Broadway Kids] is your legacy and in a way, it will be mine, too.”

Rosie P: “If I am not intimate with you, I don’t want you looking at my stuff.”

Nicolle: “It [climate change] is not a top 5 issue that drives voters to the polls in a single battle ground state.”

Kathy Griffin: “Fox News is like porn for old people.”

Andrea Martin: “At 59, who doesn’t want a 28 year old boyfriend?”

Whoopi: “Chris Christie! We want you on The View talking to us.”

Rosie O: [On the corporately owned media] “We are being fed things to distract us from the actual news of what is going to save the world.”


**Many people have been contacting us how they can help Rosie’s BFF Jeanne who lost her beloved husband Dan last week to Synovial Sarcoma.  Here is a link to make a donation to the Kopetic family, set up by their best friend Jackie.

September 22, 2014

In case you missed it, The View panel started the program commenting that nobody really likes the new short coffee table and seating. Whoopi said people approached her this weekend and told her she looks really uncomfortable leaning forward as she does during the show. Whoopi said that’s because she is uncomfortable! Rosie O. isn’t a fan of the chairs or table either. She said it feels like they are being forced to sit at the poker table with the bad leg at Thanksgiving and the other, more comfortable, formal dining room table is where they’d like to be sitting (and that’s also where all the really good food is).

Hot Topics:

IPhone vs. Samsung: Whoopi got an iPhone6 this weekend, which made her take notice of the plethora of Samsung commercials saying that iPhone copied their design. Whoopi wanted to point out to Samsung that without the original iPhone design, Samsung wouldn’t have the phone they have. Whoopi has more than one phone because she needs one to talk on and one to work and return emails on. Nicolle remarked that most injuries now happen because parents are distracted by their phones when they’re supposed to be paying attention to their kids. Rosie O. said she noticed the same thing as she sits with the dads at the mall.  She said she used to chat with the dads at the malls while they waited as their wives shopped and now everyone is sadly staring at their phones.

Can An Expectant Grandmother Also Run for President? Hillary Clinton commented how excited she was to become a grandmother at a speech in Iowa last week, where she advocated for Democrats on the homestretch of the 2014 midterm elections. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said Hillary is going to have to make a choice between being a grandmother and running for President. He said she can’t do both. The panel discussed how they would never say that to a man running for President – either be a grandfather or run for President. Whoopi is a grandmother and she wants to make it clear that you CAN do both. Rosie P. thought the comment was “insulting on so many levels.” With friends like that who needs enemies! Nicolle noted that Hillary dealt with overt sexism from the media and other opponents in 2008. Rosie P. remembered the abuse she took over her pant suits.

Sarah Palin Speaks Out About Family Feud: Whoopi introduced the segment, “speaking of crazy politicians.” Turns out Sarah Palin has broken her silence about her family’s role in a fight that occurred two weeks ago. Nicolle said she has a “political staffer version of PTSD,” and whenever she hears the words “Sarah Palin” and “breaking her silence” in the same sentence, her heart stops. Rosie O. complimented Nicolle on her diplomatic delivery. Nicolle concluded, “They [the Palins] stick together in a way we hope our families would for us.”

The Rosie-Mayim Feud that Never Was: JOKINGLY, Rosie called out Mayim Bialik last week because Mayim said she didn’t like Rosie’s favorite Disney film Frozen. It was a joke! But Internet news outlets took the joke seriously and said that Rosie was in an actual FEUD with the Big Bang Theory star. Rosie said she didn’t know she was in a feud; she thought she was doing a comedy bit! So this weekend Rosie googled Mayim and watched every show she’s ever done and now she’s “in love with her and wants to be her best friend”! Rosie P. said she knew Rosie O. was joking, but was happy she looked her up because oftentimes people are too quick to come to conclusions about people when we don’t know their whole story. Whoopi agreed that the entire faux feud was a bit and the press took it out of context. But Rosie O. wasn’t satisfied completely until she got to reiterate that she still thinks Frozen is the best Disney film ever made.

Rosie O. told the audience that she had some sad news this weekend. She said her best friend Jeanne’s husband Dan passed away on Friday after a 3 year fight with synovial sarcoma.   She told a heartwarming story about Dan and how organized he was before he died. He made Jeanne a binder full of everything she would need to know to keep the house running after he passed, directions about the air conditioner, etc. The day he finished the book, he told Jeanne “The book is done and I think I’m ready.” He died a few days later. Rosie said her BFF Jeanne and her husband had prepared the children for this inevitability. They talked their children through the death by laughing and celebrating him, making it a wonderful gathering at a sad occasion. Rosie said they all slept over at Jeanne’s house that night.

What’s going on at the White House? Whoopi asked. Nicole noted that President Obama defended the secret service. “I’m glad they didn’t shoot him,” Nicole added, “Obama’s don’t live there, it’s like a museum on the first floor.”  Rosie P. worried that the intruder might have had a bomb.  She thinks there have been far too many instances of white house fence jumpers and thinks something needs to change.  Rosie O. explained the intruder was a veteran on medical leave for PTSD and talked about how we need to support our troops more after they get home.  Whoopi speculated that as the world has become more dangerous and maybe we need a greater perimeter around the White House.

Hannah Graham missing for nine days from UVA. Everyone agreed that a missing child is every parents worst nightmare.  Whoopi asked what parents can do to keep it from happening?  Whoopi says parents need to educate kids more about protecting themselves and to not be so trusting of strangers. Rosie P. commented how unsafe the world is and remembered a time she was tricked to let a guy into her apartment and when she came out of the bathroom he had taken off all his clothes!  She said she stomped the mess out of him.

More naked photos leaked online: Clay Aiken has come out saying that celebrities get what they deserve if they took naked pictures of themselves that got leaked online.  Whoopi thought that was a bit harsh!  Rosie O. told her boys after the Anthony Weiner (still funny) fiasco, “you take a pic of your junk it’s going to be seen someday!” Whoopi said, in the old days your pictures were in your pocket or your house and nobody knew about them. She said today anything can be hacked and you’re taking a big chance by sharing them online or over your phone.  Rosie O pretended to start deleting photos from her cell phone as Whoopi talked. Rosie P called the hackers slime.

Viral Video: Helen Crow of Pennsylvania celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of a cake.


  • Judd Hirsch Whoopi and Rosie P. sat down with Judd Hirsch to talk about his show Forever. They showed a clip from the show and talked about his experience with acting and how he rarely does interviews.


  • Nicole and Rosie O. talked to Lara Spencer (GMA and HGTV) about her new book, Flea Market Fabulous. She showed some of the treasures she found at a local flea market and talked about her repurposing, showing some of her craft projects.  Nicolle, Rosie and Lara did a craft project together!
  • Quintavious Johnson from America’s Got Talent sang I’m Going Down.


Audience Gift: A copy of Flea Market Fabulous by Lara Spencer



Rosie P. We are all guilty of coming to quick conclusions about somebody.

Rosie O: I didn’t know I was in a feud until I went on the computer.

Nicolle: I have the political staffer version of PTSD.

Whoopi: You can’t just be [your children’s] friend, you have to educate them.

Judd Hirsch: The truth is what you did on stage and anything you say about it is too much or too little.

Lara Spencer: I love seeing things for what they could be, maybe not what they used to be.


**Many people have been asking us asking  how they can help support Jeanne and her children after this terrible loss.  Jackie has set up a fundraising Memorial page for the Kopetic family.

September 19, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • How Old Is Too Old To Be Naked In Front of Your Kids: Turns out an English woman was in the news recently for walking around naked in front of her 13-year-old.  Whoopi asked if this is normal. Rosie O. thinks age 5 is probably the limit for taking a bath with your child or being seen naked in front of her boys who are both teenagers. Rosie P. thought maybe you could stretch that out until the age of 8 so that children can learn what an older woman’s body looks like. Nicolle admitted that her family doesn’t spend a lot of time naked in her house but her 2 year old loves to be naked!  And she agreed with Rosie O.’ and said she would probably draw the limit at 5.  Whoopi? Prefers to take her baths on her own.
  • Let’s Find the Vagina: A study in the UK showed that most women, when shown a diagram of the female reproductive system, couldn’t find where the vagina is located. Whoopi stood in front of a diagram of the woman’s reproductive system and pointed out the vagina for the audience. They discussed the details of the vagina, the confusion that surrounds it, and their own personal histories learning about it. Rosie P. said “If you don’t know where your crotch is, it’s a troubling thing.” Rosie O. recalled a sex ed movie from school in which a character named Margaret wanted to buy a white dress but couldn’t because Flo was coming. She couldn’t figure out who Flo was! Whoopi said she actually went to a class to learn about her vagina. She said the teacher gave her a flashlight, a mirror and she was instructed to “say hello to her vagina!” Rosie O., who is notoriously shy talking about such things, got embarrassed by the conversation. But Whoopi had no problem with the discussion and said “like Magellan,” she’s “been traveling.”  Nicolle ended the discussion saying “From Air Force One to vaginas, it’s awesome. I can’t believe this is my job now.”
  • Bigger Wedding Happier Marriage: The National Marriage Project finds couples who have big blowout weddings have marriages that last longer. Whoopi thought that was perhaps due to the financial investment that makes it harder for spouses to go their separate ways after the wedding. Rosie P. has always taken issue with large weddings because of all the money that is spent on them. She grew up very poor and thinks people should spend the money on a down payment for a house rather than just one big day. Rosie O. had a big wedding planned for August 17th 2012 but her fiancée Michelle was diagnosed with desmoid tumors and they had to call it off.  And then, on August 14th, she had a near fatal heart attack. She said she could have been on an African Safari honeymoon and might not have survived. So, in her case, she was glad their big wedding was cancelled.
  • Key to happiness is to Throw Stuff Out: Rosie P. said her husband calls her a hoarder. Rosie O. thinks that has to do partly because she grew up without money, as Rosie O. did. She said when you grow up “without” you don’t want to lose anything. She also thinks for her, that way of thinking contributed to her obesity. Nicolle said she’s the opposite and said she sneaks around gathering stuff to give away to Goodwill so her husband doesn’t know what she’s getting rid of. She said if she brings something into the house she makes it a rule that she has to get rid of something. Rosie P. and Nicolle then bonded over their love of Costco.  Rosie O. can’t understand it. She said when she goes to Costco she goes with a list, on a mission, and comes out with a case of corn nuts and a trampoline!
  • Drive through funerals: There’s a funeral home in Michigan that allows people to pay their respects to the family members in a drive-through.  Nicolle didn’t think it counts to pay your respects if you don’t get out of the car. Rosie P. said her family would hold up the line. She didn’t want to speak for all Latinos, but she said “we need time” to grieve! Whoopi jokingly said everybody loves a funeral as long as it’s not theirs.


Billy Crystal: Whoopi introduced her longtime friend, Billy Crystal. She referred to him as her “big brother” and “one of the greatest loves of her life.” He laughed as he entered the stage and said he felt like he was walking onto the set of the Vagina Monologues! Whoopi told Billy that he did an amazing job talking about their friend and brother, Robin Williams during his moving tribute to him at the Emmy Awards. Billy admitted it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. He said when he first heard about Robin’s death he truly had no words, there was just pain. He said it was incredibly hard to craft the eulogy for the Emmy’s and try and make it humorous and personal without being self-serving. But he admitted that writing the eulogy helped get him through it. Whoopi fought back tears through most of the interview and could barely speak.  Whoopi and Billy reminisced about what an amazing person and brilliant performer Robin was. Whoopi described her time working with Robin as “magical” and Billy agreed. Billy and Whoopi recalled how they raised $70 million for Comic Relief  with Robin. They talked about their friendship, growing older and how very protective they were of each other. Billy hates that now he has to refer to Robin in the past tense. And to honor their friend, they fought back tears and held hands in silence as they went to break.


In honor the 25 year anniversary of the film When Harry Met Sally The View showed a clip of the Pecan Pie scene. Billy said the scene was all improvised. One of Whoopi’s favorite Billy Crystal roles was when he played a gay character in the 1970’s series Soap. Whoopi asked if anyone had an issue with him playing a gay man. Billy said in 1977 it was pretty groundbreaking television and the sponsors and some religious groups weren’t happy about it. But for him, it was never about playing a gay man. It was about playing a man, who just happened to be gay.

Lastly, they discussed Billy’s book Still Foolin’ ‘Em which he said started out as a stand-up act about turning 65 and then it turned into a book. Whoopi said the audio book is fabulous and most of it is taped in front of a live studio audience. It won the audio book of the year!

Angelina Jordan:  Eight year old Angelina Jordan from Norway stopped by The View.  She was the winner of Norway’s Got Talent! She sang Fly Me To The Moon, beautifully. After her performance Rosie gave her an arm full of stuffed animals and a big hug!


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin’ ‘Em.


 Whoopi: [on exploring her vagina] “Like Magellan, I’ve been traveling.”

Nicole: “I can’t believe this is my job now, from Air Force One to vaginas, it’s awesome.”

Rosie O: “When you grow up without, you don’t want to lose anything.”

Billy: [on losing his friend, Robin Williams] “I hate saying he was.”

Rosie P: “If you don’t know where your crotch is, it’s a troubling thing.”


And that’s what you missed!

September 18, 2014

In case you missed it, right from the start there was a feud brewing on The View set. We’re talking split screen-worthy. It was between Rosie O. and, wait for it… Blossom? (aka Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory) Seems Mayim’s been talking smack about Rosie’s favorite Disney film Frozen! Oh no you di-n’t! And Rosie. O was having none of it. She declared Frozen to be the best Disney movie ever made, summarized the ever so complicated plot for Mayim’s understanding and not-so-gently explained to her that “sometimes princes suck.” So there ya go. Don’t mess with Rosie’s favorite Disney film, apparently.

Hot Topics:  

  • How much is too much:  Tennessee dad Mark Hughes found out his 15 year old son had been drinking alcohol and he wanted to teach him a lesson so he forced him to play a drinking game.  Witnesses called police after the child passed out and he had to be revived by EMTs! The father, who has a history of alcoholism, was arrested. The question posed to the panel?  Right or wrong? Nicolle believes in shocking teens in order to teach them but thought the father completely crossed the line by endangering his child’s life. Rosie O. agreed and added that what the father did was not only wrong, it was criminal. Whoopi who has struggled with issues of addiction took a different approach and understood where the father was coming from.  Rosie P. said she thinks sometimes parents need to be taught how to parent and she said he crossed the line when he endangered the life of his child. Rosie O., who has had lifelong struggles with food addiction and obesity asked if it would be okay for her to deny her child food based on Whoopi’s logic?   Whoopi stood her ground and said she kind of understood what the father was trying to do in scaring his teen. Rosie P. said no matter what happens she hopes the dad gets help.
  • Obama approval rating in a free fall: Nicolle, who had direct experience working for a President with low approval ratings, said it’s difficult to govern when a President’s approval numbers are so low. She thinks the battle with ISIS is the most important challenge our country faces today. Rosie O. thinks the country may be weary of entering into another war after just getting out of a war that lasted 10 years. Nicolle said 60% of the country supports the U.S. taking airstrikes against the militant group, but she’s worried about what happens should a plane be shot down. She said it would take “boots on the ground” to rescue our troops and that’s a “terrifying slippery slope” for people.  Whoopi finally said if we don’t take a stand against ISIS, we’re going to be afraid all the time. She said she’s tired of terrorists making us live in fear and constantly demanding money from us. Rosie O. said it’s a specific group’s philosophy we are at war with, not the nation itself. She wondered how we go to war with a thought process? Nicolle said our intentions with the country need to be clear that it is not the country we’re at war with but the militant group.  She ended the segment by saying despite the fact that President Obama is a “reluctant warrior” she thinks he is “deadly serious” this time and the beheadings of the journalists have solidified his resolve.
  • Parents pay thousands of dollars to get kids into preschool by age 2:   The author of a new book How Toddlers Thrive thinks it’s a waste of money to pay thousands of dollars for your two year old to go to preschool.  Whoopi said preschool is really only a benefit for lower income families.  Rosie P. said she thinks it should be a public mandate that education is free to everyone across the board.  She also resented the assumption that people with money are more capable of educating their children than the poor. Nicolle just went through the preschool application process in NY and said people think this is the first step to Harvard. Rosie O. said she never considered preschool because she liked her children at home with her when they were that little.



Barbra Streisand: Rosie O. had a sit down with the one and only Ms. Barbra Streisand. As every Rosie fan knows, Barbra was her late mother’s favorite singer and it was through listening to her music that she felt close to her mother after she died. Rosie said playing Barbra’s music after her mother’s death, “kept her alive.” She has always idolized Barbra and when she was on The Rosie O’Donnell show back in 1997 she got the chance to meet and interview her idol on her show for the very first time. You can watch that now infamous video here.  She said knowing Barbra in real life has proved to her “if you dream it, you can live it.”

Rosie got the chance to interview Barbra again for The View while she was doing a press junket for her new CD Partners. You can watch the interview in its entirety here but if you cannot access that video (or you’re running out of data on your cell phone plan) here’s a little of what happened during the interview.

Rosie and Barbra sat closely across from each other and discussed her latest CD and how it was made. Barbra said for some of the duets she sang with the other artists live in the studio but for some of them, she sang her part first and the men sang along with her recording.  Barbra sings a duet with her son on the CD and told Rosie a story about the time she once sang a duet along with her mother.  She talked with Rosie about what it was like growing up in Brooklyn and what it feels like to grow up with only one parent.  Both Rosie and Barbra believe that growing up with such a great loss of a parent, while incredibly painful, helped propel them into the people they are today.   She talked about the “partners” she sang with on the CD including John Legend, John Mayer, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Michael Buble, etc.  She said she strove for excellence in each performance. Rosie ended the interview by saying oftentimes she hears people say “never meet your heroes because they will disappoint you” but she said that’s not true for her because Barbra has never and could never disappoint her.


Jessica Chastain: Jessica Chastain visited the studio today to promote her latest film The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby which is in theaters now.  Jessica has been nominated for two Oscars for her performances in Zero Dark Thirty and The Help. She said playing the CIA officer in Zero Dark Thirty was the toughest role she has ever played because it’s so unlike who she is in real life. Rosie P. said one of the favorite roles of Jessica’s was her performance in the film The Tree of Life.  Jessica is a graduate of Julliard and was first in her family to graduate college. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is written and directed by her ex-boyfriend. They dated for a time and then she went on to become a huge star.  She came back to him and asked him to do this film with her because she really believed in him and how talented he was.  Jessica said “I don’t believe that love ends, it just transforms.” Jessica said it was a very emotional experience to make the film which is really two films, one story told from both male and the female perspectives.


Then Jessica introduced the audience to the true love of her life, Chaplin the 3 legged rescue dog. Adorable!

Audience Gift: Frozen on DVD!



Rosie O: “If you dream it, you can live it.”

Whoopi: “Never be afraid to show an eating hamster.”

Nicolle: “Obama is deadly serious this time.”

Rosie P: “It should be a public mandate that education is free.”

Barbra Streisand: “I have never wanted to disappoint people.”

Jessica Chastain: “I don’t believe that love ends, it just transforms.”


And that’s what you missed!