September 29, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Coffee-Cup-Salute-Gate: In case you missed it, The View panel began today’s Hot Topic segment discussing the Conservative uproar over Obama’s attempt to salute the Marines as he exited Marine One with a coffee cup in his hand. Let’s face it, conservatives have their panties in a bundle over this issue because it further paints the President as a man who hates America and the troops. Well as it turns out, there were 38 Presidents before Obama who never saluted the troops. In fact, for 192 years Presidents never saluted the troops, the troops saluted him. It was literally something Ronald Regan made up. Sarah Palin had a field day with coffee-cup-salute-gate during a Values Voter Summit speech in Washington. Unfortunately, during the same speech she mistakenly listed the address of the White House as 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of 1600. Nicolle had to hand it to Sarah turned the blunder into a joke when she later tweeted that must be the reason her Christmas cards keep getting returned.
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online: In a new video that’s been posted all over Facebook, a Canadian member of ISIS is warning of terror attacks in America. Whoopi asked the panel about the concern over children seeing this video. Nicolle was concerned over the fact that we no longer have control of when to discuss these types of worldly issues with our children because the information is so readily available on the Internet. They discussed the differences of today’s fears of war and compared it to how it used to be during the “duck and cover” days. Rosie P pointed out that every news channel and publication has a different stance on events that are happening in the world. She said it’s confusing to children and wasn’t sure what parents could do to prevent the mixed messages. Whoopi thinks it’s at the discretion of the parents to decide how much to tell their children about worldly events because every child is different. She said parents are also responsible for being aware of what their children are looking at on their computer. Rosie O.’s children went to a Waldorf school from kindergarten to high school and in 2002 they agreed not to expose their children to media and turned off the television in their house. She said the family dynamic changed for the better. And today their house is a “no phone zone” and all the family and visitors leave their phones in a basket when they come in.
  • Derek Jeter Conspiracy Theory: Apparently there’s a conspiracy theory that the amazing play at the end of Derek Jeter’s last home game was staged. Whoopi and Rosie P were having none of it! Rosie P invited Derek to come on the show and discuss it with her PERSONALLY.
  • Chelsea Clinton’s New Baby: The panel discussed Chelsea Clinton’s new baby girl Charlotte and they showed a picture of the Clinton’s with their new grandbaby. Nicolle gave a copy of the new children’s book Cookie Meets Peanut by Bethenny Frankel to everyone in the audience in honor of the new baby.
  • Christian Re-Write of Harry Potter: A Christian mom is rewriting Harry Potter so it doesn’t conflict with her religious views by taking out the magic and witches. It’s entitled Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles. Whoopi asked if this is plagiarism. Nicolle said the faith-based book audience is a 6 billion dollar industry and appreciates the fact that they purchase so many books. Whoopi named several Christian value based books and wondered why the author needed to steal someone else’s story when there are so many to choose from. Rosie P thinks it’s disrespectful to the original author to steal her story and said if you don’t want your children reading a story, then don’t allow them to read it! She said when she was growing up she was not allowed to listen to the Rolling Stones because of a song entitled Sympathy for the Devil. But as soon as she was an adult, she immediately ran out and bought the album. Rosie O was not allowed to listen to the song Billy Don’t Be A Hero because her father said it was disrespectful to the government. Whoopi thinks the mom rewriting the classic story should find other books by Christian authors that are compatible with her beliefs instead of trying to change Harry Potter to fit them.
  • Wine Over Workouts: A new study finds that a glass of red wine is as beneficial as an hour at the gym. Rosie O said her doctor told her how beneficial red wine was for her after her heart attack two years ago. Whoopi pointed out that Europeans have known this fact for centuries. Nicolle said instead of the red wine rule, she’d like to adapt the siesta as a norm in this country. Rosie O said  she has learned no matter how rich you are, you can’t pay someone to exercise for you. She said “you have to use it or lose it.” Rosie P said she can’t have a glass of wine a night because she’s too much of a lightweight! She said she’s a cheap date and a half of a glass is all she needs.



Rosie O’Donnell & Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys: Alicia joined the panel to discuss her latest song and cause We Are Here.   She has a new baby on the way and a new mission to let the world know why we are here. Alicia said being a mom helped propel her to do more and to be even more fierce about what she believes.  Alicia said the We Are Here Movement started because a friend asked her “Why are you here?” She said when you answer that question you can begin to live the answer and the reason. Alicia wants to gather our voices in one place and take it to our leaders and demand the changes we want to see. She said we need to stop waiting for everyone to change the world for us and do it ourselves. In the end, Alicia said, we’re all different but we can all agree we want a peaceful world for our children.  Later in the show Alicia sang the song We Are Here for the studio audience and the viewers at home.

Karen Gillan and John Cho: Karen and John joined The View panel to discuss their new sitcom Selfie. Selfie is comedy about a man trying to get a social media fanatic offline and plugged into the real world. Karen and John discussed with The View panel our obsession with social media and learning to break away from it. Selfie premiere’s Tuesday (9/30) at 8/7c on ABC.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of Cookie Meets Peanut by Bethenny Frankel.



Whoopi: “That Derek Jeter baby, between two slices of bread.”

Rosie O: “Some people don’t like Republicans, some people don’t like Democrats, but everybody likes grandparents.”

Alicia Keys: “It’s not really about me, it’s about what we can do all together. That’s where the power is.”

Alicia Keys: “No matter who you are, no matter what we might disagree on, whatever we might think differently about, one thing we can all agree about is that we want a peaceful world for our children.”


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