September 24, 2014

Today The View panel started off wishing everyone a Happy Rosh Hashana!

  • CEO of Virgin Airlines: The CEO of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, has given salaried workers unlimited vacation days! He said it boosts productivity and morale. Nicolle thinks this is a great idea though she used to feel guilty taking vacation days before she had children. Rosie P said it took her many years to enjoy a vacation because she’s always worked so hard. But she says if they’re paying she’s going!. Rosie O remarked that many people just want any job and thinks in philosophy it’s a good idea but she’s not sure how practical it is.
  • Weight Loss App for Children: There’s a new weight loss app for kids as young as 8 years old and the panel discussed if they thought this was too young to begin watching your weight in this manner. They discussed whether kids would even have interest in this type of app and Rosie P talked about how this only serves to add on to the pressures kids have to deal with at school and at home. However, Nicolle agreed that this might be the best way to reach kids, on their devices. Rosie O believes the app could be useful to help educate kids about processed foods and since studies show the obesity epidemic may bankrupt the country by the year 2040, she agrees with any way to educate our children. Rosie P discussed the role poverty plays in the obesity epidemic. And Whoopi said one of the biggest challenges we face with obesity are the additives in our foods.
  • The Bendable IPhone: Whoopi said as long as it has a vibrator on it she doesn’t care what shape it was! Rosie O said that’s a new product they can put to market! A bendable iPhone sex toy device! Perfect.
  • Alanis Morissette on Oprah: In an interview with Oprah the singer Alanis Morissette said, “The road to happiness is a dead end.” She said happiness is a temporary state and if our goal is to be happy we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Rosie P agreed, but has also suffered from depression. She said she tries to be as happy as she possibly can. But she agreed you will fail if your goal is to be happy all the time. Rosie O said when her teens are feeling upset or feeling depressed she tells them “feelings are not facts and they are not forever.” She tells them, whatever they’re feeling right now (rage, mad-love, sadness) it’s going to go away. Nicolle said she feels happy most of the time and gets annoyed when she sees really famous, rich, people complain about being depressed on shows like Access Hollywood. Rosie O tried to explain the life and feelings of an artist to Nicolle. She said some people like to “play in the little end of the pool” because it’s very safe there and very few people drown. But artists, in general, must immerse themselves in the deep water in order to go to the place that allows them to express the sometimes beautiful and sometimes tragic humanity of life. And it is in their connection to these deep emotions that we as their fans, learn to love and relate to them.
  • USA is at War Again: Rosie P wasn’t sure if it is a good decision or a bad decision to bomb ISIS in Syria but she said the terrorists scare her. In fact, she’s terrified. Rosie O said she’s scared too. She commented how the US went to war yesterday and to her that felt wrong because she believes you don’t fight violence with violence. Nicolle pointed out that the last two Presidents, who have agreed on nothing, both believe the biggest threat against our country is in the Mideast which in turn caused them to do the exact same thing, 12 years apart. Nicolle said we didn’t really go to war, our military families went to war. She commented how endless the deployments seem to be and how hard it is for the military families. Rosie O said she can’t forget the fact that Syria has a lot of oil. She said there are terrible atrocities happening in Congo and Rwanda but we’re not going to war with those countries. Whoopi said she thinks the reason we went to war this particular time was because it involved Americans and she doesn’t think anyone goes to war gleefully. Rosie O. said she doesn’t think we go to war gleefully but she does think there could be a financial agenda attached to it. Whoopi said she knows ISIS is pissing off the President and he’s simply sick of it. Nicolle said it’s a very good development that five Arab nations are standing with us in this fight.
  • A Frozen Lawsuit: A woman from Peru claims the movie Frozen is based on her 2010 autobiography and is suing Disney for stealing her life story. Rosie O still believes Frozen is the best animated Disney film, though she highly doubts the story was stolen from this woman from Peru. And speaking of Frozen fans….watch this viral video below!
  • Time Out or Time In?: A new book called No Drama Discipline advocated against timeouts because they say children see it as isolation which constitutes as abuse. The book advocates for time IN to use the time as an opportunity to talk about their misbehavior. Rosie P thinks timeout is really for the parents to take a moment and calm down. Nicolle agreed and believes timeout is really for the parents to take a break and go get a glass of wine. Rosie O would put the toy in timeout if her kids were fighting over something.  She learned this parenting tip from her friend Wynonna Judd! Rosie P believes in talking to kids about what they’re feeling but believes timeout can be good sometimes.
  • Prayers Go Out to Joan Lunden: A beautifully bald Joan Lunden will appear on the cover of People Magazine next month. She has been battling a very aggressive form of breast cancer and the panel wanted to reach out to Joan to let her know they’re thinking about her and wishing her the best.
  • The Right Time to Die: Dr. Ezekiel Emanual says statistically the right time to pass away is age 75 because that is when the mind and body start to deteriorate. Rosie P disagrees and said her father used to go clubbing with them at 80! She wants more time with her loved ones. Rosie O said her mother died at 39 and she thought her life would be over around the same time so she retired at 40. One day she looked around and said, “Hey, I’m still alive!”
  • Remember the video they played yesterday of the 100 year old woman “jumping” out of the cake? Well her family video taped her watching The View watching her!  And she was so excited that they played her video on the show! Whoopi said, “We salute you!”



Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross: Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross joined the panel from the new television show Blackish.


Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross

Stephen King: Stephen King joined the panel to discuss his new movie A Good Marriage.  They also discussed his latest book Mr. Mercedes.


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Whoopi: “Live as well as you can as long as you can.”

Rosie O: “Feelings are not facts and they are not forever.”

Nicolle: “Parenting: You have to find the hilarity in it, right?”

Rosie P: “I try to be as happy as I possibly can.”



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