September 16, 2014

In case you missed it, after a brief discussion about why Whoopi was late to the show today because of getting stuck in NYC traffic due to the rainy weather, the ladies got right down to business!

 Hot Topics:

  • Is President Obama a narcissist? Former psychiatrist and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer (A god in Nicolle’s world. A “god.” She said it twice.) has claimed that President Obama is a narcissist. Nicolle wholeheartedly agreed with that diagnosis. Nicolle also believes Obama’s narcissism explains his inability to develop relationships with Congress. Rosie P. disagreed, pointing out how personable President Obama is. Nicolle said Obama, and narcissists in general, have an inflated sense of themselves and their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Rosie O. said that’s literally a description of every celebrity she knows, including herself!  Nicolle pointed out that Joe Biden has much more productive relationships in politics and Rosie wondered if perhaps the reason Joe has such an easier time with members of Congress was partly due to the fact that he’s not the President of the United States.  Rosie O. said, “Let me just ask you something, when Kanye West says ‘I don’t think President Bush cares about black people,’ it’s like an international incident, but you can say that you don’t think Obama likes people?”  After Rosie O. questioned Nicolle on Bush’s ability to connect with the citizens of New Orleans as he was flying over the city post-Katrina in a plane looking down from the sky, the segment ended with Nicolle defending Bush’s record on rebuilding the battered city.
  • Chris Judd on Marriage to JLo “You’re No Longer a Normal Person.” Chris Judd, JLo’s ex, was reported in Us Weekly saying that when you are famous you can no longer be a normal person. Everyone on the panel agreed that no matter how much you warn others about how fame follows you everywhere, the constant attention can be an eye-opener if you’re not used to it. Rosie P. said when the news broke that she was chosen as a host of The View, she tried to go to Costco, one of her favorite places, and everyone started recording her with their cell phones.  She had to have a conversation with her family and friends about how things were going to change now that she’s joining the show.
  • The Mother of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded by ISIS militants, is now saying that the government did not do enough to save her son.  Rosie O. was moved by his mother’s words, “He would never want us to hate or be bitter.” She thought that kind of grace doesn’t exist very much in today’s world. Nicolle said this grace only came after 20 months in captivity and she also said it was illegal for his parents to raise money to try and get him released. Whoopi pointed out that when ransoms are paid to terrorists it actually funds terrorism.
  • Robin Thicke says when he wrote Blurred Lines he was high on Vicodin and booze and he’s claiming Pharell Williams wrote every single part of the song. The admission is part of a lawsuit deposition connected with the smash hit. Thicke is currently being sued by the family of the late Marvin Gaye, who claims Blurred Lines is very similar to the 1977 hit song Got to Give it Up.
  • Alfonso Ribeiro is Killing It on DWTS: Some are saying the former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star is a ringer to win Dancing With the Stars.  Rosie P. talked about her absolute love of dance shows.  The panel questioned reality television and what happens to the dancers-turned-stars once their 8 week stint on the show is over.  Rosie O. said her time on Star Search did the same for her and she was booking clubs before she even had an act!
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is stepping down because of an abdominal tumor. Nicolle, who was a big fan of the Mayor, said she had a dream that he had died even before his health issue was announced.  She then added that she has “never known a person who does crack who is so fat.”  Whoopi is also a big fan of the Mayor and thought if he could do his job effectively while high, that is quite an accomplishment!
  • Colombian Women’s Cycling Team’s “Naked” Uniforms: The total consensus on the panel was that that the team’s “kits” as they are called, are WAY too outrageous.


Kirsten Dunst joined the show to promote her latest movie The Two Faces of January.  She briefly mentioned her mother who battled breast cancer 2 years ago but who is totally recovered today. And she bonded with Whoopi over their mutual adoration of cats, and then they laughed together over a video of a cat scratching his butt. What’s next for Kirsten? She said she just finished working on a movie entitled Midnight Special directed by Jeff Nichols, the director of Mud.

kirsten dunst and rosie odonnell

Rachael Ray who just kicked off her 9th Season of The Rachael Ray Show joined the panel with snacks for everyone, of course! She came to share her goal this year which is to feed 9 million Americans 9 million meals! Rachael also mentioned that this weekend is the grand finale of her show Kids Cook-Off on The Food Network.  The panel discussed hunger, nutrition, preventing obesity, exercise and the improvements they’re trying to make to lunches in the public school system.  Rachael was Skyping earlier this morning with the White House because she was named to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition where they were discussing these very issues.

Audience Gift:

Everyone in the audience received Rachael Ray food transport totes!


Whoopi:  “We’re proud to say our who-haas are right where they need to be.”

Rosie O: “Note to self: if you are a constant crack smoker, you are not fat.”

Rosie P.: To her family on being named to The View: “Things are going to change.”

Nicolle:  “I just think he’s [Rob Ford] awesome. If you are the Mayor, if you run anything and you are that crazy, I am rooting for you.”

And that’s what you missed!