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September 30, 2014

In case you missed it…

Hot Topics:

  • Secret Service Scandal: The View panel began today’s show by discussing the latest revelations in the White House fence jumper case. It turns out the jumper not only got into the White House but made it into the East Room, only feet from the first family’s residence. Nicolle said both Democrats and Republicans are equally irate over these latest details and she thinks heads are going to roll. Rosie P wanted to make sure it’s clear that this occurrence wasn’t blamed on Obama. Nicolle never thinks it’s the President’s fault when there’s a White House breach. Nicolle said it’s the Secret Service’s single job to protect the life of the first family. Whoopi was offended by the fact that there’s a video of the intruder running into the White House. Nicolle said the Secret Service is permitted to shoot at their own discretion, but now their discretion is in doubt. One time when Rosie P was invited to the White House she had an injury that required her to use a cane and the Secret Service almost didn’t let her in with it because it could be used as a weapon! Whoopi thinks it might be harder to get into the building at The View! Rosie O agreed and said she had to give a pap smear yesterday morning in order to get in and wondered if that’s because she was new.
  • Gender In Media: Actress Geena Davis says Hollywood has the power to get more women elected in real life if they cast more women in political roles in television and film. She said her role as President in Commander and Chief made a significant difference to the political landscape. Nicolle agreed. She said viewers are voters and if they see more women in in powerful roles on TV and in movies then maybe that will make them think it’s possible in real life too. Rosie P also agreed. She said shows like Sex In The City, New Girl and Mindy Project are empowering women who want to make different choices rather than following a more traditional path. Nicolle said there are fewer women today in the political arena than in years past. Rosie O said Geena is one of the smartest women she has ever met and we should all listen to what she has to say. Geena is a member of Mensa and has an organization Institute on Gender in Media. Whoopi really hopes TV isn’t all that influences voters because of all the bad stuff on TV there is to watch!
  • Cusack Calls Out Hollywood: John Cusack is in the news for calling out Hollywood as a whorehouse that spits young actors out. Whoopi said “this” (becoming a talk-show host at The View) is what happens to old ho’s! Rosie O agreed with Cusack’s statement and said Amen! Rosie P said Cusack has a point, but if you’re truly talented you can be slowed, but you cannot be destroyed. She said in the end, it’s not just about looking good but being good in front of the camera.
  • Walmart Shifts Blame to Seatbelts: Walmart, who is one of the sponsors of The View, is partially blaming some of the injuries that occurred in a June crash that severely injured actor Tracy Morgan on the fact that the passengers weren’t wearing seatbelts. Whoopi said even if they were wearing their seatbelts it still doesn’t explain why the accident occurred, which was because the driver had been awake for more than 24 hours at the time of the accident. Nicolle made a call to Walmart’s press office and Walmart said they weren’t attempting to shift blame. They said it was a technical legal filing and they were eager to resolve it. Rosie O wanted to know how she got their number?! She was impressed! Rosie P said the situation was a tragedy and to remember that Tracy lost a dear friend in the accident. Whoopi was happy to hear Walmart was not attempting to shift blame. Rosie O said her wife was in a terrible car accident a few years ago and is relentless in reminding her to always stay buckled up. Whoopi defended truckers saying that the drivers of the big trucks don’t want these accidents either. She said we have to do better. Rosie O agreed. Rosie O said something has to be done so that the drivers don’t have to drive so many hours and feel pressured to put in overtime just to support their families.
  • NFL Feeding Muslim Bias: There’s a new controversy swirling around the NFL after they charged Kansas City Chief’s Husain Abdullah with unsportsmanlike conduct for bowing in prayer after a great play. Whoopi queried if we’re going to allow Tim Tebow to pray after a touchdown, why are other people getting penalized for it? She asked if we’re feeding into Muslim fear. Rosie O said we are because it propels us to war and serves the need to rally the country. Rosie P thinks in the wake of ISIS, the Muslim community has not been given the proper respect and air-time in local and national media outlets in order for them to denounce what the extremists of their religion are doing. She said Muslim voices are not being heard. Nicolle said the NFL should not have penalized Abdullah for unsportsmanlike conduct, but read a statement from the NFL that said players are prohibited from celebrating. The NFL has come out and said there should not have been a penalty on his prayer.
  • Even Though Pot Is Legal You Can Still Lose Your Job: The State of Colorado has legalized pot but you can still get fired for getting high. A quadriplegic, who uses medical marijuana, recently failed a drug test at work and lost his job. Nicolle said this is a legal question. She said the courts have traditionally stood up for people and their right to do what they choose while they’re not working. Whoopi asked if you can cross-dress and do what you want in your free time, why can’t you smoke marijuana. Rosie P said it’s more than a state problem but also a Federal problem that the country is going to have to resolve. Whoopi agreed that the topic is not going to go away anytime soon and promised to continue the discussion.
  • ATM Fees: A new survey finds that the average fee for using an out-of-network ATM is $4.35, which Whoopi called bank robbery!   Nicolle said most people take out $60 on average and said that is a huge percentage! Rosie O pointed out that the ATM fee is the same as a small chai latte at Starbucks.



Lena Dunham: The amazingly brilliant Lena Dunham joined Rosie O for a one-on-one interview all about her new memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”. They discussed a myriad of topics including her recent appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine, her hit HBO show Girls, the night they first met at Howard Stern’s birthday bash, and their mutual love of the late Nora Ephron. Lena explained that her memoir is dedicated to Nora. She said it’s hard for her to describe what it was like to be friends with Nora, but she is so grateful to have had her in her life even for the short time that she did. Lena dished to Rosie about the love advice that Nora had shared with her and she talked about how much she wished Nora could have met her boyfriend Jack. Rosie said she and Lena have something else in common besides their mutual love of Nora. She said a lot of people accuse both of them of being “over-sharers.” Rosie asked Lena if she thought that was a sexist thing to say and Lena agreed. She asked if you have ever heard someone tell a man he was sharing too much information. Lena said men are described as brave and opening pathways of communication when they share their life stories, while women are described as dumping too much information on you. Lena said part of the reason she feels she was able to pursue her dreams was because both her parents are artists. She said they made her feel like the pursuit of an artistic career was something possible and achievable. Rosie told Lena that she absolutely adores her and that Lena gives her “hope for the future of women and feminism.”


Rosie O’Donnell & Lena Dunham


Jake McDorman and Analeigh Tipton: The stars from the new series Manhattan Love Story joined the panel. They described their new show as a romantic comedy for anyone who’s ever been on a date that messed with their head. The show is about an unlikely pairing of two people who get set up on a blind date. The stars talked about acting in the romantic comedy genre, the other cast members and awkward first dates. The series premiere airs tonight at 8:30|7:30c on ABC.

Randy Couture and Karina Smirnoff: Rosie P was extremely excited to have MMA Fighter Randy Couture and professional dancer Karina Smirnoff on the show because dancing and fighting are two of her favorite things! They were latest couple voted off the hit TV show, Dancing With the Stars. They danced for the studio audience and audience at home.


Randy Couture, Rosie O’Donnell & Karina Smirnoff


Audience Gift: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham



Nicolle: [Regarding the White House fence jumper] “I think heads are going to roll.”

Whoopi: “Always keep your own brain, it’s important!”

Rosie P: “Talent can never be destroyed, it can be slowed or excelled but it can never be destroyed.”

Rosie O: [To Lena Dunham] “You give me hope for the future of women and feminism.”

Lena Dunham: “When a man shares a story, they’re brave and they’re opening pathways for other people’s suffering. When a woman shares a story, they’re hysterics who are forcing their problems onto you.”


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September 29, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Coffee-Cup-Salute-Gate: In case you missed it, The View panel began today’s Hot Topic segment discussing the Conservative uproar over Obama’s attempt to salute the Marines as he exited Marine One with a coffee cup in his hand. Let’s face it, conservatives have their panties in a bundle over this issue because it further paints the President as a man who hates America and the troops. Well as it turns out, there were 38 Presidents before Obama who never saluted the troops. In fact, for 192 years Presidents never saluted the troops, the troops saluted him. It was literally something Ronald Regan made up. Sarah Palin had a field day with coffee-cup-salute-gate during a Values Voter Summit speech in Washington. Unfortunately, during the same speech she mistakenly listed the address of the White House as 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of 1600. Nicolle had to hand it to Sarah turned the blunder into a joke when she later tweeted that must be the reason her Christmas cards keep getting returned.
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online: In a new video that’s been posted all over Facebook, a Canadian member of ISIS is warning of terror attacks in America. Whoopi asked the panel about the concern over children seeing this video. Nicolle was concerned over the fact that we no longer have control of when to discuss these types of worldly issues with our children because the information is so readily available on the Internet. They discussed the differences of today’s fears of war and compared it to how it used to be during the “duck and cover” days. Rosie P pointed out that every news channel and publication has a different stance on events that are happening in the world. She said it’s confusing to children and wasn’t sure what parents could do to prevent the mixed messages. Whoopi thinks it’s at the discretion of the parents to decide how much to tell their children about worldly events because every child is different. She said parents are also responsible for being aware of what their children are looking at on their computer. Rosie O.’s children went to a Waldorf school from kindergarten to high school and in 2002 they agreed not to expose their children to media and turned off the television in their house. She said the family dynamic changed for the better. And today their house is a “no phone zone” and all the family and visitors leave their phones in a basket when they come in.
  • Derek Jeter Conspiracy Theory: Apparently there’s a conspiracy theory that the amazing play at the end of Derek Jeter’s last home game was staged. Whoopi and Rosie P were having none of it! Rosie P invited Derek to come on the show and discuss it with her PERSONALLY.
  • Chelsea Clinton’s New Baby: The panel discussed Chelsea Clinton’s new baby girl Charlotte and they showed a picture of the Clinton’s with their new grandbaby. Nicolle gave a copy of the new children’s book Cookie Meets Peanut by Bethenny Frankel to everyone in the audience in honor of the new baby.
  • Christian Re-Write of Harry Potter: A Christian mom is rewriting Harry Potter so it doesn’t conflict with her religious views by taking out the magic and witches. It’s entitled Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles. Whoopi asked if this is plagiarism. Nicolle said the faith-based book audience is a 6 billion dollar industry and appreciates the fact that they purchase so many books. Whoopi named several Christian value based books and wondered why the author needed to steal someone else’s story when there are so many to choose from. Rosie P thinks it’s disrespectful to the original author to steal her story and said if you don’t want your children reading a story, then don’t allow them to read it! She said when she was growing up she was not allowed to listen to the Rolling Stones because of a song entitled Sympathy for the Devil. But as soon as she was an adult, she immediately ran out and bought the album. Rosie O was not allowed to listen to the song Billy Don’t Be A Hero because her father said it was disrespectful to the government. Whoopi thinks the mom rewriting the classic story should find other books by Christian authors that are compatible with her beliefs instead of trying to change Harry Potter to fit them.
  • Wine Over Workouts: A new study finds that a glass of red wine is as beneficial as an hour at the gym. Rosie O said her doctor told her how beneficial red wine was for her after her heart attack two years ago. Whoopi pointed out that Europeans have known this fact for centuries. Nicolle said instead of the red wine rule, she’d like to adapt the siesta as a norm in this country. Rosie O said  she has learned no matter how rich you are, you can’t pay someone to exercise for you. She said “you have to use it or lose it.” Rosie P said she can’t have a glass of wine a night because she’s too much of a lightweight! She said she’s a cheap date and a half of a glass is all she needs.



Rosie O’Donnell & Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys: Alicia joined the panel to discuss her latest song and cause We Are Here.   She has a new baby on the way and a new mission to let the world know why we are here. Alicia said being a mom helped propel her to do more and to be even more fierce about what she believes.  Alicia said the We Are Here Movement started because a friend asked her “Why are you here?” She said when you answer that question you can begin to live the answer and the reason. Alicia wants to gather our voices in one place and take it to our leaders and demand the changes we want to see. She said we need to stop waiting for everyone to change the world for us and do it ourselves. In the end, Alicia said, we’re all different but we can all agree we want a peaceful world for our children.  Later in the show Alicia sang the song We Are Here for the studio audience and the viewers at home.

Karen Gillan and John Cho: Karen and John joined The View panel to discuss their new sitcom Selfie. Selfie is comedy about a man trying to get a social media fanatic offline and plugged into the real world. Karen and John discussed with The View panel our obsession with social media and learning to break away from it. Selfie premiere’s Tuesday (9/30) at 8/7c on ABC.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of Cookie Meets Peanut by Bethenny Frankel.



Whoopi: “That Derek Jeter baby, between two slices of bread.”

Rosie O: “Some people don’t like Republicans, some people don’t like Democrats, but everybody likes grandparents.”

Alicia Keys: “It’s not really about me, it’s about what we can do all together. That’s where the power is.”

Alicia Keys: “No matter who you are, no matter what we might disagree on, whatever we might think differently about, one thing we can all agree about is that we want a peaceful world for our children.”


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September 26, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Are Kids Too Caffeinated: A study finds that 75% of kids under the age of 18 are drinking caffeine every day and experts are saying it could impact brain development. Whoopi asked the panel if parents should be concerned and if there should there be an age limit. Nicolle said she’s not thinking about the brain development aspects of drinking caffeine but for her 2 ½-year-old, there is no caffeine allowed because she needs him to sleep! Rosie O said it’s a bit harder to limit caffeine when you have teenagers. She said her 17-year-old Chelsea, must ask her 10 times a day to go to Starbucks. Rosie O hates coffee and doesn’t drink it.  She doesn’t like the smell or the taste! She also tries to stay away from soda. Rosie P said she lives for coffee! She has to have her Café Bostelo which is an espresso coffee that she was raised on. She can remember drinking it as early as the age of 4 but at that age, it was mostly milk.  It was a treat they had during the holidays. And it’s not the reason she’s so short! Rosie P said she loves coffee and would probably admit she’s addicted. Whoopi doesn’t drink coffee. She said it was never her “thing” and she just gravitated to other stuff.
  • A Rosie Morning: Every day when Rosie O goes to work in the morning, her wife Michelle makes her breakfast. This morning her breakfast was served on her favorite Tinker Bell plate. She loves all the Tinker Bell DVDs and this morning she discovered all the voice-talents were famous actresses!
  • Electronic Communications with Loved Ones: Rosie O’s daughter Chelsea gave her “the stare” as she got in the car with her yesterday because of a miscommunication via text. Apparently, Chelsea texted Rosie O before yesterday’s show and Rosie O quickly texted back “Hi, I’m working.” Chelsea said it really hurt her feelings! Rosie and the panel discussed how text messages and emails can be misleading when you can’t hear the person’s intent behind the communication. Nicolle agreed. She said she misspelled her husband’s name once in an email and he was mad at her for two weeks!
  • Sanitized US History: Colorado high school students staged a walk-out to protest a new curriculum that promotes patriotism by not acknowledging the “dark chapters” of America’s history. Rosie P brought up the point that people of color have been omitted from the text books and that needs to be changed. Whoopi said when she was in school the only black guy she ever remembered studying was George Washington Carver who was the chemist who came up with 300 uses for the peanut. Nicolle was pleased that the students were speaking up for feeling manipulated by the curriculum and said they were being very patriotic by speaking out.
  • Viral Photo: Jessica Simpson’s husband is being criticized for a photo of him launching their baby into the air. Rosie O thought the photo was fine and likes to toss her kids in the water too!
  • Once Upon A Time: This Sunday is the 4th Season premiere of the hit show Once Upon a Time and they have a new character Elsa based off the hit movie Frozen. Rosie O loved it and said she will be binge-watching the show all weekend to catch up before the premiere.
  • Love To Hate-Watch:A recent New York Magazine article explores the concept of hate-watching TV programs. The co-hosts talk about whether or not they hate-watch and why people do. One theory for why people hate-watch is because it convinces them that they are right without actually having to argue with another person. Nicolle believes it. She said all of her Republican friends watch Bill Maher every Friday night and all her Democratic friends watch Fox News more than any Republicans she knows. Rosie O doesn’t have time to watch stuff she hates. Rosie P watches Fox News so she can have a conversation with her sister, Carmen. She wants to know her opinion so she can have an open, honest conversation with her about her point of view. Whoopi just talks to her friends if she wants to know the truth. Rosie P wished the trolls on the Internet, who feel so comfortable being hateful behind a computer screen, would come out and have the courage to show themselves.   Nicolle said the anonymity of the Internet has corrupted our politics. She believes hate-watching leads to hate-tweeting. Rosie O said her wife Michelle is obsessed with scare-watching the show Investigation Discovery. She said she can tell you what episode it is within the first 3 seconds! Whoopi said when she watches those types of shows she’s afraid she’s going to see someone she knows! Or maybe even someone she’s once lived with!



Michael Strahan: Michael Strahan from Live with Kelly and Michael and Good Morning America talked with the panel about family, his knack for playing cupid and about being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Michael said it was the biggest thrill of his life to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and to have his parents and his family next to him when it happened.

Tory Johnson: from Good Morning America joined The View panel to talk about her new book The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered A Happier Life. Tory lost 80 pounds and tells you how she did it in her new book! While interviewing Tory; Rosie, Nicolle and Tory all walked on treadmills at a walking desk! Tory said that’s how her office is set up and she finds herself walking 4-6 miles a day that way. Tory said she feels more alive, happy, and healthy since her weight loss and life change.

Rory Kennedy:  Documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy joined The View to talk about her new film Last Days in Vietnam.  During the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon. Americans began to consider the imprisonment and possible death of their South Vietnamese allies.  Several heroic Americans, including Richard Armitage, took matters into their own hands doing everything they could to get the South Vietnamese out of the country.  Armitage actually saved 30,000 lives against his own orders because his moral fiber told him to. Rory said it’s shocking how few people know what actually happened in those final days.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of the book The Shift.



Tory Johnson: [on losing 80 pounds] “No more diets, which are a temporary pause on bad behavior. This was a lifestyle change for me.”

Rory Kennedy: [on the fall of Saigon] “It’s shocking how few people know what actually happened in those final days.”


Nicolle: “The anonymity of the Internet has corrupted our politics.”

Rosie O: [about the fall of Saigon] “It was a pivotal memory of my childhood.”


And that’s what you missed!

September 25, 2014

 Hot Topics:

  • Barbra Streisand Making History: In case you missed it, the show started off today congratulating the fabulous Barbra Streisand for making history with her new album, Partners.   The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts making her the only recording artist to have issued #1 recording albums for SIX consecutive decades in a row!  And in honor of the accomplishment, and because you know Rosie O loves her so much, the entire audience got a copy of her latest CD.
  • Derek Jeter: Speaking of making history, Derek Jeter is set to play his last home game tonight!  Rosie P is devastated that he’s leaving baseball.  She’s from Brooklyn and she’s a Mets fan, but she’s in love with the Yankees.  She thinks Jeter is a great guy to look up to who will always be remembered.  Nicolle pointed out that tickets for tonight’s Yankee’s game are going for $850 a ticket!  Rosie P agreed that it’s a lot of money for a baseball game, but said it’s worth it because he is worth it.  Whoopi introduced a video reenactment of Jeter’s greatest moments using Legos.   Rosie P reallllllly wants Derek Jeter to be a guest on The View.  She’s really hoping he will!   Rosie O wants Olaf from Frozen to be a guest on The View!  Whoopi said Olaf was here, but he melted before he made it to the stage.
  • Bill Simmons Podcast: One of sport’s biggest voices Bill Simmons has been silenced by his bosses at ESPN because of an epic rant.  ESPN said they didn’t suspend Simmons for the criticisms in the rant but for calling out his bosses in his podcast!   Rosie P totally agreed with Bill’s opinion on the topic, but thinks he should have been more clear that he was expressing his opinion and not fact.  Nicolle thinks it’s not necessary to clarify what he was saying was his opinion because listeners of a podcast are smarter than that and realize that things said in a podcast are opinions.  She believes when companies punish someone for saying what everyone else is thinking, it will always come back to bite them in the butt.  Roise O agreed and didn’t think people should be fired for giving their opinions on social media.
  • Sarcasm Creating Mean Girls: A parenting expert posted a blog that said when we teach sarcasm to girls we might be raising them as mean girls without knowing it.  So the blogger has released a guide to raising nice girls.  Whoopi asked if sarcasm can make a girl go mean.  Rosie P thought criticizing girls for speaking their minds starts as early as elementary school.  Nicolle wanted to know where the parents are when kids are being so mean to each other on social media.  Then she answered her own question and said the parents are on Twitter bashing us and other adults!  Nicolle said it all goes back to the fact that we’re raising a generation of “anything you want to say from your own laptop goes.”
  • CEO Quits For His Daughter: A CEO of a 2 trillion dollar investment firm was given a list from his ten-year-old daughter of all the milestones he missed so he quit his job.  Nicolle thought it was a beautiful story, but said it’s a luxury because not everyone has that choice.   Rosie O got to quit her job when her oldest was seven and agrees it’s a luxury not available to many.  And then she said “If you have a 100 million dollars and you think you need a 100 million more, you have missed the point of your life.”   Whoopi didn’t necessarily agree with that statement.   She said when her kids asked her why she worked she said she did it for herself because she enjoys it and it makes her feel better.   Rosie O knew she wanted to quit when she hit the age of 40, and her son was seven, but by the time he was twelve he was like “Why are you here all the time?!  You should get a job!”
  • Masturbating Mile High Clubbers: Apparently, you do not need a partner to join the mile high club!  A Virgin America plane had to be diverted because there was someone furiously masturbating in their seat!   Rosie P said that once happened to her on a plane!  She once noticed a man masturbating and had to alert a flight attendant.  Whoopi has had a person DIE next to her on a plane.  She said you’re not pronounced dead until you land.  Good to know.


David Muir joined the panel to discuss hot topics.  He discussed how the news today is changing and how it’s so different than it was even just a few years ago.  David said social media has made today’s news more interactive.  David told the panel about a very special 20/20 that premieres tomorrow night.  They’re covering a story about a girl who went to a birthday party but never came home because she was stabbed several times by some teens who said Slender Man told them to do it.  The season premiere of 20/20 airs tomorrow night (9/26) on ABC.


Rosie O’Donnell and David Muir backstage at The View

Viola Davis joined the panel.   She’s starring in a new television show called How to Get Away With Murder where she plays a tough defense attorney and professor who lays down the law to her students.  The two time Oscar winner discussed the show’s producer, Shonda Rhimes, and her gift to create some of the most dynamic female characters on television today.   How To Get Away With Murder premieres tonight (9/25) at 10pm on ABC.


Rosie O’Donnell and Viola Davis backstage at The View

Speedy Delivery:  The Davis’s joined the panel with their new 16 day old baby.  They told the audience about their amazing birthing experience of their little baby that was all caught on video!  The View hosts gave the couple a year’s supply of Huggies diapers!  Rosie O invited the couple and their baby to come back every year and update them all on their baby.

Barbara Walter’s Birthday: Today was Barbara Walters’ birthday so the panel wished her a Happy Birthday and took some time to show the many celebrations they’ve had for her on The View.

Audience Gift:  Everyone in the audience received a copy of Barbra Streisand’s recent CD Partners.


Viola Davis: [on being a dark skinned black woman] “Saying someone’s classically not beautiful is a fancy way for saying ugly.”

Rosie P: “I am from Brooklyn.  I do like the Mets, but I LOVE the Yankees.”

Nicolle: “I think that the person who says out loud and on the air what everybody’s thinking is always the hero.”

Whoopi: “We are not mean girls, we are loud girls.”

Rosie O: “If you have 100 million (dollars) and you think you need 100 million more, you have missed the point of your life.”

September 24, 2014

Today The View panel started off wishing everyone a Happy Rosh Hashana!

  • CEO of Virgin Airlines: The CEO of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, has given salaried workers unlimited vacation days! He said it boosts productivity and morale. Nicolle thinks this is a great idea though she used to feel guilty taking vacation days before she had children. Rosie P said it took her many years to enjoy a vacation because she’s always worked so hard. But she says if they’re paying she’s going!. Rosie O remarked that many people just want any job and thinks in philosophy it’s a good idea but she’s not sure how practical it is.
  • Weight Loss App for Children: There’s a new weight loss app for kids as young as 8 years old and the panel discussed if they thought this was too young to begin watching your weight in this manner. They discussed whether kids would even have interest in this type of app and Rosie P talked about how this only serves to add on to the pressures kids have to deal with at school and at home. However, Nicolle agreed that this might be the best way to reach kids, on their devices. Rosie O believes the app could be useful to help educate kids about processed foods and since studies show the obesity epidemic may bankrupt the country by the year 2040, she agrees with any way to educate our children. Rosie P discussed the role poverty plays in the obesity epidemic. And Whoopi said one of the biggest challenges we face with obesity are the additives in our foods.
  • The Bendable IPhone: Whoopi said as long as it has a vibrator on it she doesn’t care what shape it was! Rosie O said that’s a new product they can put to market! A bendable iPhone sex toy device! Perfect.
  • Alanis Morissette on Oprah: In an interview with Oprah the singer Alanis Morissette said, “The road to happiness is a dead end.” She said happiness is a temporary state and if our goal is to be happy we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Rosie P agreed, but has also suffered from depression. She said she tries to be as happy as she possibly can. But she agreed you will fail if your goal is to be happy all the time. Rosie O said when her teens are feeling upset or feeling depressed she tells them “feelings are not facts and they are not forever.” She tells them, whatever they’re feeling right now (rage, mad-love, sadness) it’s going to go away. Nicolle said she feels happy most of the time and gets annoyed when she sees really famous, rich, people complain about being depressed on shows like Access Hollywood. Rosie O tried to explain the life and feelings of an artist to Nicolle. She said some people like to “play in the little end of the pool” because it’s very safe there and very few people drown. But artists, in general, must immerse themselves in the deep water in order to go to the place that allows them to express the sometimes beautiful and sometimes tragic humanity of life. And it is in their connection to these deep emotions that we as their fans, learn to love and relate to them.
  • USA is at War Again: Rosie P wasn’t sure if it is a good decision or a bad decision to bomb ISIS in Syria but she said the terrorists scare her. In fact, she’s terrified. Rosie O said she’s scared too. She commented how the US went to war yesterday and to her that felt wrong because she believes you don’t fight violence with violence. Nicolle pointed out that the last two Presidents, who have agreed on nothing, both believe the biggest threat against our country is in the Mideast which in turn caused them to do the exact same thing, 12 years apart. Nicolle said we didn’t really go to war, our military families went to war. She commented how endless the deployments seem to be and how hard it is for the military families. Rosie O said she can’t forget the fact that Syria has a lot of oil. She said there are terrible atrocities happening in Congo and Rwanda but we’re not going to war with those countries. Whoopi said she thinks the reason we went to war this particular time was because it involved Americans and she doesn’t think anyone goes to war gleefully. Rosie O. said she doesn’t think we go to war gleefully but she does think there could be a financial agenda attached to it. Whoopi said she knows ISIS is pissing off the President and he’s simply sick of it. Nicolle said it’s a very good development that five Arab nations are standing with us in this fight.
  • A Frozen Lawsuit: A woman from Peru claims the movie Frozen is based on her 2010 autobiography and is suing Disney for stealing her life story. Rosie O still believes Frozen is the best animated Disney film, though she highly doubts the story was stolen from this woman from Peru. And speaking of Frozen fans….watch this viral video below!
  • Time Out or Time In?: A new book called No Drama Discipline advocated against timeouts because they say children see it as isolation which constitutes as abuse. The book advocates for time IN to use the time as an opportunity to talk about their misbehavior. Rosie P thinks timeout is really for the parents to take a moment and calm down. Nicolle agreed and believes timeout is really for the parents to take a break and go get a glass of wine. Rosie O would put the toy in timeout if her kids were fighting over something.  She learned this parenting tip from her friend Wynonna Judd! Rosie P believes in talking to kids about what they’re feeling but believes timeout can be good sometimes.
  • Prayers Go Out to Joan Lunden: A beautifully bald Joan Lunden will appear on the cover of People Magazine next month. She has been battling a very aggressive form of breast cancer and the panel wanted to reach out to Joan to let her know they’re thinking about her and wishing her the best.
  • The Right Time to Die: Dr. Ezekiel Emanual says statistically the right time to pass away is age 75 because that is when the mind and body start to deteriorate. Rosie P disagrees and said her father used to go clubbing with them at 80! She wants more time with her loved ones. Rosie O said her mother died at 39 and she thought her life would be over around the same time so she retired at 40. One day she looked around and said, “Hey, I’m still alive!”
  • Remember the video they played yesterday of the 100 year old woman “jumping” out of the cake? Well her family video taped her watching The View watching her!  And she was so excited that they played her video on the show! Whoopi said, “We salute you!”



Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross: Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross joined the panel from the new television show Blackish.


Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross

Stephen King: Stephen King joined the panel to discuss his new movie A Good Marriage.  They also discussed his latest book Mr. Mercedes.


Photo Credit: Instagram: @ABCTheView



Whoopi: “Live as well as you can as long as you can.”

Rosie O: “Feelings are not facts and they are not forever.”

Nicolle: “Parenting: You have to find the hilarity in it, right?”

Rosie P: “I try to be as happy as I possibly can.”



And that’s what you missed!