September 25, 2014

 Hot Topics:

  • Barbra Streisand Making History: In case you missed it, the show started off today congratulating the fabulous Barbra Streisand for making history with her new album, Partners.   The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts making her the only recording artist to have issued #1 recording albums for SIX consecutive decades in a row!  And in honor of the accomplishment, and because you know Rosie O loves her so much, the entire audience got a copy of her latest CD.
  • Derek Jeter: Speaking of making history, Derek Jeter is set to play his last home game tonight!  Rosie P is devastated that he’s leaving baseball.  She’s from Brooklyn and she’s a Mets fan, but she’s in love with the Yankees.  She thinks Jeter is a great guy to look up to who will always be remembered.  Nicolle pointed out that tickets for tonight’s Yankee’s game are going for $850 a ticket!  Rosie P agreed that it’s a lot of money for a baseball game, but said it’s worth it because he is worth it.  Whoopi introduced a video reenactment of Jeter’s greatest moments using Legos.   Rosie P reallllllly wants Derek Jeter to be a guest on The View.  She’s really hoping he will!   Rosie O wants Olaf from Frozen to be a guest on The View!  Whoopi said Olaf was here, but he melted before he made it to the stage.
  • Bill Simmons Podcast: One of sport’s biggest voices Bill Simmons has been silenced by his bosses at ESPN because of an epic rant.  ESPN said they didn’t suspend Simmons for the criticisms in the rant but for calling out his bosses in his podcast!   Rosie P totally agreed with Bill’s opinion on the topic, but thinks he should have been more clear that he was expressing his opinion and not fact.  Nicolle thinks it’s not necessary to clarify what he was saying was his opinion because listeners of a podcast are smarter than that and realize that things said in a podcast are opinions.  She believes when companies punish someone for saying what everyone else is thinking, it will always come back to bite them in the butt.  Roise O agreed and didn’t think people should be fired for giving their opinions on social media.
  • Sarcasm Creating Mean Girls: A parenting expert posted a blog that said when we teach sarcasm to girls we might be raising them as mean girls without knowing it.  So the blogger has released a guide to raising nice girls.  Whoopi asked if sarcasm can make a girl go mean.  Rosie P thought criticizing girls for speaking their minds starts as early as elementary school.  Nicolle wanted to know where the parents are when kids are being so mean to each other on social media.  Then she answered her own question and said the parents are on Twitter bashing us and other adults!  Nicolle said it all goes back to the fact that we’re raising a generation of “anything you want to say from your own laptop goes.”
  • CEO Quits For His Daughter: A CEO of a 2 trillion dollar investment firm was given a list from his ten-year-old daughter of all the milestones he missed so he quit his job.  Nicolle thought it was a beautiful story, but said it’s a luxury because not everyone has that choice.   Rosie O got to quit her job when her oldest was seven and agrees it’s a luxury not available to many.  And then she said “If you have a 100 million dollars and you think you need a 100 million more, you have missed the point of your life.”   Whoopi didn’t necessarily agree with that statement.   She said when her kids asked her why she worked she said she did it for herself because she enjoys it and it makes her feel better.   Rosie O knew she wanted to quit when she hit the age of 40, and her son was seven, but by the time he was twelve he was like “Why are you here all the time?!  You should get a job!”
  • Masturbating Mile High Clubbers: Apparently, you do not need a partner to join the mile high club!  A Virgin America plane had to be diverted because there was someone furiously masturbating in their seat!   Rosie P said that once happened to her on a plane!  She once noticed a man masturbating and had to alert a flight attendant.  Whoopi has had a person DIE next to her on a plane.  She said you’re not pronounced dead until you land.  Good to know.


David Muir joined the panel to discuss hot topics.  He discussed how the news today is changing and how it’s so different than it was even just a few years ago.  David said social media has made today’s news more interactive.  David told the panel about a very special 20/20 that premieres tomorrow night.  They’re covering a story about a girl who went to a birthday party but never came home because she was stabbed several times by some teens who said Slender Man told them to do it.  The season premiere of 20/20 airs tomorrow night (9/26) on ABC.


Rosie O’Donnell and David Muir backstage at The View

Viola Davis joined the panel.   She’s starring in a new television show called How to Get Away With Murder where she plays a tough defense attorney and professor who lays down the law to her students.  The two time Oscar winner discussed the show’s producer, Shonda Rhimes, and her gift to create some of the most dynamic female characters on television today.   How To Get Away With Murder premieres tonight (9/25) at 10pm on ABC.


Rosie O’Donnell and Viola Davis backstage at The View

Speedy Delivery:  The Davis’s joined the panel with their new 16 day old baby.  They told the audience about their amazing birthing experience of their little baby that was all caught on video!  The View hosts gave the couple a year’s supply of Huggies diapers!  Rosie O invited the couple and their baby to come back every year and update them all on their baby.

Barbara Walter’s Birthday: Today was Barbara Walters’ birthday so the panel wished her a Happy Birthday and took some time to show the many celebrations they’ve had for her on The View.

Audience Gift:  Everyone in the audience received a copy of Barbra Streisand’s recent CD Partners.


Viola Davis: [on being a dark skinned black woman] “Saying someone’s classically not beautiful is a fancy way for saying ugly.”

Rosie P: “I am from Brooklyn.  I do like the Mets, but I LOVE the Yankees.”

Nicolle: “I think that the person who says out loud and on the air what everybody’s thinking is always the hero.”

Whoopi: “We are not mean girls, we are loud girls.”

Rosie O: “If you have 100 million (dollars) and you think you need 100 million more, you have missed the point of your life.”