R new war…It’s more than I can stand

4 Responses to 'R new war…It’s more than I can stand'

  1. Maria says:

    Rosie, I am so tired of all of the violence in the world but, how do we stop these maniacal fanatics? They’re killing innocent people when they are anything but innocent. So torn here. There isn’t enough love in the world to fix these monsters. I pray for peace, for everyone.

  2. Cat Shawone says:

    We so need a Dept of Peace. We need intelligent people thinking of new ways to handle our problems in this fragile world in which we are interdependent and each looking for happiness.. Let’s get money out of politics while we are at it. Keep speaking out. You are speaking for so many of us that do not have the large platform you have.

  3. CHRISTINE says:

    Rosie I have enjoyed you , your humor, beliefs, and character from day one, . BUT in saying that I disagree with your stance on this ISIS issue. I like you are a very loving and peaceful . BUT look what they have done to your own New Yorkers, Rosie, and our Boston Marathon dead, and survivors. Its wrong Rosie what they have done, and it has to be stopped. Terrororist acts are real as you know. Look what their doing to women and children and innocent men. xo LOVE PEACE.

  4. Cindy says:

    Lopping off people’s heads — it’s more than *I* can stand, Rosie.