September 17, 2014

In case you missed it, the panel started things off by sharing stories of what they did last night.

Whoopi was in a fantastic mood because she was out all night at a club seeing the band Vintage Trouble. She told everyone watching to check them out!

Rosie O.’s baby Dakota was up much of the night with night terrors. However, tonight she will be on the America’s Got Talent finale because her friend Howard Stern asked her to appear on the show to help him with a card trick. TUNE IN for THAT! Rosie said she hopes Quintavious Johnson wins but you’ll have to watch tonight to find out!

Rosie P. said she passed out last night from pure exhaustion and so did Nicolle. Although Nicolle did add that “every night is party night with a 2.5 year-old.” Ain’t that the truth!

Hot Topics

  • Isn’t it about the money? The panel discussed and debated whether the NFL is doing a major about-face over the Adrian Peterson drama merely because of pressure from their sponsors. The panel discussed the broader issue of child abuse and the surprising turn in the case now that sponsors are pulling out.  Nicolle wondered where all the policy makers are while this is being discussed and Rosie O. wondered if any of the corporation executives have ever been accused of child abuse and domestic violence.  She said it’s easy to point fingers at other people, but wondered who is looking at their criminal records.
  • Public shaming of four year old: Whoopi introduced the story about a father from Michigan who punished his 4-year-old son by making him hold a sign that said, “I hit girls.” Whoopi thought it was a great way for the child to learn his lesson but Nicolle thought it wasn’t right to shame a child in this manner. Whoopi, however, defended the action saying that sometimes parents need to take these sorts of measures in order to get control of their children.  Rosie P. thought 4 years old was way too young to be shaming a child in this way. She thought it was too extreme.  Rosie O. said no matter what, shame is never the way to teach a child anything and said a 4-year-old is not emotionally ready to absorb that lesson. Her own son Blake couldn’t speak when he was that age so he would hit out of frustration. He hadn’t yet been diagnosed with the learning disability Auditory Processing Disorder. However she said Blake is now in high school and doing great. Whoopi agreed to disagree and they moved on.
  • Rosie O. interviewed her biggest idol and inspiration Barbra Streisand last week and that interview will air on tomorrow (9/18) on the show!  You’re not going to want to miss it!  She said she also ran into Robert Redford at the hotel where Babs was doing a press junket for her new CD Partners.  Rosie then showed the scrapbook she made with every note Barbra has ever written to her, exclaiming, “OCD, who’s to say?!” She also shared a note from her sister-friend Whoopi. She said that Whoopi has always been one of her biggest supporters and she thanked her for that.   Barbra-Streisand-and-Rosie-ODonnell
  • Selfie Culture Out of Control?  CNN is reporting that while Joan Rivers was under anesthesia, her schmuck doctor took a selfie with her just before she went into cardiac arrest. Nicolle wondered if all famous people worry things like that will happen to them when they go to the doctor, even say, the gynecologist?! Whoopi said she has an iPhone “in there” and she’s taking their picture! HA!


Viral Videos:

First there was the video of a Japanese flautist at an international competition who doesn’t miss a beat under pressure as a butterfly lands on her face while she was performing. Rosie O. said her baby girl is obsessed with butterflies and they showed another absolutely adorable video where a butterfly lands on a little boy’s face.


Actor and Tony Award winner Neil Patrick Harris stopped by the studio to promote his latest movie Gone Girl (though they barely talked about it so you can watch the trailer here). NPH dished about his experience starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which he loved doing because it allowed him to act completely different than he is in real life and in such an extreme way.  He said he was nervous at first to take on the character because he wanted to make sure he did it justice, but he’s so glad he did because he felt like the performance really moved people and changed some hearts and minds along the way.  Annnnd, it wasn’t bad winning a Tony for the performance either!  BTW, if you haven’t SEEN his performance from this year’s Tony’s YOU MUST WATCH IT.   Whoopi gave NPH some wicked cool platform shoes and he loved them. Neil talked about his recent wedding to David Burtka and his two utterly, adorable children. He is also helping to promote a competition initiated by LG called the The Art of the Pixel competition in which art students from schools around America submit their art on new technologies.  Neil said he’s a collector and lover of art so he thought it was a great way to get involved while raising money and awareness for the arts.  Neil promised to come back to the show after his autobiography comes out October 14th!


Next up was one the biggest country stars on the planet, Tim McGraw who sat with Whoopi and Rosie P. to talk about his brand new CD Sundown Heaven TownRosie P. asked Tim if it was true that he proposed to Faith Hill in a trailer? Tim said it was! He said he wrote on the mirror “Will you marry me?” Then he went on stage and returned to read her answer, which was “I’m going to be your wife. Yes.” and they still have that mirror to this day.  Whoopi asked Tim what the secret was to a good marriage and he said you must compromise and to never make assumptions.  Rosie P. said she has listened to his whole CD and she loves the new single, the duet with his wife Faith, Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.  You can purchase Tim McGraw’s newest CD Sundown Heaven Town, with the new hit single Meanwhile Back at Mama’s featuring Faith Hill, on iTunes here.

Tim sang Meanwhile Back at Mama’s for the studio audience and viewers at home.

Audience Gift:  Everyone got a copy of his Tim McGraw’s CD Sundown Heaven Town!



Tim McGraw: “If there is a secret [to marriage] it is compromise and don’t assume.”

Whoopi: “Butterflies don’t play.”

Nicolle: “Every night is party night with a two and a half year old.”

Rosie O: “Shame is never a way to teach a kid anything.”

Rosie P: “There are always places to go for help, even if you don’t have money.”


And that’s what you missed!