September 19, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • How Old Is Too Old To Be Naked In Front of Your Kids: Turns out an English woman was in the news recently for walking around naked in front of her 13-year-old.  Whoopi asked if this is normal. Rosie O. thinks age 5 is probably the limit for taking a bath with your child or being seen naked in front of her boys who are both teenagers. Rosie P. thought maybe you could stretch that out until the age of 8 so that children can learn what an older woman’s body looks like. Nicolle admitted that her family doesn’t spend a lot of time naked in her house but her 2 year old loves to be naked!  And she agreed with Rosie O.’ and said she would probably draw the limit at 5.  Whoopi? Prefers to take her baths on her own.
  • Let’s Find the Vagina: A study in the UK showed that most women, when shown a diagram of the female reproductive system, couldn’t find where the vagina is located. Whoopi stood in front of a diagram of the woman’s reproductive system and pointed out the vagina for the audience. They discussed the details of the vagina, the confusion that surrounds it, and their own personal histories learning about it. Rosie P. said “If you don’t know where your crotch is, it’s a troubling thing.” Rosie O. recalled a sex ed movie from school in which a character named Margaret wanted to buy a white dress but couldn’t because Flo was coming. She couldn’t figure out who Flo was! Whoopi said she actually went to a class to learn about her vagina. She said the teacher gave her a flashlight, a mirror and she was instructed to “say hello to her vagina!” Rosie O., who is notoriously shy talking about such things, got embarrassed by the conversation. But Whoopi had no problem with the discussion and said “like Magellan,” she’s “been traveling.”  Nicolle ended the discussion saying “From Air Force One to vaginas, it’s awesome. I can’t believe this is my job now.”
  • Bigger Wedding Happier Marriage: The National Marriage Project finds couples who have big blowout weddings have marriages that last longer. Whoopi thought that was perhaps due to the financial investment that makes it harder for spouses to go their separate ways after the wedding. Rosie P. has always taken issue with large weddings because of all the money that is spent on them. She grew up very poor and thinks people should spend the money on a down payment for a house rather than just one big day. Rosie O. had a big wedding planned for August 17th 2012 but her fiancée Michelle was diagnosed with desmoid tumors and they had to call it off.  And then, on August 14th, she had a near fatal heart attack. She said she could have been on an African Safari honeymoon and might not have survived. So, in her case, she was glad their big wedding was cancelled.
  • Key to happiness is to Throw Stuff Out: Rosie P. said her husband calls her a hoarder. Rosie O. thinks that has to do partly because she grew up without money, as Rosie O. did. She said when you grow up “without” you don’t want to lose anything. She also thinks for her, that way of thinking contributed to her obesity. Nicolle said she’s the opposite and said she sneaks around gathering stuff to give away to Goodwill so her husband doesn’t know what she’s getting rid of. She said if she brings something into the house she makes it a rule that she has to get rid of something. Rosie P. and Nicolle then bonded over their love of Costco.  Rosie O. can’t understand it. She said when she goes to Costco she goes with a list, on a mission, and comes out with a case of corn nuts and a trampoline!
  • Drive through funerals: There’s a funeral home in Michigan that allows people to pay their respects to the family members in a drive-through.  Nicolle didn’t think it counts to pay your respects if you don’t get out of the car. Rosie P. said her family would hold up the line. She didn’t want to speak for all Latinos, but she said “we need time” to grieve! Whoopi jokingly said everybody loves a funeral as long as it’s not theirs.


Billy Crystal: Whoopi introduced her longtime friend, Billy Crystal. She referred to him as her “big brother” and “one of the greatest loves of her life.” He laughed as he entered the stage and said he felt like he was walking onto the set of the Vagina Monologues! Whoopi told Billy that he did an amazing job talking about their friend and brother, Robin Williams during his moving tribute to him at the Emmy Awards. Billy admitted it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. He said when he first heard about Robin’s death he truly had no words, there was just pain. He said it was incredibly hard to craft the eulogy for the Emmy’s and try and make it humorous and personal without being self-serving. But he admitted that writing the eulogy helped get him through it. Whoopi fought back tears through most of the interview and could barely speak.  Whoopi and Billy reminisced about what an amazing person and brilliant performer Robin was. Whoopi described her time working with Robin as “magical” and Billy agreed. Billy and Whoopi recalled how they raised $70 million for Comic Relief  with Robin. They talked about their friendship, growing older and how very protective they were of each other. Billy hates that now he has to refer to Robin in the past tense. And to honor their friend, they fought back tears and held hands in silence as they went to break.


In honor the 25 year anniversary of the film When Harry Met Sally The View showed a clip of the Pecan Pie scene. Billy said the scene was all improvised. One of Whoopi’s favorite Billy Crystal roles was when he played a gay character in the 1970’s series Soap. Whoopi asked if anyone had an issue with him playing a gay man. Billy said in 1977 it was pretty groundbreaking television and the sponsors and some religious groups weren’t happy about it. But for him, it was never about playing a gay man. It was about playing a man, who just happened to be gay.

Lastly, they discussed Billy’s book Still Foolin’ ‘Em which he said started out as a stand-up act about turning 65 and then it turned into a book. Whoopi said the audio book is fabulous and most of it is taped in front of a live studio audience. It won the audio book of the year!

Angelina Jordan:  Eight year old Angelina Jordan from Norway stopped by The View.  She was the winner of Norway’s Got Talent! She sang Fly Me To The Moon, beautifully. After her performance Rosie gave her an arm full of stuffed animals and a big hug!


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin’ ‘Em.


 Whoopi: [on exploring her vagina] “Like Magellan, I’ve been traveling.”

Nicole: “I can’t believe this is my job now, from Air Force One to vaginas, it’s awesome.”

Rosie O: “When you grow up without, you don’t want to lose anything.”

Billy: [on losing his friend, Robin Williams] “I hate saying he was.”

Rosie P: “If you don’t know where your crotch is, it’s a troubling thing.”


And that’s what you missed!

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  2. LW says:

    Rosie is not the one writing these recaps. But thank you, Rosie, for commissioning Kelly Weist to write them and having them as a part of your website!

  3. Katherine says:

    Sorry to have missed the Billy Crystal interview. Sounds moving. My 3 people…President Obama, Paul Wolfowitz, and Monica Lewinsky <—-I always wanted to ask why she kept the dress. I mean, I don't take my dirty dry cleaning to the cleaners right away *all* the time. But 9 months? As a souvenir?

  4. Ghislaine says:

    Since Rosie had left, I have never watched the view again. So glad she’s back I’m back watching it every day. What a comeback.

  5. I happened to be home from work and caught this episode. Haven’t watched The View since Rosie left and I have to say I LOVED it! Very heartfelt and touching – but it was also so funny! I really enjoyed the conversation about Costco. Welcome back Rosie O – you are awesome.

  6. Linda Marsh says:

    I never missed The View when Rosie O. was on it….didn’t watch as much when she left… Whoopi too…..but the reason I wouldn’t miss it now is Rosie O. I’m with Janice in that I’m a married mother of 3 children and have 5 grandchildren….but I have always loved Rosie. She is so heartfelt, honest and a truly good person. Three people I would love to meet: (1) Oprah (2) Dalai Lama (3) Rosie O.

  7. Susan says:

    I haven’t watched the show in awhile..I started watching again..on Comcast you can watch the day before shows on demand…

  8. Kathy Buckley says:

    I love you, Rosie! I love you because you are not fake!
    I love Billy Crystal too! I got to shake his hand at the US open one year and he was adorable! Way back when Darryl Strawberry was there too!!! So funny!
    Whoopi,I laugh with you everyday!
    If you only knew how you made my day today, all THREE of you, Robin too,
    Sometimes laugher is DEFINITELY the best medicine!!
    Thank you!
    My brother just got his leg amputated because of diabetes and instead of crying I just felt a sense of calm,…

  9. martin king says:

    I think “Janice Hunt” should be invited to THE VIEW…..I mean 83…..her comment is precious!!!!!!..what a show today, how does anyone come down from this experience….maybe running a few miles will help!!!!! thanks!!!!!

  10. Sandi Flaim says:

    I,too tape the show,,,and I ,too,LOVE IT ! For the haters,,,THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED “THE VIEW” !!DUH.3 people? Mine are Jesus,Robin Williams,and Hank Williams.I love that you do this for “US”. I don’t have a lot of time.I am sole caregiver to my 88 year old Daddy that is in the last stages of Alzheimers.We are totally alone.I order everything from Walmart,and have it shipped in.It takes his small pension and my smaller disability check to pay the bills,buy food,,and buy his…

  11. Carol D. says:

    I cried and cried watching the show today. I had a brother commit suicide and seeing Whoopi cry about Robin brought back all those emotions. Billy’s and Whoopi’s tribute was incredibly touching though! I’m glad you’re back on the show – you make me laugh!!

  12. Linda P says:

    Enjoyed your recap, but what I would really enjoy seeing included in the recaps is the name of a Broadway musical number performed at least once a week. I can’t get to NYC to see a Broadway show live, but I can turn on the TV. Please see if you can influence ABC to consider the possibility.

  13. Hester Downes says:

    I missed today’s epidode. Thank you Rosie for the recap. It is much appreciated.

  14. Thanks you Rosie O for taking time to write these recaps. i work 16 hours a day. weekends I do errands and church so reading this is wonderful thanks thanks thanks

  15. Kelly Weist says:

    Awwww, I love this game! 3 people I would like to meet? 1. Bill/Hillary Clinton 2. Jimmy Fallon 3. Madonna (not necessarily in that order) And also a big Costco fan.

  16. Alison says:

    Loved today’s recap! I also enjoyed the comment/response from Janice Hunt here on the recap for today regarding who she would like to meet (3 wishes). I’m with Janice on the Rosie O pick, and then would add 2 of the following three options: Rachel Maddow; Naomi Klein or Keith Olbermann. Also, re Costco? I agree with ALL of the ladies of The View. I too go in with a list and walk out with a trampoline, but like Rosie P and Nicolle W, I still love it. I just try to keep my visits to a…

  17. Janice Hunt says:

    OMG how I LOVE this show. I wouldn’t miss one episode and tape daily. I don’t know what it is about Rosie O but I just love this woman and I’m a married woman with 5 children. I can’t explain it, but I will be a loyal follower until the day I die. (which (at 83) probably won’t be far off.)If I was given 3 wishes of who I would most like to meet, it would be Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, and if she were still alive, Eleanor Roosevelt.