February 6, 2015

Rosie-Odonnell-Go-RedCristela Alonzo co-hosted today’s show and all the women wore RED in honor of Go Red For Women – American Heart Association Day!  1 in 3 WOMEN WILL DIE of HEART DISEASE and STROKE!  But it can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. Make a change today at www.GoRedForWomen.org.  Save your own life!  Remember, Rosie O’s word for identifying the signs of a heart attack is H.E.P.P.PHot, Exhausted (more tired than you’ve ever been), Pale, Pain (anywhere, in the back, shoulders, arms, etc.), Puke.  If you have those symptoms dial 911 immediately. 

Hot Topics:

The Cruelest Cut:  A barber outside of Atlanta couldn’t figure out how to get his 12-year-old son to stop acting out so he gave him an “old man horseshoe haircut.”  Nicolle thought the punishment was a little harsh and said it reminded her of a scene from the film BoyhoodCristela wondered about the men out there who actually have that hairstyle and now realize their hair is a punishment to some people!  Whoopi said she bets the child won’t act out again!

The Young and the Stressest:  Millennials (ages 18-35) are reported to be the most stressed out generation in America. Cristela believes millennials don’t really have a sense of what hard work is.  Her mother was a single mom who worked double shifts at a diner and today young people don’t know how good they have it. They want to make money blogging and posting fashion pictures on Instagram.  Cristela pointed out that migrant workers, who have to pick in the fields for 8-10 hours a day, are the ones who really have it bad.  Nicolle also read that today’s millennials report feeling lonelier than their peers. Rosie O believes this is partly due to cell phones and electronic devices that have removed kids from each other and their families.   Her son Parker would have to ask a girl out on the telephone but today, no one has to talk to each other.  She has always tried to teach her boys to be brave and ask girls out to their faces. She said if there had been a way for her, at 16-years-old, to connect with Barbra Streisand she never would have left her house!  She would have waited for Barbra on Twitter to respond to her!  Whoopi reminded that parents have to get rid of all the electronic devices and face this problem head-on.


Rosie gave Cristela a copy of her favorite movie: Frozen!

Pope on Adoption: Pope Francis just endorsed a referendum in Slovakia that denies marriage and adoption rights for same sex couples.  Whoopi believes if people’s voices are loud enough, he will listen and maybe there will be a change.  Nicolle said the referendum seems surprising and for the Pope to now act like a Catholic when he has been trying to bring the church into the present time.  Rosie O said it doesn’t seem very pious of the Pope and she doesn’t think Christ would feel the same. She said there are children who need families and when there are loving adults capable of providing a home for those children, they shouldn’t be denied that based on the gender of the person they love.  (There was a large round of applause from the audience in response to Rosie’s comment)Whoopi suggested Rosie send that statement to the Vatican!

Parental Guidance: The ladies discussed a post of CNN listed questions parents should ask before sending their children on a play date, like Do you drink while you are watching the kids? and Is your child vaccinatedRosie O said she always asks if there is a gun in the house before she sends her child on a playdate.  She wouldn’t ask the vaccination question or the drinking question, but if there’s drinking, her kids always come home and tell her.  Now that they’re teens, Rosie always has to meet the parents before her kids can hang out somewhere (which they find extremely annoying). Nicolle has a lot of friends in Colorado and California and they all ask about guns in the home before playdates. Living in NYC, she would never think to ask that. Rosie said she should because there are accidents every day concerning guns. Nicolle read through more of the questions including one asking about recent bouts with head lice.  Whoopi believes the head lice question is an important one.  Nicolle always tells the parents of child who comes over that she has two dogs who are not locked up and play with the kids.  She thinks the information sharing before playdates should go both ways.  She confessed that she is not brave enough to ask the other questions, but she is going to start asking about guns.  Whoopi believes if you have a child under one-year-old, the vaccination question is a reasonable one. Nicolle said that until a child is two and a half, they are not fully protected by vaccines. She noted that you can’t drop your dog off at doggie daycare until you have documented which shots he has had, so you better be able to ask a parent if their kids have had shots before you take a baby over.

Nicolle and Rosie wear red for National Wear Red Day!

Nicolle and Rosie wear red for National Wear Red Day!


Kim Cattrall: Kim Cattrall joined the ladies of The View to discuss her role playing Cleopatra in Antony & CleopatraNicolle is a super fan of Kim’s character Samantha from Sex and the City.  Her favorite line ever from the show is when Kim’s character says, “I love you but I love me more.”  Kim said after Sex and the City ended she had to really sit and think about what she wanted to do.  And she said she has found that the second half of her life is even better than the first half!   She has a better feeling of who she really is now when before she was always trying to please others.

In Antony & Cleopatra, Kim called it “no fear Shakespeare.” She said it’s very entertaining and fun!  She said the show is full of love, history and tragedy all in one.  Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra with Kim Cattrall airs on PBS, Friday, February 13, 2015 at 9 p.m.

Rosie’s Crafty U: Martha Stewart and Rosie got together for a little scrapbooking as a part of Rosie’s Crafty-U!  Martha showed Rosie many of her latest craft tools including glitter, punches, a tool that cuts a perfect circle, fringing scissors, stickers, glitter glue, micro glitter and double sided tape so you can make perfect glitter borders on your cards and crafts.   Martha Stewart’s craft tools are sold at craft stores everywhere.   Tweet The View your craft ideas using #RosiesCraftyU and they may pick you to come on the show and share your ideas!

The Shepherd’s:  Sixteen years ago, Matthew Shepard, an American student at the University of Wyoming, was brutally beaten, tortured and left to die for being gay.  Documentary filmmaker Michelle Josue and Matthew’s parents Judy and Dennis Shepard joined Nicolle and Rosie to discuss their son and his legacy.  Michelle and Matt went to high school together and acted in many plays together.  The purpose of the film and the timing of its release so it never happens again and to teach the younger generations, who might not be familiar with Matt’s story.  Rosie watched the film with her daughter and she couldn’t understand why people had an issue with Matt being gay.  Rosie said that’s because today we have come so far, but at the same time we still have a long way to go.   Matthew’s parents discussed his legacy and how they decided to offer forgiveness to the men that killed him.  Learn more about the film Matt Shepherd is a Friend of Mine and watch the trailer below.


Audience Gift: Everyone in the studio audience received a pair of Martha Stewart fringing scissors and a copy of the 2015 Grammy Nominees Album in honor of the 57th annual Grammy Awards which air on February 8th!

Take a little time to enjoy The View!


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions

15 Responses to 'February 6, 2015'

  1. Alison says:

    Always my hero. Family first. Self-care too. Lots of love. Looking forward to an occasional podcast (please) once things settle down. You elevated The View once again, and your presence will be missed.

  2. Jenny Walker says:

    Please take very good care of yourself at this difficult time. You have brought so much happiness to so many people and now I understand why that energy has to be devoted to your family and yourself. I am very sad to see you leave the View; I started watching it again because of you, but you will come back stronger and your fans will wait for you. I wish you and your family peace and happiness. This from a fellow ex-Nyack resident and huge fan of yours.

  3. Lisa DiGi says:

    My heart sank when I read Rosie was leaving. It makes me sad to think she, once again, will lot be part of my mornings. I wish Rosie all the best, I will no longer be watching the View, as I only started watching again because Ro came back.

  4. suzy says:

    Thanks Rosie for trying to revitalize the sinking ship that is the View. You made it again worth watching. As a gifted communicator, your ability to honestly and easily articulate an opinion enriched the panel; it also seemed to intimidate those who aren’t in your league. Rosie P was easily flustered & it inspired something ugly in Whoopi-jealousy-I believe she saw your skills as a threat-often bringing what could have been an interesting discussion to a halt and had Nicolle pandering to…

  5. Tony Hill says:

    I am very sorry to see Rosie leave the view. Since her return to the show, she has brought a new positive energy that will be greatly missed. Well I now need to find something else to watch as I cannot get my rosie fix in the a.m. Rosie get yourself a crafting show on the DIY network. That would make the world complete!

  6. susie says:

    So very sorry to see Rosie go. Have been a fan since she had her own show. She’s a caring person & loves children. Will miss her. So sorry about your breakup. May you find happiness again.

  7. David says:

    You are a remarkable woman. I admire your courage and your ferocity and your dedication to your family. You will be much missed!

  8. Jeanie Gibbs says:

    I am really sorry to hear that Rosie is leaving the show. I will not be watching anymore Whoopie Is terrific but she can’ t carry the show by herself and that’s what it will be.

  9. Connie says:

    Wishing you all the very best! I have always enjoyed watching you. You are the reason so many turn on the View every morning and have watched you in everything you have done. You will be greatly missed.

  10. Marsha says:

    Ro, please just know that we all care for you and will lovingly follow you wherever you go and decide to do with your career. Peace and Love to you <3

  11. JJ McCarthy (aka Padhopper) says:

    Kelly West please let Rosie know we love her. Many (myself included) have been behind her since Star Search.

    We are thinking of you Rosie. Blessed Be

  12. Megan A. says:

    Love you, Rosie. Wish you all the best!!

  13. Terri Dewey says:

    So sad you’re leaving, I don’t think I’ll be watching after you go. I understand family comes first. ❤

  14. cindy says:

    Just read that next week is Rosie’s last week on the View. And that her marriage ended in November. I just wish Rosie the best. And if these rumors aren’t true that they stop already.

  15. sharon powers says:

    Thank you for being you!! I too am a crafter and I’m trying to teach my 3 1/2 year old granddaughters to love it also with e easy things..handprints..beading.. kind of hard to do with twins..any “helpful hints”???