October 8, 2014

Hot Topics

  • Presidential Meet Ups:  In case you missed it, last night Rosie O went to her friend Bill White’s house for a lunch with President Obama!  There were about 20 other people there and she was almost late to the lunch because she was coming right from the show.  She arrived sweating and nervous and then the Secret Service had to take her cell phone (as procedure).  But she was expecting a text from her daughter Chelsea so she asked the Secret Service to hand her her phone if her daughter texted her.  And then they did because Chelsea started texting!  Rosie O quickly texted Chelsea back just before the president arrived.  Her first observations of him was how thin and charismatic he was. The only other well-known person at the lunch was Mark Wahlberg  and Rosie O couldn’t stop thinking about him in his underwear.  Everyone there was allowed to ask one question and Rosie O asked how his daughters were coping with the fame of being the First Daughters and if it was really what he thought it would be. Rosie had to leave right after the visit to go to therapy with her daughter and felt incredibly awkward trying to get up and leave the room.  On the way home she couldn’t believe that a girl from Long Island was just having lunch with the sitting President of the United States.  Also at the lunch were two African American boys and Rosie O wished she could have asked them what it was like for them to meet Obama.  Whoopi recalled the scene from the show Blackish where the kids on the show aren’t that impressed there’s a black president because Obama is the only president they have ever known.  Nicolle shared with the group that all presidents have great stories of inviting their harshest critics into the Oval Office.  She said outside the office, critics are quick to criticize the president but once they walk into the Oval Office they are blown away.  She assured Rosie O that he probably loved her question about what it is like living in the bubble because it was a real question. Whoopi has met several presidents, and recalled the time she was able to take her mother to meet President Bill Clinton.  Her mother really liked Clinton and was so excited to meet him.  Whoopi also said her mother cried the night Obama was elected. Rosie O was shooting the film America with Ruby Dee the night of the 2008 election and after Obama was elected she went to Ruby’s hotel room and they hugged.  They both cried. Rosie P met Bill Clinton once with her friend and it was embarrassing. He greeted her friend with a “Hello darlin’, and her friend said, “Oh, I get it. I get everything.” Her meeting with Obama was also “trippy,” because she was using a cane at the time (because of an injury) and Obama tripped over it!  Then Rosie P announced some happy news: It is the 50th anniversary of Fania All Stars, a musical ensemble of Latin musicians.
  • Sexting as foreplay: A new study found that more than one quarter of teens are engaged in sexting, which is an indicator that they will be sexually active within a year.  Whoopi said parents are freaking out because this wasn’t around when they were kids and now it’s the new norm. Rosie P cited that 40% of all teens have posted or sent suggestive messages. She said when she was a teen, she was so insecure about her body she didn’t want to get naked in gym class, let alone take a picture of her “hooha” and share it with everyone! She thinks it will kill kids’ self esteem in the long run.  Rosie O uses an app called Teen Safe, so she can check every site her teens have visited.  And her kids know she is watching.  Whoopi said, as parents we are not there to be our kids’ friends.  One time her daughter threatened to call youth services on her.  She dialed the number for her!
  • Ebola Patient’s Dog’s Fate Hangs in the Balance: A Spanish patient’s pet dog is set to be euthanized after its owner contracted Ebola.  Nicolle said if the dog is asymptomatic they should let him live.  Rosie P agreed and said that dogs are part of the family.  Then she mimicked a dog farting and looking around to see where it came from (ha!).  **Unfortunately, since the show aired, the dog has been euthanized.


Viral Video:  Kangaroos Street Boxing Whoopi observed that kangaroos look cute, but you wouldn’t want to get kicked by one! Rosie O said her neighbor, Gloria Estafan (who will be on the show next week for Hispanic Heritage Month), had a pet kangaroo and it was a lot of work but (according to Whoopi) no one broke into her house!



T.I.: To the tune of About the Money, Rosie P introduced T.I., who has a new album, Paperwork, and a TV reality show.  He sat with Rosie P and Whoopi and they discussed his new album, the television show and his six children.  Rosie P told T.I he was “cool and fine as hell.” She remembered him from the beginning of his career and remarked on how talented he is. When Whoopi asked T.I. about his six kids he said their grandmother is their tracking device!

Shark Tank Panel:   Mark Cuban, Barbara Cocoran, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec joined the panel to discuss their show Shark Tank!  They talked about their successes and their failures with The View panel.  They also came bearing gifts for the hosts!  Nicolle got Wicked Good Cupcakes, Rosie O received Lollaland Sippy Cups, Whoopi an Aspire Bracelet and Rosie P  received Happy Feet Slippers.

Shark Tank Cast

The cast of Shark Tank


Marilu Henner: Rosie O interviewed Marilu Henner. Marilu, who has a highly superior auto-biographical memory recalled the day she met Rosie, what she was wearing, and even what day of the week it was despite the fact it was 18 years ago!  Rosie and Marilu discussed some of the issues women are facing today.  One topic women are reticent to talk about is body armor. Rosie O said she often kept her weight on like body armor.  She recalled a time when she lost 30 lbs. and some guys asked her to a party. She immediately ate ice cream. They also talked about women and bladder control issues and how women are not using the right products.

Betty Who: Internet sensation Betty Who, who is 6’2, and sang Somebody Loves You from her album Take Me When You Go.  And they showed a clip of the video proposal and flashmob from her hit song.


Audience Gift:  The audience received ALL the Shark Tank gifts and Betty Who’s CD, Take Me When You Go!



Whoopi:  “You do not want to get kicked by a kangaroo.”

Nicolle:  “Naked pictures are never secure!”

Rosie O:  “Having lunch with the sitting president is pretty trippy for a kid from Long Island.”

Rosie P:  [to T.I.] “All respect to my husband and your wife, but you are fine!”

T.I.: “It is wonderful to watch kids grow into their own personality.”


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