September 26, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Are Kids Too Caffeinated: A study finds that 75% of kids under the age of 18 are drinking caffeine every day and experts are saying it could impact brain development. Whoopi asked the panel if parents should be concerned and if there should there be an age limit. Nicolle said she’s not thinking about the brain development aspects of drinking caffeine but for her 2 ½-year-old, there is no caffeine allowed because she needs him to sleep! Rosie O said it’s a bit harder to limit caffeine when you have teenagers. She said her 17-year-old Chelsea, must ask her 10 times a day to go to Starbucks. Rosie O hates coffee and doesn’t drink it.  She doesn’t like the smell or the taste! She also tries to stay away from soda. Rosie P said she lives for coffee! She has to have her Café Bostelo which is an espresso coffee that she was raised on. She can remember drinking it as early as the age of 4 but at that age, it was mostly milk.  It was a treat they had during the holidays. And it’s not the reason she’s so short! Rosie P said she loves coffee and would probably admit she’s addicted. Whoopi doesn’t drink coffee. She said it was never her “thing” and she just gravitated to other stuff.
  • A Rosie Morning: Every day when Rosie O goes to work in the morning, her wife Michelle makes her breakfast. This morning her breakfast was served on her favorite Tinker Bell plate. She loves all the Tinker Bell DVDs and this morning she discovered all the voice-talents were famous actresses!
  • Electronic Communications with Loved Ones: Rosie O’s daughter Chelsea gave her “the stare” as she got in the car with her yesterday because of a miscommunication via text. Apparently, Chelsea texted Rosie O before yesterday’s show and Rosie O quickly texted back “Hi, I’m working.” Chelsea said it really hurt her feelings! Rosie and the panel discussed how text messages and emails can be misleading when you can’t hear the person’s intent behind the communication. Nicolle agreed. She said she misspelled her husband’s name once in an email and he was mad at her for two weeks!
  • Sanitized US History: Colorado high school students staged a walk-out to protest a new curriculum that promotes patriotism by not acknowledging the “dark chapters” of America’s history. Rosie P brought up the point that people of color have been omitted from the text books and that needs to be changed. Whoopi said when she was in school the only black guy she ever remembered studying was George Washington Carver who was the chemist who came up with 300 uses for the peanut. Nicolle was pleased that the students were speaking up for feeling manipulated by the curriculum and said they were being very patriotic by speaking out.
  • Viral Photo: Jessica Simpson’s husband is being criticized for a photo of him launching their baby into the air. Rosie O thought the photo was fine and likes to toss her kids in the water too!
  • Once Upon A Time: This Sunday is the 4th Season premiere of the hit show Once Upon a Time and they have a new character Elsa based off the hit movie Frozen. Rosie O loved it and said she will be binge-watching the show all weekend to catch up before the premiere.
  • Love To Hate-Watch:A recent New York Magazine article explores the concept of hate-watching TV programs. The co-hosts talk about whether or not they hate-watch and why people do. One theory for why people hate-watch is because it convinces them that they are right without actually having to argue with another person. Nicolle believes it. She said all of her Republican friends watch Bill Maher every Friday night and all her Democratic friends watch Fox News more than any Republicans she knows. Rosie O doesn’t have time to watch stuff she hates. Rosie P watches Fox News so she can have a conversation with her sister, Carmen. She wants to know her opinion so she can have an open, honest conversation with her about her point of view. Whoopi just talks to her friends if she wants to know the truth. Rosie P wished the trolls on the Internet, who feel so comfortable being hateful behind a computer screen, would come out and have the courage to show themselves.   Nicolle said the anonymity of the Internet has corrupted our politics. She believes hate-watching leads to hate-tweeting. Rosie O said her wife Michelle is obsessed with scare-watching the show Investigation Discovery. She said she can tell you what episode it is within the first 3 seconds! Whoopi said when she watches those types of shows she’s afraid she’s going to see someone she knows! Or maybe even someone she’s once lived with!



Michael Strahan: Michael Strahan from Live with Kelly and Michael and Good Morning America talked with the panel about family, his knack for playing cupid and about being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Michael said it was the biggest thrill of his life to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and to have his parents and his family next to him when it happened.

Tory Johnson: from Good Morning America joined The View panel to talk about her new book The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered A Happier Life. Tory lost 80 pounds and tells you how she did it in her new book! While interviewing Tory; Rosie, Nicolle and Tory all walked on treadmills at a walking desk! Tory said that’s how her office is set up and she finds herself walking 4-6 miles a day that way. Tory said she feels more alive, happy, and healthy since her weight loss and life change.

Rory Kennedy:  Documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy joined The View to talk about her new film Last Days in Vietnam.  During the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon. Americans began to consider the imprisonment and possible death of their South Vietnamese allies.  Several heroic Americans, including Richard Armitage, took matters into their own hands doing everything they could to get the South Vietnamese out of the country.  Armitage actually saved 30,000 lives against his own orders because his moral fiber told him to. Rory said it’s shocking how few people know what actually happened in those final days.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of the book The Shift.



Tory Johnson: [on losing 80 pounds] “No more diets, which are a temporary pause on bad behavior. This was a lifestyle change for me.”

Rory Kennedy: [on the fall of Saigon] “It’s shocking how few people know what actually happened in those final days.”


Nicolle: “The anonymity of the Internet has corrupted our politics.”

Rosie O: [about the fall of Saigon] “It was a pivotal memory of my childhood.”


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