February 10, 2015

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Anchor Away:  Some people are demanding Brian Williams leave his anchor chair as more and more of his reports are being investigated.  Piers Morgan had an interesting take on the subject.  He asked if it’s better to join the group demanding he be fired or let Williams learn from this and become a better journalist as a result.  Rosie O wasn’t sure what she thought on the topic but loved Jon Stewart’s take on the subject who said, “The only person who’s in trouble for lying about the Iraq war is Brian Williams.”  Nicolle thinks it’s interesting that Piers Morgan is defending Brian Williams because Piers has been through a lot of scandals of his own.  She also thinks it’s interesting that they haven’t seen much public comradery among the more elite journalists.   Nicolle believes we should start having a conversation about forgiveness.  Rosie P doesn’t think we should negate Brian’s entire career over this blunder.  She believes in forgiveness and agrees with Jon Stewart that there are a lot of people who lied about the Iraq war.  Nicolle, in an attempt to defend the decisions made during the Iraq war, said the whole world over believed the bad intelligence about the supposed “weapons of mass destruction.”  But Rosie P said not everyone believed it.  She said there were a lot of politicians that didn’t believe it and that it was a premise to go to war.  Whoopi hopes the press and politicians remember the mistakes made during the Iraq war when they start bringing up Benghazi again.  She said, “People know what they know when they know it and it ain’t always right!”   And yesterday, Whoopi said she was bothered by what Peter King had to say about how we have to go fight ISIS which will mean “boots on the ground.”  Her immediate thoughts went out to our extremely overworked military.  Nicolle said President Obama assembled a coalition to fight ISIS which included troops from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.  But Whoopi thinks we should never again be the only boots on the ground in a war and that’s why what Peter King said really irritated her yesterday.

The Agony of De-Tweet:  The new technology chief officer hired by Jeb Bush is apologizing for some offensive tweets from his past which have come back to haunt him.  One tweet said, a “New study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier.”  Another tweet said, “I know lindsey lohan [sic] is supposed to die soon, but I’d sure like to sleep with her before that happens.” Rosie P said when young people put stupid stuff on social media they excuse them because they’re young, but this guy is an adult and she doesn’t understand it.  She wondered what it’s going to take for people to finally realize that when you put something on social media it lives FOREVER.  She can’t believe Jeb Bush’s team didn’t vet this guy before hiring him.  Whoopi thinks the team didn’t check out his social media because perhaps they are behind the times.  And Rosie P said if Jeb Bush wants to be President in the twenty-first century he should have a better team!  Nicolle worked for Jeb and thinks he’s very savvy about social media and technology.  She said the campaign is aware of this and (now) found his comments indefensible.  And Whoopi ended the conversation by reminding everyone not to take pictures of their genitalia and to “keep your business in your business.”

Selfie Concious:  Another technology is causing trouble these days. It’s called the “selfie stick” which has just been banned from New York museums over the fears that people could damage the art.  People have already poked holes through art by accident!  Whoopi doesn’t think people should be taking pictures in a museum anyway!   Rosie O said she’s going to have to get one for her teens since they spend all day taking selfies anyway.  Nicolle’s father is an art dealer and mistakenly dropped his iPhone on a painting yesterday taking its picture.

First Lunch Lady: Michelle Obama says that people worried about the government getting into their lives can do a simple thing to keep them out – eat healthy.  She says it will keep you out of the doctor’s office so you don’t even have to deal with Obamacare.  Some people were quite offended by her comments.  But Nicolle thinks what the First Lady had to say was really smart!  Rosie P said whether you’re for Obamacare or not, if you’re unhealthy, tax payers end up paying for your medical care in the end.  She admits the Affordable Care Act has a lot of problems but said it’s also given people a lot of relief.  Rosie P said it makes her really upset when she sees a person shoving unhealthy food in their face, not because her tax dollars will have to pay for their heart transplant someday but because of what they’re doing to themselves.  Rosie O said obesity is like an addiction, and we should be looking at overweight people with sensitivity because today’s food is like a drug.  She said what we put in our food today has us all hooked in a manner that’s really life threatening and because of that nearly half of Americans are suffering from obesity.  Nicolle said Michelle Obama gives lots of simple, healthy tips in the article for how to eat healthfully in a simple way.  She said we have a lot of problems in Washington if we can’t even accept correct health advice from a mother of two.  Rosie P sees that some who can’t afford to have fine vegetables or couscous on their plate, might take offense to this article.   And she said when you don’t have a lot of money you tend to go for the food you can afford, which oftentimes is not the most healthy.  Whoopi spoke about some of the additives in our foods like ketchup that aren’t in the ketchup in Europe, for example.  Rosie P said a lot of people criticized Mayor Bloomberg for his restrictions on portion sizes but she said she can see both sides.  Rosie O said the mayor was just trying to educate us about portion sizes because everyone has been “super-sized to our detriment.”

Marvelous Measles: As America deals with trying to contain a measles outbreak, the author of Melanie’s Marvelous Measles, is defending her children’s book claiming it educates kids about the benefits of getting measles like boosting their immunity.  She also claims it’s a benign disease that the body can heal from naturally.  [OMG, read the comments and reviews about this book on Amazon. That’s all I’m going to say.]  Whoopi said, “Clearly, you [speaking to the author of the book] are smoking something I want because it’s making you see the world through rose-colored glasses.”  She thinks the author is “out of her mind!”  Nicolle agreed and stated that measles kills 145,000 people every year.  Rosie P couldn’t believe the cover of the book showing a happy child with the measles.  And Rosie O thought the book was a “crazy.” She said the author’s next book is probably entitled “Erica’s Enjoyable Ebola.”

Pop Culture:  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  Science has finally provided us with the answer!  Research has found it’s about 1,000 licks per centimeter or 2500 licks to get to the centerRosie P questions the math because some people have big fat tongues.

Viral Video:  In Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date a popular hamster goes on a date for Valentine’s Day!  Cute!

Teleflora: Just then the adorable Mario Cantone appeared with Valentine flowers for the hosts from Teleflora.com and everyone in the studio audience received a $100 gift card to the website in honor of Valentine’s Day!



Marcia Gay Harden: Marcia stars as Christian Grey’s mother in the new film 50 Shades of Grey!  She admitted she didn’t read the books until after she accepted the role but she’s seen the finished product and she said the movie is “hot!”  They discussed the “red room of pain and pleasure” which she said was actually beautiful.  Marcia said the audience at the screenings of the film have been 99% women and 1 % gay men and everyone in the audience is loving the film!  She said the straight men who go to the film with their wives and girlfriends are feeling veeeerrrrry lucky afterwards.  Let’s just say they don’t have to work very hard afterwards!  Marcia said the books made her think that if there’s going to be some fun in the bedroom, it’s probably going to come from the woman’s bravery to introduce it.  Marcia also stars in How to Get Away with Murder with Viola Davis.  Fifty Shade of Grey opens nationwide in theaters this Friday, February 13th and How to Get Away with Murder airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC.

whitney-thore-rosie-odonnellWhitney Thore:  Whitney Thore’s videos A Fat Girl Dancing, went viral a year ago for proudly showing off her dance skills at 380 pounds.  TLC was so impressed with her moves and her message that they made a reality show around her – My Big Fat Fabulous LifeWhitney admitted that life has thrown her a few curves.  She has polycystic ovarian syndrome that has caused her to both gain weight and have hair loss.  And she’s looking to lose between 100 to 150 pounds.  She lost it once before but gained it back.  But now that she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her whole life, she said she’s ready.  Some of Whitney’s critics have accused her of promoting obesity, but she said that’s because people see a fat person who is not ashamed and miserable.  She said the fact that she’s existing in her body and happy, is not her promoting obesity.  She’s promoting self-love and living in the moment.  Whitney said she’s been fat and she’s been thin and she’s learned we have to love ourselves from the inside out.  Even though Whitney grew up being very thin, was prom queen and a serious dancer, she suffered with eating disorders because she always believed thinner is better and life would be better if she was thinner.  But she doesn’t believe that anymore.  Whitney showed Nicolle some rockin’ dance moves!  My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 10PM on TLC!

Watch Whitney rock it out.


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