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February 12, 2015

Today our hosts walked out to a standing ovation for Rosie O’s last day!

Hot Topics:

RosiesLastDayDropped Anchor: NBC is erasing all evidence of Brian Williams from their nightly news ads.  Rosie O thinks if the ratings suffer they’ll put him back on the air after his six month break but the decision for the network, in the end, is really about money.  Nicolle thinks the whole situation is sad and it depresses her greatly.

Loss of a Legend:  The world of news lost a great journalist. Bob Simon, of 60 Minutes, was killed in a car accident last night in New York City.  Whoopi said he was one of the few real journalists left and an extraordinary man.  Rosie P said Bob’s last broadcast was about the movie Selma and the civil rights movement.  She sees his death as a huge loss.  Nicolle read off some of Simon’s credits including his 27 Emmy awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, and 4 Peabody awards.  Bob was a correspondent on 60 Minutes for almost 20 seasons!   Whoopi sent the family condolences from everyone at The View.

Woman in Charge:  Former Sony co-chair Amy Pascal opened up about the hacking scandal that exposed her unflattering emails about Hollywood stars.  Pascal said she felt completely out of control and at the same time, it was very freeing because there was truly nothing she could do.  But she said she felt really bad.  She also said it’s hard to tell celebrities the truth because they are “bottomless pits of need.”  Nicolle thinks maybe Pascal shouldn’t have said those things if she felt bad.  Rosie P believes being a producer is a tough job and yet also thinks it’s crazy that Pascal is the only one that “took the fall.”

Dressed to Thrill:  A mother of 2 from Arizona decided to let her 3-year-old son pick out her wardrobe for 5 days and she posted the results on her blog!  They all thought the outfits picked out by her 3-year-old were pretty cute!  Nicolle really liked how the blogger allowed her child to be the decision maker for a change.  Rosie O said some kids are born with a definite sense of style.  Three of her kids don’t care what they wear and two are very picky about their wardrobe choices.  Whoopi’s grandson used to have to wear his Lakers uniform under every outfit!  He’s 16-years-old now, so he’s not doing that anymore.


How the West Was Shunned:  Kanye West is speaking out about the comments he made about Beck and his stage rush on Grammy night.  He claims the voices in his head made him do it.  He said it started out as a joke but he had to be true about his feelings about Beck beating out Beyoncé.  He said he does respect Beck as an artist.  But Rosie O said it’s fine that Kanye is correcting himself now, but that’s not what Kanye said originally.  Rosie O half-jokingly said she thinks Kanye has social anxiety disorder issues that cause him to act inappropriately in public.  She thinks he has to learn the difference between his inside voice (what to keep to himself) and his outside voice (what he chooses to share with the public/media).  Rosie P thinks, at the end of the day, Kanye is a good guy because he did the same thing to Taylor Swift and now they’re collaborating on projects together.  Whoopi agreed and doesn’t doubt that in three years he’ll probably be collaborating with Beck!  Nicolle thought what Kanye did was rude but she did admit after the awards show, she downloaded his latest song with Paul McCartney and Rihanna.  Rosie O still thinks Kanye is a genius and that his lyrics are poetry.

That’s a Stretch:  A Montana lawmaker wants to make it illegal for people to wear yoga pants.  He wants to expand indecent exposure laws to ban any garment that gives the appearance of, or “simulates” a person’s buttocks, genitals, pelvic area or nipples.  Rosie P thinks he’s going to have to ban a lot more clothing than just yoga pants!  Whoopi said she’s the only one whose nipples can be seen in her yoga pants!  After there was a debate over whether men wear yoga pants Nicolle said she doesn’t think there are any men wearing yoga pants in Montana and she said as a Republican, she would like them to drop this issue.  Nicolle thinks any Republican legislating what kind of clothes people should wear is a loser.   She said look away if you don’t like it!

Angelman Syndrom Day: Sunday is International Angelman Syndrome Day and Colin Farrell, whose son suffers from this condition, will be a guest on The View in March.  Go to to find out more information.

Family Feud:  On a recent episode of Family Feud they surveyed 100 people and asked, “Name something a doctor might pull out of a person.”  The contestant said “a gerbil.”  The hosts were basically speechless and they went to commercial.

Viewcation Winners:  Nicolle announced the next winners of the Viewcation Caribbean cruise!  An adorable couple won a 7 night cruise courtesy of Celebrity cruises! Enter to win here.




Kenan Thompson:  SNL’s Kenan Thompson stopped by the show to talk with the ladies about  Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Show that airs Sunday, February 15th on NBC!   Kenan said it’s going to be a spectacular 3 hour live special with tons of famous celebrities.  He said he’s most excited to work with Eddie Murphy whom he remembers watching with his father.  Kenan is the longest running cast member currently on the show and this is his 12th season!  There are rumors that he might be leaving but he said he’s not going anywhere.  Kenan does a really good Whoopi impersonation too and they asked him to do a little of it.  Kenan is married and has a little baby at home.  He said, new parents are really welcomed into “the club” by other parents when you have a child.  But, he said, there are two kinds of people in the world, those that don’t have kids and those who do that can appreciate not sleeping.  Tune in Saturday Night’s Live’s 40th Anniversary Show this Sunday, February 15th at 7pm EST. (after you watch Rosie’s standup special on HBO on Saturday night, of course!!).


Flo Rida: Flo Rida joined the ladies for a musical performance!  He talked with them a little about what it was like growing up with SEVEN sisters!  He said his sisters were very protective of him and it’s helped him understand women more.  But he thinks every woman is different.  He collaborates with a lot of artists and he said he’d love to work with Beyoncé someday.  Flo Rida performed GDFR, Going Down For Real, for the audience.  The song ‘GDFR’ literally was just certified gold by the Record Industry of America (which means that over a half a million copies have been sold) so the ladies presented the gold record to Flo Rida on the show.

ROSIE O'DONNELL (HOLDING DAUGHTER DAKOTA)Goodbye from Rosie O:  While holding her daughter Dakota, Rosie thanked the cast and crew at The View.  She gave a special thanks to Barbara Walters whom she said has always looked out for her, in her life and her career. Rosie called Barbara “an amazing woman” and said they had lunch yesterday.  Rosie thanked Walters for creating the show and letting her host in 2007 again this past year.  Rosie said she’s had fun and looks forward to having more!  She said she hopes to come back to The View and do an occasional crafting segment because she has a “hot glue gun and will travel!”  She reminded everyone to watch her special A Heartfelt Standup which premieres on HBO this Saturday night at 10pm.  Also, watch for Rosie on the Dr. Oz show tomorrow, Friday, February 13th, on ABC!

Take a little time to enjoy your view.


Kelly Weist

February 11, 2015

Hot Topics:

Anchorman News:  Brian Williams was suspended for six months without pay and Jon Stewart made an announcement that he will be stepping down from The Daily Show sometime this year.  All the ladies expressed how they will miss Jon Stewart.  Rosie O said no one else will be able to host The Daily Show like him and she called him a genius.  She said sometimes she has to Google what he’s talking about!  Nicolle appreciated how Jon thanked his team during his announcement.  She said that’s the sign of an amazing leader.  And she said Sean Hannity, who doesn’t agree with anything Stewart says politically, said that he admires Jon’s talent and intelligence.  Nicolle said she can’t think of anyone else who gives a voice to the American left like Stewart but also is so admired and respected on the right.  Rosie P doesn’t think he’s extremely left-wing.  She pointed out that he’s had people like Bill O’Reilly on his show and gave a great interview.  And Rosie P loved how he never held back from giving his opinions with both humor and intelligence.  And at the same time, she mentioned the time Jon was dead serious as he discussed issues like the Eric Garner case.  She said, “You could feel his heart.”  Whoopi said some consider his show to be a satire show but she said Stewart has the trust of the American people.  She joked that he should be Brian Williams’ replacement!  Whoopi thinks all news anchors need to take a step back from opinion-based news and just deliver the news.  Nicolle said there’s another NBC news anchor under investigation because of his opinions.  Rosie O thinks this is happening because there’s a blur between news and entertainment in our culture and there’s nowhere people can just get the straight facts.  Rosie P said Charlie Rose does that very well and Rosie O agreed.

An American Hero: Yesterday, the sad news broke that American aid worker Kayla Mueller was confirmed deadNicolle read an excerpt from Kayla’s letter to her parents.   Nicolle highly recommended everyone read her letter because if you’re raising kids, she said, this is the type of kid you want to raise.  Whoopi said there are aid workers all over the world in danger every day and all too often we don’t hear their stories.  Rosie P said Kayla’s friend has come out and said that Kayla didn’t just hope for world peace, she believed in help making it happen.  Whoopi said we need to remember there are a lot of wonderful people in this world.

Bruce Jenner’s Accident:  It turns out that two other drivers involved in Bruce Jenner’s deadly car accident were driving with suspended licenses.  Whoopi wondered why people were so quick to want to make it all Bruce Jenner’s fault.  Rosie O thinks it could be partly because of the speculation and misunderstanding about him transitioning.  She said a lot of people are uncomfortable with it.  Rosie O wished there was a way to disable texting once you enter your car because it can be so tempting.  Whoopi said she thinks that’s possible now.   Rosie O mentioned a devastating documentary about the dangers of texting and driving entitled From One Second to the Next by Werner Herzog.  You can watch it for FREE HERE.  Nicolle said the road Bruce was driving on is very treacherous and there were also early reports about the paparazzi chasing Jenner, which were found to be untrue.  Nicolle said this case points out the perils of celebrity life and celebrity journalism in Los Angeles.  She said the Jenners and the Kardashians have turned their worlds into a circus by letting their entire lives play out on television.  And she thinks it’s tragic.

Watch the film ‘From One Second to the Next’ below

Eggception to the Rule: The nation’s top nutrition advisory panel ruled to drop cholesterol warnings from dietary guidelines saying high cholesterol foods are not a public health concern.  Nicolle’s mother has high cholesterol and her uncle died at 50 of heart disease.  She has ridiculously high cholesterol for a “chocoholic-vegetarian” and she said she hasn’t touched an egg yolk since she was nine-years-old.  While Nicolle appreciates what they’re saying, she still is going to stay away from egg yolks.  Rosie P said we all need some cholesterol in our blood but when you have too much of it, it can clog your arteries and lead to a heart attack.  Rosie P said she too would still hold off from eating a lot of foods with high cholesterol.  They all agreed, “Everything in moderation.”

Nobituary:  If you have someone in your life you desperately want to stop smoking you can send them a “Nobituary” from The website lets you send a life affirming message to someone in your life that you want to stop smoking so you’re not writing their obituary soon.  You can go to to find out more!

The Agony of De-Tweet:  Jeb Bush’s new tech officer who was under fire for offensive tweets he had written has now been let go.

Private Parts: Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis is defending her cover shot in the latest issue which many people are calling pornographicRosie P understands why some parents would be upset because it shows a shaved, pubic area.  Nicolle wasn’t offended by the picture at all.  Whoopi thinks if the picture is offensive to parents they should turn on the television and just watch commercials!

Mario Cantone:  The adorable Mario Cantone came out with a $100 shop anywhere gift card from RetailMeNot for the entire audience!  It’s not too late to save on Valentine’s gifts if you download the RetailMeNot app for your smart phone!



lucy-lui-rosie-odonnellLucy Lui: Lucy Lui joined the ladies of The View to discuss her role as Dr. Watson on the hit series Elementary.  Lucy is not only starring on Elementary but she directed tomorrow’s episode!  They joked about the day they shot the episode at the Bronx Zoo when it snowed like a blizzard!  Lucy’s mom also loves this show because it’s similar to Columbo, which her mother LOVED unlike Ally McBeal, which she couldn’t follow.  Lucy talked about how she’s still painting beautiful artwork and how she brings her dog to the set with her every day!  All the ladies thought they should start doing that on the show!  You can catch Lucy on the series Elementary which airs Thursdays at 10/9(c) on CBS.

Crafty U:  A fifteen-year-old entrepreneur and crafter named Shelby came on the show to show off her crafts!  Two weeks ago, Shelby and her mom got tickets to The View.  Shelby tweeted Rosie because she is only 15 and you have to be 16 to sit in the audience.  Rosie told her to lie and just show up!  Shelby goes to Catholic school and she really didn’t want to go to confession but she did it anyway.  Shelby and her mom ended up sitting in the front row and she showed Rosie her collection.  Now she’s on the show!

Shelby’s company is called Yourself Expression and she brought some of her “Snap and Poppers” to show the audience.  Shelby said her jewelry is all about personalizing.  She said YOU get to be the designer of your own jewelry!  They have over 1,000 poppers for everyone; men, women, kids, even dogs!


Shelby came up with this business because she wanted a pair of boots but they were very expensive.  The boots had bows on the them and she ended up having to design her own because her mom wouldn’t buy them for her.  She started using her own hairbows and personalizing her boots (like Uggs) with charms and bows.  That idea led to the “Snap and Poppers.”  In the past 9 months Shelby has made $100,000 and she’d like to be on the show Shark Tank someday! Shelby said she keeps all the items she sells between $3 and $22 because she wants everyone to be able to afford beautiful jewelry.  You can purchase Shelby’s jewelry online at  And if you enter the code “theview” you’ll get 15% off!

Marcus Scribner:  Actor Marcus Scribner, from the hit show Blackish came to see the show today as a viewer so they brought him up on stage as a guest!  Marcus has been acting for 8 years but this is his first big role.  He’s a freshman in high school who is now being homeschooled because of the show, which he really likes.  He loves working with Laurence Fishburne too whom he said is always giving them career advice.  Marcus’ father, who is very supportive, was also in the audience.  Marcus said he hopes to go to Stanford someday and major in journalism.  Rosie O joked there’s a job opening on NBC News!

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience went home with a $100 “shop anywhere gift card” from RetailMeNot and a free bracelet from!


Take a little time to enjoy The View.


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions

February 10, 2015

Hot Topics

Anchor Away:  Some people are demanding Brian Williams leave his anchor chair as more and more of his reports are being investigated.  Piers Morgan had an interesting take on the subject.  He asked if it’s better to join the group demanding he be fired or let Williams learn from this and become a better journalist as a result.  Rosie O wasn’t sure what she thought on the topic but loved Jon Stewart’s take on the subject who said, “The only person who’s in trouble for lying about the Iraq war is Brian Williams.”  Nicolle thinks it’s interesting that Piers Morgan is defending Brian Williams because Piers has been through a lot of scandals of his own.  She also thinks it’s interesting that they haven’t seen much public comradery among the more elite journalists.   Nicolle believes we should start having a conversation about forgiveness.  Rosie P doesn’t think we should negate Brian’s entire career over this blunder.  She believes in forgiveness and agrees with Jon Stewart that there are a lot of people who lied about the Iraq war.  Nicolle, in an attempt to defend the decisions made during the Iraq war, said the whole world over believed the bad intelligence about the supposed “weapons of mass destruction.”  But Rosie P said not everyone believed it.  She said there were a lot of politicians that didn’t believe it and that it was a premise to go to war.  Whoopi hopes the press and politicians remember the mistakes made during the Iraq war when they start bringing up Benghazi again.  She said, “People know what they know when they know it and it ain’t always right!”   And yesterday, Whoopi said she was bothered by what Peter King had to say about how we have to go fight ISIS which will mean “boots on the ground.”  Her immediate thoughts went out to our extremely overworked military.  Nicolle said President Obama assembled a coalition to fight ISIS which included troops from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.  But Whoopi thinks we should never again be the only boots on the ground in a war and that’s why what Peter King said really irritated her yesterday.

The Agony of De-Tweet:  The new technology chief officer hired by Jeb Bush is apologizing for some offensive tweets from his past which have come back to haunt him.  One tweet said, a “New study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier.”  Another tweet said, “I know lindsey lohan [sic] is supposed to die soon, but I’d sure like to sleep with her before that happens.” Rosie P said when young people put stupid stuff on social media they excuse them because they’re young, but this guy is an adult and she doesn’t understand it.  She wondered what it’s going to take for people to finally realize that when you put something on social media it lives FOREVER.  She can’t believe Jeb Bush’s team didn’t vet this guy before hiring him.  Whoopi thinks the team didn’t check out his social media because perhaps they are behind the times.  And Rosie P said if Jeb Bush wants to be President in the twenty-first century he should have a better team!  Nicolle worked for Jeb and thinks he’s very savvy about social media and technology.  She said the campaign is aware of this and (now) found his comments indefensible.  And Whoopi ended the conversation by reminding everyone not to take pictures of their genitalia and to “keep your business in your business.”

Selfie Concious:  Another technology is causing trouble these days. It’s called the “selfie stick” which has just been banned from New York museums over the fears that people could damage the art.  People have already poked holes through art by accident!  Whoopi doesn’t think people should be taking pictures in a museum anyway!   Rosie O said she’s going to have to get one for her teens since they spend all day taking selfies anyway.  Nicolle’s father is an art dealer and mistakenly dropped his iPhone on a painting yesterday taking its picture.

First Lunch Lady: Michelle Obama says that people worried about the government getting into their lives can do a simple thing to keep them out – eat healthy.  She says it will keep you out of the doctor’s office so you don’t even have to deal with Obamacare.  Some people were quite offended by her comments.  But Nicolle thinks what the First Lady had to say was really smart!  Rosie P said whether you’re for Obamacare or not, if you’re unhealthy, tax payers end up paying for your medical care in the end.  She admits the Affordable Care Act has a lot of problems but said it’s also given people a lot of relief.  Rosie P said it makes her really upset when she sees a person shoving unhealthy food in their face, not because her tax dollars will have to pay for their heart transplant someday but because of what they’re doing to themselves.  Rosie O said obesity is like an addiction, and we should be looking at overweight people with sensitivity because today’s food is like a drug.  She said what we put in our food today has us all hooked in a manner that’s really life threatening and because of that nearly half of Americans are suffering from obesity.  Nicolle said Michelle Obama gives lots of simple, healthy tips in the article for how to eat healthfully in a simple way.  She said we have a lot of problems in Washington if we can’t even accept correct health advice from a mother of two.  Rosie P sees that some who can’t afford to have fine vegetables or couscous on their plate, might take offense to this article.   And she said when you don’t have a lot of money you tend to go for the food you can afford, which oftentimes is not the most healthy.  Whoopi spoke about some of the additives in our foods like ketchup that aren’t in the ketchup in Europe, for example.  Rosie P said a lot of people criticized Mayor Bloomberg for his restrictions on portion sizes but she said she can see both sides.  Rosie O said the mayor was just trying to educate us about portion sizes because everyone has been “super-sized to our detriment.”

Marvelous Measles: As America deals with trying to contain a measles outbreak, the author of Melanie’s Marvelous Measles, is defending her children’s book claiming it educates kids about the benefits of getting measles like boosting their immunity.  She also claims it’s a benign disease that the body can heal from naturally.  [OMG, read the comments and reviews about this book on Amazon. That’s all I’m going to say.]  Whoopi said, “Clearly, you [speaking to the author of the book] are smoking something I want because it’s making you see the world through rose-colored glasses.”  She thinks the author is “out of her mind!”  Nicolle agreed and stated that measles kills 145,000 people every year.  Rosie P couldn’t believe the cover of the book showing a happy child with the measles.  And Rosie O thought the book was a “crazy.” She said the author’s next book is probably entitled “Erica’s Enjoyable Ebola.”

Pop Culture:  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  Science has finally provided us with the answer!  Research has found it’s about 1,000 licks per centimeter or 2500 licks to get to the centerRosie P questions the math because some people have big fat tongues.

Viral Video:  In Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date a popular hamster goes on a date for Valentine’s Day!  Cute!

Teleflora: Just then the adorable Mario Cantone appeared with Valentine flowers for the hosts from and everyone in the studio audience received a $100 gift card to the website in honor of Valentine’s Day!



Marcia Gay Harden: Marcia stars as Christian Grey’s mother in the new film 50 Shades of Grey!  She admitted she didn’t read the books until after she accepted the role but she’s seen the finished product and she said the movie is “hot!”  They discussed the “red room of pain and pleasure” which she said was actually beautiful.  Marcia said the audience at the screenings of the film have been 99% women and 1 % gay men and everyone in the audience is loving the film!  She said the straight men who go to the film with their wives and girlfriends are feeling veeeerrrrry lucky afterwards.  Let’s just say they don’t have to work very hard afterwards!  Marcia said the books made her think that if there’s going to be some fun in the bedroom, it’s probably going to come from the woman’s bravery to introduce it.  Marcia also stars in How to Get Away with Murder with Viola Davis.  Fifty Shade of Grey opens nationwide in theaters this Friday, February 13th and How to Get Away with Murder airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC.

whitney-thore-rosie-odonnellWhitney Thore:  Whitney Thore’s videos A Fat Girl Dancing, went viral a year ago for proudly showing off her dance skills at 380 pounds.  TLC was so impressed with her moves and her message that they made a reality show around her – My Big Fat Fabulous LifeWhitney admitted that life has thrown her a few curves.  She has polycystic ovarian syndrome that has caused her to both gain weight and have hair loss.  And she’s looking to lose between 100 to 150 pounds.  She lost it once before but gained it back.  But now that she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her whole life, she said she’s ready.  Some of Whitney’s critics have accused her of promoting obesity, but she said that’s because people see a fat person who is not ashamed and miserable.  She said the fact that she’s existing in her body and happy, is not her promoting obesity.  She’s promoting self-love and living in the moment.  Whitney said she’s been fat and she’s been thin and she’s learned we have to love ourselves from the inside out.  Even though Whitney grew up being very thin, was prom queen and a serious dancer, she suffered with eating disorders because she always believed thinner is better and life would be better if she was thinner.  But she doesn’t believe that anymore.  Whitney showed Nicolle some rockin’ dance moves!  My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 10PM on TLC!

Watch Whitney rock it out.


Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a $100 gift card to!

Take a little time to enjoy The View!


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions


February 9, 2015

Hot Topics:

cropped-IMG_5064.jpgRosie O’s Heartfelt Message: Rosie O discussed her documentary premiere this weekend!  Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Standup premiered at the Athena Film Festival at Barnard College on Saturday night.  Rosie O discussed the premiere as well as her admiration for HBO Documentary Films President Sheila Nevins, who received an award for her work.  Rosie O taught the audience the acronym she created, H.E.P.P.P. (which stands for Hot Exhausted Pain Pale Puke), to remind people of the symptoms of a heart attack in women.  Everyone in the audience received a H.E.P.P.P. bracelet!  The documentary A Heartfelt Standup premieres this Saturday, February 14th at 10pm EST on HBO.

Rosie O said she never imagined she would become a spokesperson for heart health.  Her mother died from breast cancer and she always thought that would be her fate too.  During the days of The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Rosie would heavily promote breast cancer awareness.  She is still a passionate spokesperson for breast health but while breast cancer kills 30,000 women every year, 300,000 women die every year of heart disease.  It is the number 1 killer of women, more than all cancers combined.  “I almost died. I don’t want you to die, so watch it will ya?” Rosie O said.  Nicolle admitted to paying greater attention to her heart now that Rosie O has shined a light on heart disease and its symptoms.  Rosie P loved Rosie O’s special and said she’s “freakin hilarious” in it!  Watch A Heartfelt Standup this SATURDAY, February 14th on HBO! 


Anchor Away:  NBC news anchor Brian Williams announced he’s going to step down for several days because of his false claim that he was shot down in a helicopter over Iraq.  Nicolle worked in public relations in politics and thinks this is between Brian Williams and the viewers of his newscasts.  She mentioned an interesting article in the New York Times which raises the idea of an outside investigation.  Nicolle thinks we need to go back and look at Williams’ entire body of work before we pass judgment.  Rosie P doesn’t think we should wipe away his entire career of work because of one lie. She would like Williams to stand up, admit his mistake and apologize.  But Rosie O thinks because of the nature of his job, being a trusted news person, Brian has to have the trust of the public in order to do his job well.  She mentioned Walter Cronkite whom she referred to as the most trusted man in America, and the time he took off his glasses and said, “There’s no way to win this war.”  (In regards to the Vietnam War.)  She believes the people must have the trust of the newscasters who bring them the news and she thinks Williams’ credibility is now in question.  Whoopi thinks this is why people switch to the BBC news because so many people in this country don’t trust the folks giving us the news because it’s now opinion-based.  Rosie O also believes the slanted news is because news organizations are now corporatley owned.  She referred to the Fourth Estate which she said is supposed to keep democracy in balance.  But if only 5 corporations own all the media, the people will only get a view that enhances the corporation’s financial bottom line.  Nicolle pointed out that this story came to light because a handful of guys on the helicopter actually did get shot down and revealed the truth through social media.  She said the corporations met their match because of them!  And Rosie O thinks this is why net neutrality is so important, because it’s the only true unbiased news source not supporting a corporation’s values. But Rosie P thinks there are a lot of lies on the internet too.

Music’s Biggest Night:   The Grammy awards were last night and the hosts discussed some of the outstanding and memorable performances.  Rosie O loves Kanye and that he sang the beautiful song about his late mother but then she said, as Whoopi would say, he stepped in “doo-doo.”   (when Kanye said Beck should give his award to Beyoncé)  Whoopi called Kanye out and said he knows what it’s like to be an artist and have someone question your talent.  She thinks Beck’s album is “pretty damn good.”  And she thinks since Beyoncé collected 3 Grammys, it’s pretty rough for him to say Beck isn’t a real artist.  Rosie P thinks Kanye also put Beyoncé in a tough position because what he said now makes people start to compare Beck to Beyoncé.  She thinks Beck and Beyoncé are both good artists, and even Kanye, who she called “cuckoo for coca puffs.”   Nicolle thought Kanye’s wife looked embarrassed by his comments.  And Nicolle thought Madonna’s butt looked as good as it’s ever looked.   The only time Rosie O had ever seen Madonna’s butt was last night but she also thought it looked pretty great!  She said if her ass looked like that she’d be naked right now!  Rosie P also thought Madonna’s ass looked great.  And Rosie O thought Kristen Wiig’s performance during Sia’s song was “unbelievable!”  Rosie O explained how Sia doesn’t like to be in the spotlight while singing so she created beautiful performance pieces with actors and friends who perform for her.


Ashley Graham: Ashley Graham, who is a plus-sized model appearing in this year’s Sports Illustrated issue, joined the ladies at the table to discuss her recent appearance in the magazine.  People are cheering that it’s a huge step forward for the modeling industry but some people are criticizing that Ashley didn’t get her own spread.   Ashley feels like they’re making history by putting FULL curves in Sports Illustrated! Ashley explained that in the modeling industry “plus-sized” goes from a size 8 to an 18.  She has been modelling for 15 years and has always been considered plus-sized but she’s always “owned it.”  She said if you tweet or share your plus-sized photo of your curves in a bikini she will “regram” it!  It’s a campaign they’re doing for Swimsuits for All.  Ashley said she’s not disappointed she doesn’t have a spread in the magazine this year she said she’ll be on THE COVER next year!  (she hopes!) Ashley said, “Curves are in, curves are sexy!”


Spike-LeeSpike Lee:  Spike Lee just received an honor at the NAACP Image Awards and he has a brand new film entitled The Sweet Blood of Jesus.   Rosie P and Spike discussed the film Do the Right Thing and its relevance to racial issues we’re facing today.  Spike said his new film is a reimagination of a cult film from the 1970s funded through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.   Rosie P and Spike joked about the two different versions of the story of how they met and Rosie P thanked Spike for launching her career.  Watch the trailer to Sweet Blood of Jesus below:

Victor Rasuk:  Victor plays Anastasia’s best friend and love rival in the film Fifty Shades of Grey.  He really enjoyed how the character chose to remain friends with Anastasia even after she rejects him for Christian Grey.  Victor is also in a new show entitled Stalker on CBS.  He said the show Stalker is not about exploiting the victims of stalking but about showing viewers, if you’re a victim of stalking, that you have rights and how to protect yourself.    Stalker airs Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS and Fifty Shades of Grey opens nationwide this Friday!

Audience Giveaway:  Everyone in the studio audience received a H.E.P.P.P bracelet (an acronym to remember the signs of a heart attack in women) and each woman in the studio audience received a swimsuit from Swimsuits for All!  Everyone also received a copy of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: Diamond Edition on DVD!

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written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions

February 6, 2015

Rosie-Odonnell-Go-RedCristela Alonzo co-hosted today’s show and all the women wore RED in honor of Go Red For Women – American Heart Association Day!  1 in 3 WOMEN WILL DIE of HEART DISEASE and STROKE!  But it can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. Make a change today at  Save your own life!  Remember, Rosie O’s word for identifying the signs of a heart attack is H.E.P.P.PHot, Exhausted (more tired than you’ve ever been), Pale, Pain (anywhere, in the back, shoulders, arms, etc.), Puke.  If you have those symptoms dial 911 immediately. 

Hot Topics:

The Cruelest Cut:  A barber outside of Atlanta couldn’t figure out how to get his 12-year-old son to stop acting out so he gave him an “old man horseshoe haircut.”  Nicolle thought the punishment was a little harsh and said it reminded her of a scene from the film BoyhoodCristela wondered about the men out there who actually have that hairstyle and now realize their hair is a punishment to some people!  Whoopi said she bets the child won’t act out again!

The Young and the Stressest:  Millennials (ages 18-35) are reported to be the most stressed out generation in America. Cristela believes millennials don’t really have a sense of what hard work is.  Her mother was a single mom who worked double shifts at a diner and today young people don’t know how good they have it. They want to make money blogging and posting fashion pictures on Instagram.  Cristela pointed out that migrant workers, who have to pick in the fields for 8-10 hours a day, are the ones who really have it bad.  Nicolle also read that today’s millennials report feeling lonelier than their peers. Rosie O believes this is partly due to cell phones and electronic devices that have removed kids from each other and their families.   Her son Parker would have to ask a girl out on the telephone but today, no one has to talk to each other.  She has always tried to teach her boys to be brave and ask girls out to their faces. She said if there had been a way for her, at 16-years-old, to connect with Barbra Streisand she never would have left her house!  She would have waited for Barbra on Twitter to respond to her!  Whoopi reminded that parents have to get rid of all the electronic devices and face this problem head-on.


Rosie gave Cristela a copy of her favorite movie: Frozen!

Pope on Adoption: Pope Francis just endorsed a referendum in Slovakia that denies marriage and adoption rights for same sex couples.  Whoopi believes if people’s voices are loud enough, he will listen and maybe there will be a change.  Nicolle said the referendum seems surprising and for the Pope to now act like a Catholic when he has been trying to bring the church into the present time.  Rosie O said it doesn’t seem very pious of the Pope and she doesn’t think Christ would feel the same. She said there are children who need families and when there are loving adults capable of providing a home for those children, they shouldn’t be denied that based on the gender of the person they love.  (There was a large round of applause from the audience in response to Rosie’s comment)Whoopi suggested Rosie send that statement to the Vatican!

Parental Guidance: The ladies discussed a post of CNN listed questions parents should ask before sending their children on a play date, like Do you drink while you are watching the kids? and Is your child vaccinatedRosie O said she always asks if there is a gun in the house before she sends her child on a playdate.  She wouldn’t ask the vaccination question or the drinking question, but if there’s drinking, her kids always come home and tell her.  Now that they’re teens, Rosie always has to meet the parents before her kids can hang out somewhere (which they find extremely annoying). Nicolle has a lot of friends in Colorado and California and they all ask about guns in the home before playdates. Living in NYC, she would never think to ask that. Rosie said she should because there are accidents every day concerning guns. Nicolle read through more of the questions including one asking about recent bouts with head lice.  Whoopi believes the head lice question is an important one.  Nicolle always tells the parents of child who comes over that she has two dogs who are not locked up and play with the kids.  She thinks the information sharing before playdates should go both ways.  She confessed that she is not brave enough to ask the other questions, but she is going to start asking about guns.  Whoopi believes if you have a child under one-year-old, the vaccination question is a reasonable one. Nicolle said that until a child is two and a half, they are not fully protected by vaccines. She noted that you can’t drop your dog off at doggie daycare until you have documented which shots he has had, so you better be able to ask a parent if their kids have had shots before you take a baby over.

Nicolle and Rosie wear red for National Wear Red Day!

Nicolle and Rosie wear red for National Wear Red Day!


Kim Cattrall: Kim Cattrall joined the ladies of The View to discuss her role playing Cleopatra in Antony & CleopatraNicolle is a super fan of Kim’s character Samantha from Sex and the City.  Her favorite line ever from the show is when Kim’s character says, “I love you but I love me more.”  Kim said after Sex and the City ended she had to really sit and think about what she wanted to do.  And she said she has found that the second half of her life is even better than the first half!   She has a better feeling of who she really is now when before she was always trying to please others.

In Antony & Cleopatra, Kim called it “no fear Shakespeare.” She said it’s very entertaining and fun!  She said the show is full of love, history and tragedy all in one.  Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra with Kim Cattrall airs on PBS, Friday, February 13, 2015 at 9 p.m.

Rosie’s Crafty U: Martha Stewart and Rosie got together for a little scrapbooking as a part of Rosie’s Crafty-U!  Martha showed Rosie many of her latest craft tools including glitter, punches, a tool that cuts a perfect circle, fringing scissors, stickers, glitter glue, micro glitter and double sided tape so you can make perfect glitter borders on your cards and crafts.   Martha Stewart’s craft tools are sold at craft stores everywhere.   Tweet The View your craft ideas using #RosiesCraftyU and they may pick you to come on the show and share your ideas!

The Shepherd’s:  Sixteen years ago, Matthew Shepard, an American student at the University of Wyoming, was brutally beaten, tortured and left to die for being gay.  Documentary filmmaker Michelle Josue and Matthew’s parents Judy and Dennis Shepard joined Nicolle and Rosie to discuss their son and his legacy.  Michelle and Matt went to high school together and acted in many plays together.  The purpose of the film and the timing of its release so it never happens again and to teach the younger generations, who might not be familiar with Matt’s story.  Rosie watched the film with her daughter and she couldn’t understand why people had an issue with Matt being gay.  Rosie said that’s because today we have come so far, but at the same time we still have a long way to go.   Matthew’s parents discussed his legacy and how they decided to offer forgiveness to the men that killed him.  Learn more about the film Matt Shepherd is a Friend of Mine and watch the trailer below.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the studio audience received a pair of Martha Stewart fringing scissors and a copy of the 2015 Grammy Nominees Album in honor of the 57th annual Grammy Awards which air on February 8th!

Take a little time to enjoy The View!


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions