September 23, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Rosie’s Theater Kids: In case you missed it, The View panel started today’s show discussing last night’s gala to support Rosie’s Theater Kids.  Rosie O said her charity raised $1.1 million in one night to support arts programs for underprivileged kids in New York City.  To date, Rosie’s Theater Kids has served 20 thousand kids. Rosie P. and Whoopi had prior commitments last night and couldn’t attend, but Nicolle was able to make it.  She commented how “breathtakingly talented” the kids were. She said they are the future stars of Broadway.  It was also Nicolle’s first red carpet event and she said she wishes she’d known, she would have worn her spanx.  Rosie O.’s eldest son Parker doesn’t like red carpet at ALL but he walked it with his mom.  Last night he said to her “This is your legacy and in a way it will be mine too.”  The audience let out a collective “aaaaawwwwww!!!!”  Whoopi asked the audience to help Rosie O help the rest of the world because that’s what she loves to do.    Check out pictures from last night’s gala here and be sure and like Rosie’s Theater Kids on Facebook here!
  • People’s Climate March: As many as 300,000 marchers took to the streets of New York to protest a lack of movement on the issue of climate change, but the story got little play in the media. With so many hurricanes and other disasters, Detroit is on track to become the safest place to live by 2050. Some people were surprised by this, but Rosie P. doesn’t understand why.  She said Detroit is going to have the last laugh!  And she said she is really impressed with how some corporations are taking responsibility for their combating climate change. Ikea, for example, is advocating for climate change because it lost $9 million in hurricane Sandy and it can save $40 million by making energy efficient changes.
  • Robert Kennedy handles critics by saying that one of the biggest canards in the climate change discussion is to blame individuals for their own choices rather than what’s happening on Capitol Hill.
  • Why is climate change underreported in the news? Nicolle says the reason the media doesn’t pay more attention to climate change is because it’s not one of the top five issues that drives voters to the polls in a single battle ground state.  She further explained that people see it as a global problem and they want China and India to have some stake in the game.  Whoopi lamented that the USA used to be very decisive on issues, but now there is so much nit picking. Rosie O believes part of the reason the subject gets downplayed is because the media is now corporately owned.  “What you are fed serves the corporate interests, so we are talking about Justin Bieber and Kanye West instead of why bees are dying and Monsanto.  We are being fed things to distract us from the actual news of what is going to save the world.” Whoopi asked, “What happened to personal responsibility? With so many [T.V] channels, I want to know about the bees and Kanye, I want a blend. . .  We used to be given information that we could decide what we want to do with.” Then she concluded, “Maybe that’s why WE’RE here.”
  • Viral Video: Alaskan Anchor Quits On Air: They played the video of the Alaskan anchor Charlo Greene quitting her job on camera!  Whoopi said it was her favorite story ever.   Watch the video and you’ll see why.
  • Why do men become gynecologists? In this week’s New York Magazine, men explain why they became gynecologistsWhoopi said she doesn’t mind male doctors, but Rosie P draws the line at a male gynecologist.  She said if she’s not intimate with a man, she doesn’t want him looking at her stuff!  Nicolle thinks women (in general) make better patients because they take alarms more seriously.  All of Rosie O’s doctors are female because she thinks they know the female body best, because they have the same body.
  • Chris Christie in the news: The New Jersey Governor was recently seen at a GOP fundraiser showing off his 85 lb. weight loss from last year’s lap-band surgery. Whoopi said at first he said his weight was no one’s business. Nicolle thinks if Chris Christie wants to run for President his health is everyone’s business as he has to have the stamina for the job.  Nicolle is a big fan of Chris Christie and observed that even Republicans who don’t want him to become president should “want our field to be as populated as possible, ruling people in not out.”  Rosie O didn’t think Governor Christie chose the right kind of weight loss surgery.  She said lap band is “antiquated” and in half the cases it has to be removed.  She recommended people who are interested in weight loss surgery do the research and choose what works best for them.  Whoopi thinks Chris Christie “is an interesting cat.”  She said she doesn’t really want to see someone yelling and telling her that if she’s not this or that she’s not American. She doesn’t know if she wants him as President.  Whoopi ended the Christie conversation by joining Nicolle, looking straight in the camera, and inviting the Governor to stop by The View!
  • Kathy Griffin Joins Hot Topics:  Kathy joked with the panel about climate change being as important as the recent news that Bruce Jenner is leaving his wife, but mostly she favors the Jenner story because it’s great news for her act.  They then discussed a myriad of topics including Honey Boo Boo’s mom leaving her boyfriend Sugarbear, Miss America’s self accompianied cup percussion talent, and whether she may have been involved in a craft hazing incident.  Rosie O interjected that’s hardly hazing, but a LUXURY!
  • Kathy and Rosie O discussed Kathy’s mom, Maggie.  Kathy said her 94-year-old alcoholic mother is great and was most likely halfway through her box of wine at the moment.  Kathy said her mom had a request for Rosie; she wants her to do more with her hair and makeup and maybe wear a dress that’s more ladylike.  Tune in tomorrow because Rosie O. said she’ll be dressing for Maggie!
  • Regarding the celebrity nude photo leaks, Kathy said she’s way into being naked.  She SHOWS off her body so much so that she had to leak some nude photos of herself!  She said she’s just throwing them onto the internet.  She even did the ice bucket challenge naked!  Kathy said she has no shame in fact, she’s trying to get shame.  She said she couldn’t buy some shame.
  • Why are there no women in late night?   Kathy pointed out that Joan Rivers was the only exception.  Kathy is amazed when she looks at the late night landscape because women don’t have a voice anymore.
  • Kathy’s latest comedy CD Kathy, who won a Grammy for her last comedy album “Calm Down Gurrl,” has a new CD entitled Look At My Butt Crack. Look At My Butt Crack is available now for download.





Andrea Martin the Broadway star and who’s most memorable from her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding joined the panel to discuss her revealing new memoir, Lady Parts. Rosie P said it made her laugh out loud! And she had a big announcement!  There’s going to be a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding!  Rosie O. wanted to know if it’s going to be called “My Big Fat Greek Divorce?”




Audience Gift:   Everyone got a copy of Lady Parts.


Audience Spotlight!

Mastercard treated a woman who spends all her time volunteering with seniors in the Asian community in Chicago to an all expense paid trip to London. “She is giving people who could be left behind a reason to celebrate life.” #priceless



Parker O’Donnell: “This [Rosie’s Broadway Kids] is your legacy and in a way, it will be mine, too.”

Rosie P: “If I am not intimate with you, I don’t want you looking at my stuff.”

Nicolle: “It [climate change] is not a top 5 issue that drives voters to the polls in a single battle ground state.”

Kathy Griffin: “Fox News is like porn for old people.”

Andrea Martin: “At 59, who doesn’t want a 28 year old boyfriend?”

Whoopi: “Chris Christie! We want you on The View talking to us.”

Rosie O: [On the corporately owned media] “We are being fed things to distract us from the actual news of what is going to save the world.”


**Many people have been contacting us how they can help Rosie’s BFF Jeanne who lost her beloved husband Dan last week to Synovial Sarcoma.  Here is a link to make a donation to the Kopetic family, set up by their best friend Jackie.