September 22, 2014

In case you missed it, The View panel started the program commenting that nobody really likes the new short coffee table and seating. Whoopi said people approached her this weekend and told her she looks really uncomfortable leaning forward as she does during the show. Whoopi said that’s because she is uncomfortable! Rosie O. isn’t a fan of the chairs or table either. She said it feels like they are being forced to sit at the poker table with the bad leg at Thanksgiving and the other, more comfortable, formal dining room table is where they’d like to be sitting (and that’s also where all the really good food is).

Hot Topics:

IPhone vs. Samsung: Whoopi got an iPhone6 this weekend, which made her take notice of the plethora of Samsung commercials saying that iPhone copied their design. Whoopi wanted to point out to Samsung that without the original iPhone design, Samsung wouldn’t have the phone they have. Whoopi has more than one phone because she needs one to talk on and one to work and return emails on. Nicolle remarked that most injuries now happen because parents are distracted by their phones when they’re supposed to be paying attention to their kids. Rosie O. said she noticed the same thing as she sits with the dads at the mall.  She said she used to chat with the dads at the malls while they waited as their wives shopped and now everyone is sadly staring at their phones.

Can An Expectant Grandmother Also Run for President? Hillary Clinton commented how excited she was to become a grandmother at a speech in Iowa last week, where she advocated for Democrats on the homestretch of the 2014 midterm elections. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said Hillary is going to have to make a choice between being a grandmother and running for President. He said she can’t do both. The panel discussed how they would never say that to a man running for President – either be a grandfather or run for President. Whoopi is a grandmother and she wants to make it clear that you CAN do both. Rosie P. thought the comment was “insulting on so many levels.” With friends like that who needs enemies! Nicolle noted that Hillary dealt with overt sexism from the media and other opponents in 2008. Rosie P. remembered the abuse she took over her pant suits.

Sarah Palin Speaks Out About Family Feud: Whoopi introduced the segment, “speaking of crazy politicians.” Turns out Sarah Palin has broken her silence about her family’s role in a fight that occurred two weeks ago. Nicolle said she has a “political staffer version of PTSD,” and whenever she hears the words “Sarah Palin” and “breaking her silence” in the same sentence, her heart stops. Rosie O. complimented Nicolle on her diplomatic delivery. Nicolle concluded, “They [the Palins] stick together in a way we hope our families would for us.”

The Rosie-Mayim Feud that Never Was: JOKINGLY, Rosie called out Mayim Bialik last week because Mayim said she didn’t like Rosie’s favorite Disney film Frozen. It was a joke! But Internet news outlets took the joke seriously and said that Rosie was in an actual FEUD with the Big Bang Theory star. Rosie said she didn’t know she was in a feud; she thought she was doing a comedy bit! So this weekend Rosie googled Mayim and watched every show she’s ever done and now she’s “in love with her and wants to be her best friend”! Rosie P. said she knew Rosie O. was joking, but was happy she looked her up because oftentimes people are too quick to come to conclusions about people when we don’t know their whole story. Whoopi agreed that the entire faux feud was a bit and the press took it out of context. But Rosie O. wasn’t satisfied completely until she got to reiterate that she still thinks Frozen is the best Disney film ever made.

Rosie O. told the audience that she had some sad news this weekend. She said her best friend Jeanne’s husband Dan passed away on Friday after a 3 year fight with synovial sarcoma.   She told a heartwarming story about Dan and how organized he was before he died. He made Jeanne a binder full of everything she would need to know to keep the house running after he passed, directions about the air conditioner, etc. The day he finished the book, he told Jeanne “The book is done and I think I’m ready.” He died a few days later. Rosie said her BFF Jeanne and her husband had prepared the children for this inevitability. They talked their children through the death by laughing and celebrating him, making it a wonderful gathering at a sad occasion. Rosie said they all slept over at Jeanne’s house that night.

What’s going on at the White House? Whoopi asked. Nicole noted that President Obama defended the secret service. “I’m glad they didn’t shoot him,” Nicole added, “Obama’s don’t live there, it’s like a museum on the first floor.”  Rosie P. worried that the intruder might have had a bomb.  She thinks there have been far too many instances of white house fence jumpers and thinks something needs to change.  Rosie O. explained the intruder was a veteran on medical leave for PTSD and talked about how we need to support our troops more after they get home.  Whoopi speculated that as the world has become more dangerous and maybe we need a greater perimeter around the White House.

Hannah Graham missing for nine days from UVA. Everyone agreed that a missing child is every parents worst nightmare.  Whoopi asked what parents can do to keep it from happening?  Whoopi says parents need to educate kids more about protecting themselves and to not be so trusting of strangers. Rosie P. commented how unsafe the world is and remembered a time she was tricked to let a guy into her apartment and when she came out of the bathroom he had taken off all his clothes!  She said she stomped the mess out of him.

More naked photos leaked online: Clay Aiken has come out saying that celebrities get what they deserve if they took naked pictures of themselves that got leaked online.  Whoopi thought that was a bit harsh!  Rosie O. told her boys after the Anthony Weiner (still funny) fiasco, “you take a pic of your junk it’s going to be seen someday!” Whoopi said, in the old days your pictures were in your pocket or your house and nobody knew about them. She said today anything can be hacked and you’re taking a big chance by sharing them online or over your phone.  Rosie O pretended to start deleting photos from her cell phone as Whoopi talked. Rosie P called the hackers slime.

Viral Video: Helen Crow of Pennsylvania celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of a cake.


  • Judd Hirsch Whoopi and Rosie P. sat down with Judd Hirsch to talk about his show Forever. They showed a clip from the show and talked about his experience with acting and how he rarely does interviews.


  • Nicole and Rosie O. talked to Lara Spencer (GMA and HGTV) about her new book, Flea Market Fabulous. She showed some of the treasures she found at a local flea market and talked about her repurposing, showing some of her craft projects.  Nicolle, Rosie and Lara did a craft project together!
  • Quintavious Johnson from America’s Got Talent sang I’m Going Down.


Audience Gift: A copy of Flea Market Fabulous by Lara Spencer



Rosie P. We are all guilty of coming to quick conclusions about somebody.

Rosie O: I didn’t know I was in a feud until I went on the computer.

Nicolle: I have the political staffer version of PTSD.

Whoopi: You can’t just be [your children’s] friend, you have to educate them.

Judd Hirsch: The truth is what you did on stage and anything you say about it is too much or too little.

Lara Spencer: I love seeing things for what they could be, maybe not what they used to be.


**Many people have been asking us asking  how they can help support Jeanne and her children after this terrible loss.  Jackie has set up a fundraising Memorial page for the Kopetic family.