October 9, 2014

Hot Topics

  • Frozen is Number 1: In case you missed it, Rosie O was happy to announce that the #1 grossing animated movie of all time is Frozen! Her favorite! Rosie O thought for kids today, Frozen is the defining movie of their childhood. Nicolle believed that might be true for girls but not necessarily for boys. She said Cars is her son’s movie of choice. Nicolle said she liked Cars too, the first 1200 times she saw it.  They laughed about the “olden days” when you had to wait for your favorite shows to come on and you couldn’t just dial them up on demand.
  • We Are You: Rosie O was wearing a We Are You T-shirt in honor of National Coming Out Day this Saturday. Rosie P shared that last night on Wheel of Fortune the male contestant introduced his male fiancé and everyone remarked about how that symbolized a major breakthrough for mainstream TV. They all discussed how good (or bad) they were at guessing the puzzles on the iconic show.
  • Airports Screening For Ebola Passengers: Ebola is not going away anytime soon and Whoopi announced the increased screening they’re going to begin doing at five major U.S. airports. Rosie O thought the Ebola crisis is very serious in Africa, but she believes the concern may be overblown in the United States. Rosie P said despite the fact that it’s not a great threat here in the U.S. she believes we need to take as many precautions as we can. Nicolle was sad to hear they euthanized the dog of the Spanish nurse who was infected with the disease.  She said she’s also been thinking about what Dr. Besser had to say about not having enough Ebola fighting drugs available. She said just because it is a disease we don’t think we would get here doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be producing the antidotes in case we do.  Whoopi agreed and said since we knew the drug was hard to make, that’s all the more reason we should have been stocking up on it! Rosie O noted that 4,000 people have died so far from Ebola and in 2012, 1.6 million people died from AIDS. She said there is a financial element at play with pharmaceutical companies. She said there is no reason (for them) to stock up on a drug that will only help 4,000 people. Whoopi still thought they should have been proactive and produced the drug in case it came to the U.S. Rosie P wondered why  ebola victim Eric Duncan didn’t get the drug and noted that his family is very upset.
  • Stephen Collins: The controversy keeps growing over the investigation over the audio tape where actor Stephen Collins allegedly admits to molesting several young girls. Whoopi and Rosie O have known Stephen for years. Rosie O said she was “shocked and heartbroken” when she heard the news. She said whenever someone is accused of sexual abuse of children it devastates everyone in the radius of that person. Rosie O said having been a victim of sexual abuse as a child herself, she always has her “antennae” up for that and had absolutely no idea that he might even be capable of such things. She said that was what scared her the most. Nicolle commented on the legalities of the case and that Collins’ wife has been accused of pedaling the audio tape to the press. The wife claims that his lawyers are attempting to deflect focus from the content of the recording by attacking her for how it got out. Rosie O thought the audio sounds an awful like Stephen Collins and was horrified when she heard it. Whoopi ended the conversation saying you just never know who people truly are sometimes.
  • Who You Gonna Call: Director Paul Feig confirmed he is going for a reprise of Ghostbusters with an all female cast! Rosie O suggested the four of them should be tapped for the roles. They all laughed and Nicolle said she always wanted to be in a movie! Rosie P noted that the proposed cast does not contain a woman of color.
  • Premier of American Horror Story: Last night was the season premiere of the show American Horror Story. Whoopi loves to be so scared and she loves when a show takes her out of her realm. Nicolle can’t watch it alone and had to watch it with a girlfriend. Rosie P said her childhood was terrifying enough so she doesn’t like to be scared. Whoopi said horror movies teach you what not to do. She advises her white friends, “If you hear something in the house, don’t go up and say, ‘Is anybody there?’” She joked “Be black!” Rosie O said the opening credits were amazing but she bailed when the clown came on, and switched to Animal Planet. She does NOT want to see it again, not even a promo for it.
  • White House Emojis: The White House is reaching out to millennials to try and get them to vote in the midterm elections by launching a social media campaign loaded with emojis. Nicolle said millennials are a huge part of President Obama’s base and the Democrats are very worried about these elections because the 6th year of the president’s term is always very hard on the acting president’s party. She liked the creativity and thought if a smiley face gets people to get out and vote, she’s okay with it. Rosie O didn’t really understand what emojis they were using exactly. Rosie P thinks this generation is very tuned into social media and this is a great way to reach them. Whoopi wondered if this is a signal that more and more people are substituting words with emoticons. Rosie O remembered an emoji puzzle you would have to solve when she used to play the game Concentration.
  • President Carter: President Carter has come out against President Obama for waiting too long to confront ISIS. Whoopi thought it was funny because they also said the same thing about Carter, that he waited too long. Nicolle said Panetta came out with a very similar criticism of Obama this week. She said what is surprising about Carter criticizing Obama is throughout American history, no one on the ideological spectrum is more closely aligned to Obama’s foreign policy than Carter. Rosie P wished the president would have acted sooner and stronger but she also noted that the country is doing better in terms of jobs. Nicolle is stunned we have added jobs for 55 months in a row to Obama’s credit but no candidate wants to see Obama at a campaign event. She said there is nothing about being president that is fair and there’s not much about the job that is particularly fun. Rosie P noted that George W. Bush won’t criticize Obama, ever. Nicolle agreed and said Carter has been more critical of Obama than George W. Bush has been or ever will be. Rosie O said Carter is an outlier, a man of peace, the most pious person she has ever met in her life and her most favorite president ever.
  • Whoopi On Stage: Whoopi announced she will be performing standup this Friday and Saturday night. Friday she will be at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, CT and Saturday she will be at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT. Go see her!



Nick Cannon: Entertainer Nick Cannon from America’s Got Talent has written a children’s poetry book, Neon Aliens Ate My Homework and Other Poems. He had learning issues in school and overcame them through writing and performing poetry. And he also wrote Roc And Roe’s Twelve Days of Christmas. In 2012, Nick was diagnosed with Lupus and he said it was one of the scariest times of his life. That’s why today he helps bring awareness to the disease and its symptoms. He also has partnered with Theraflu to raise awareness about the flu. He asked the audience to go to the Theraflu Facebook page and “like” it.  When you do so, Theraflu will donate up to $100,000 to a non-profit organization Families Fighting Flu.


Nick Cannon visits The View!


Cristela Alonzo: Cristela Alonzo talked about her brand new sitcom Cristela. She said she loved TV growing up and wanted to create a show that kids could watch with their parents. Cristela Alonzo is the first Latina to create, produce, write and star in her own network show! Her mother passed away in 2002 and she thinks she would have been very proud of all she’s accomplished. She said a big part of the show is a tribute to her mother. Cristela premieres Friday night at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!



Whoopi: [To horror film actors] “If you hear something in the house, don’t go up and say, ‘Is anybody there?!’’

Nicolle: “There is nothing about being president that is fair and there’s not much about the job that is particularly fun!”

Rosie O: [when someone is accused of sexual abuse]“It devastates everyone in the radius of that person.”

Rosie P: [Regarding the Obama presidency] “We are doing better in terms of jobs and no one is putting it out there.”

Cristela: “If I don’t do what my heart’s telling me to do I’m going to regret it for the rest of my life.”