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my sad saturday

while i was in LA last week –
my wife Michelle fell off her horse
she fractured her sacrum

her horse is big and beautiful
and supposedly “bomb proof”
meaning he won’t spook
no matter what

apparently that’s not true
as he saw a chipmunk and bolted
all 16 1/2 hands of him
thru the gate in the outdoor ring

heading toward farming equipment
the world spinning past
no longer in control – she closed her eyes
and let go

she saved herself

the pain is easing
4 more weeks of rest
including NO picking up the baby
which hurts her new mommy heart – the most


on monday brooke shields –
triggered a panic attack in me
“oh my god – she’s dead? “ she joked
after my clumsy question about her mother terri

roller coaster core drop
inside my insides
what is real?
am i perceiving correctly

i wished for i dream of jeannie powers
to blink the world frozen
a time out – 2 re focus
brookes laugh snapped me back –
into the now

an IED on an occupied road
a step away from imploding
be still
the pin back in the grenade


i have watched it six times
i see my confusion
as my cortisol overflows
my movements rigid

what’s real?
am i perceiving this correctly …
focus and survive
fight or flight

be still
don’t react


i have a new therapist
as my last one retired
which felt like abandonment –
cause it is – in the end – all about me

the new therapist is very good
together we til the soil
unearthing all the past
trying to trust

we r working on my sexual abuse
again – at 52
it doesn’t end
as too many know

bill cosby triggers me
and millions of others
even typing it now –
gets my heart racing

u never stop feeling
like u r in BIG trouble
if u talk about it
still – at 52

it breaks my heart
to see BC so old – fragile
a bumbling grandpa

his angelic wife – camille
radiating light
with a smile that seems pasted in place
a stunning beauty

the women talking now
were teenagers when he raped them
some r senior citizens
i believe them

i don’t know how to talk about BILL COSBY
while completely avoiding the rape charges
as part of the conversation
i can’t – i won’t

healing is the hope

4 u
4 me
4 them
4 him

November 21, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Barbie’s Latest Career Move: Some are calling the newest Barbie book entitled “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” sexist because in the book Barbie creates an idea for a product but needs a man’s help to produce the product she designed. Rosie P thinks the book is insulting to all the girls who are coding, applying to MIT and have dreams of becoming scientists and engineers.  Nicolle would like to see the authors “over correct” and make the men in the story wear cute outfits and have them serve Barbie drinks while she runs the world.  She would like to see a President Barbie.  Rosie O thinks Barbie has come a long way from her childhood, when her mother wouldn’t let her have a Barbie because she thought the toy was a bad role model for young girls.  Rosie O was allowed to have Skipper she never thought she was as good as the real Barbie.  Whoopi pointed out that it wasn’t until 1962 that Barbie came out with their first black Barbie!  One of The View producers then corrected Nicolle and let her know there is an “I Can Be President Barbie.”  Rosie O said there is a Rosie O’Donnell Barbie doll but her Barbie legs and body are twice the size of the normal Barbie legs and body.  None of the other Barbie clothes fit the Rosie O Barbie but she said that she has her one red suit and she’s proud of it!  Whoopi said there’s a Whoopi Barbie too!  Rosie P doesn’t have her own Barbie but said there’s a Puerto Rican Barbie.  In the end, they all applauded Barbie for how far she’s come.
  • Snap Cash: Photo sharing app Snapchat has just added a new feature called Snapcash so that users can wire money back and forth. Parents are in a panic because they feel this is going to tempt kids to trade nude photos of themselves for cash.  Rosie O has banned the use of Snapchat for her teens but she thinks if a kid wants to send a naked picture it doesn’t take money for them to do it, unfortunately.  Rosie P thinks we’ve now put that thought (that kids can now get paid to show their private parts through Snapchat) in their minds when they might not have even been considering it before.  She wonders if parents are worried about it because they know their kids will do it.  And she wondered what the legality of this feature is since the children are minors.  Nicolle thinks to be a parent in the modern age requires an advanced degree in new social media and she feels like she’s going to have to get on Facebook and Twitter in order to understand the technology as her son gets older.  She thinks the gap of knowledge between kids and adults is more than we can handle right now.  Rosie O said her daughter can get online with “two toothpicks and a Q-tip.”  Her daughter once secretly used her Kindle to get online and chat with her friends using the Pandora chat feature.  Whoopi knows that kids don’t have the money to purchase this technology and she wonders if parents are so worried, why are they buying it for them.  She said, “You have to be an asshole!”  She discussed how she once put her daughter’s phone in the microwave for not following to her rules regarding the device.   Nicolle and Rosie O said many parents don’t even know the many ways their kids are creating and learning how to get online.  And everyday there’s a new app out there that allows kids to text each other without their parents knowing about it.  Rosie P thinks that it’s sad, scary and heartbreaking that sexting is the new form on flirting.  And instead of revealing their character, children today feel the need to reveal their bodies.  And she also finds it troubling how a lot of young people are learning about sex through pornography thinking that is the norm.
  • Instagram Fame: A little girl who is making a fortune through online photos on Instagram promoting products. She’s 5 years old, has over 1 million followers and people are criticizing her parents for exploiting her.  Whoopi wanted to know if this fosters the idea that we have to live out our lives online.  Rosie O talked about Parker and how he was at first hesitant to connect with her through social media.  But after she talked about him being on Twitter on The View the other day, he got a lot more likes and followers.   She tried to tell him that the amount of views and/or followers he has doesn’t really matter.  She also tries to teach her daughter that her body is something to cherish and she should only give it away on her own terms.  Nicolle is terrified with how she will teach her son that it is not okay to offer money to a girl in order to see her breasts through a social media platform.  She said in politics, our representatives are being misguided thinking they have masses of supporters when all they really have are Twitter followers kicking up a storm.  She said it’s pervasive to all people young and old.  Rosie P thinks its fine for parents to show pictures of their children via social media but she has a problem with parents turning their child into a celebrity.  She worries about the downfalls of being a celebrity for the child.  Nicolle said celebrities are on Capitol Hill every year pleading with politicians to change the laws so that paparazzi can’t take photos of their children.  Nicolle thinks it’s dangerous and a child’s privacy is something you never get back.
  • A Celebrity Birthday Party Package: A New York party planning company is offering a children’s birthday party that gives them the full celebrity experience complete with red carpets, guest lists, paparazzi, and bouncers. The parties can cost up to $10,000.  Rosie P thinks we live in a celebrity driven culture but she’s gone to children’s birthday parties that cost much more than that.  She thinks it may be glamorizing the experience and that might stick with the children and manifest itself as a desire to be famous when they grow up.  Nicolle is getting ready to plan her son’s 3 year birthday party and she was thinking more along the lines of farm animals for a theme.  Rosie O said she has a great name of a guy who does farm animal parties and Nicolle said she would call him as long as there were no owls.  Apparently she has a fear of owls and then Rosie O joked and started miming which sent everyone into an uproar.
  • Black Friday One Week Away: To access thousands of deals on gifts for everyone on your shopping list visit or download their app! RetailMeNot gave everyone in the studio audience a $100 Visa gift-card to help them beat the holiday rush!



Allison Janney: Actress Allison Janney, one of the stars of the television series Masters of Sex and Mom, joined the ladies of The View to sit down and discuss her recent projects.  Nicolle told Allison how much her character CJ Craig, from the series The West Wing, meant to her.  She was beyond excited to meet her.  Nicolle said CJ Craig was the reason she thought she could someday work in the oval office. Allison said she loves to hear that but they have Aaron Sorkin to thank for that.  Allison talked a little about why she decided to do the series Masters of Sex.  She said she signed on without a script because she loved the idea behind it that much.  She said it wasn’t an easy decision for her to be naked in the series but it was a beautiful story line and that helped her make her decision to do it.  Allison hopes to come back to Broadway soon and may have something cooking on the back burner but she wouldn’t say what exactly.  Allison and Anna Faris have been asked to host The People’s Choice Awards together on January 7th.    In her role on the series Mom, Allison said she decided to take the role because she got to perform in front of a live studio audience and have a life outside of work.  She also liked the fact that her character is in recovery from alcoholism and she was happy to tell that story on television.    They showed an old clip of her from a guest spot she did on Guiding Light and talked about her role in the 2013 film The Way Way BackMom airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8:30/7:30(c)!

Frozen Toy Bonanza: Rosie O showed the audience the many Frozen inspired toys available for children this holiday season along with two adorable little girls who helped demonstrate all the fun items!  The toys included Frozen Wall Friends, Light Vines-Snow & Ice Strong Lights, the Elsa Singing Doll, the Hide and Hug Olaf, Mix ‘Em Up Olaf, the Olaf Snow Cone Machine, the MOBO Tot Frozen Cruiser and the LeapPad 3 from with apps for Frozen.


Rosie and one of the QTPa2Ts who helped her with her Frozen segment. (photo credit ABCTheView on Instagram)

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a $100 gift card from RetailMeNot and all of the Frozen gifts mentioned during the Frozen segment!!!

Take a little time and enjoy The View!  

November 20, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: The women of The View discussed the mounting allegations of rape against Bill Cosby.  Netflix, NBC and TVLand have dropped Cosby from their programming.  In a recent AP interview, Cosby refused to discuss the charges and he asked that the conversation about it that took place during the interview not air.  Nicolle said she can’t remember another time where someone asked to be “off the record” and the interviewers didn’t honor that request.  She wondered if maybe that was because he asked for the comments to not air after he “answered” their questions instead of before.  Nicolle said we don’t have any new facts to add to the conversation but Rosie O has been keeping up on the story and said there have been new allegations coming to light.  Rosie O said there are allegations of rape against Bill Cosby going back to 1969.  She thinks it’s hard for the ladies to discuss Cosby in this context because he’s seen as the “beloved father” that we as a society hold dearly.  She said to even talk about anyone you know or love doing such a horrible thing can be hard for people.  Rosie P can’t understand why people are slamming him so badly on social media.  She thinks the networks are only dropping him because of the social media outrage, not because of the charges themselves.  She said the charges themselves are none of her business.  Rosie O wanted to clarify that Rosie P’s biggest problem with the story was the fact that Cosby was losing business deals not because of the allegations themselves.  Rosie O pointed out that the only reason the story was in the news again wasn’t because the victims were coming forward for personal gain but because a comedian put it in his act and then went on Howard Stern to talk about it.  Rosie P said it’s not for her to say whether Cosby is guilty or innocent.  She would only comment on the media backlash.  Nicolle said everyone who has been a victim of rape is brave to come out and speak about it but none of them on the panel can know the unknowable, which is what truly happened.   Whoopi said we’ve seen famous people lose their endorsements and business deals because of rumors that have started in the media in the past.  She listed Tiger Woods, Paula Deen, and Kobe Bryant, as examples.  Rosie O thinks there’s a big difference between a rape allegation and Paula using the “N” word.  But Whoopi said until you know it’s true, it’s simply an allegation.  She knew Paula Deen for years and she is okay with Paula using the “N” word because she admitted to it and it exists in a place where she was raised.  Whoopi then said, once you’re accused of something and the media gets a hold of it, you’re guilty no matter what and people can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon.  But she said for her, she’s going to wait to make a judgment against Bill.  Rosie O asked what she’s waiting for because there are no charges pending against Cosby. She wanted to know what the other ladies think the motivation of the women is to come forward now.  She asked if they all think the victims woke up one day and said, “I want to ruin Bill Cosby today.”  Rosie P thinks it’s probably hard for the women as well because everyone is piling up on them too on social media.  Nicolle said either 13-15 women were raped by a man too powerful to face charges or an innocent man is being accused, but either way it’s a tragedy.  She said she finds the truth unknowable but maybe she’s missing something.
  • Slammed By Snow:  Buffalo and other parts of the Northeast, are getting slammed by snow.  Rosie P was watching Anderson Cooper last night about a woman who went into labor during the snowstorm.  The husband went searching for help and found a woman stuck in her car in the snow who just so happened to be a labor and delivery nurse!  The woman stuck with them and helped deliver their baby.  The ladies passed on their congratulations to the young family.  Nicolle said it was brave of everyone involved. Rosie P loved the story and believed it was a true miracle.
  • Viral Video: A seven-year-old girl is on a mission to send a message of peace to the people of Ferguson through her trusty violin.  The video brought Whoopi to tears.  She thought it would be wonderful if they put up the video on giant screens to play for the people of St. Louis.
  • Mike Nichols Passing:  Mike Nichols has died at the age of 83 and he meant the world to Whoopi.  Whoopi was in tears and couldn’t even speak so Rosie O explained to the audience that Mike was a major force in Whoopi’s career.  He saw her performing and saw her talent that no one else had yet to discover.  He recognized her brilliance and gave her a career in show business before anyone else.  Rosie P talked about some of the great gifts Mike has given, to not only Whoopi but to the world.  Last year on The View they did a show where they each brought in their mentors and Whoopi brought in Mike.  They showed a clip of their interview.
  • Viral Video:  A video about transgender acceptance by a boy named Alex has gone viral.  Rosie O spoke personally about an experience she and her children had with a little boy at their school who was living as a girl.  She commented on how far parents have come today and how proud she was of kids who are so able to articulate their feelings.  Whoopi also gave props to today’s parents for being so accepting of their kids.
  • Mickey Rourke:  Actor Mickey Rourke has said he’s going to revive his boxing career  even though he is 64 years old and hasn’t been in the ring since 1994.  Rosie P said Mickey once tried to start a career in boxing but got his face beaten in and that’s why he had to have plastic surgery.  She said with all due respect, Mickey is not Bernard Hopkins (the fighter he intends to fight).  She’s more than a little worried for him.
  • Rosie P Doing Good:  Rosie P has a speech tonight at the Teddy Atlas Foundation which raises money for individuals and organizations in need.  And on Saturday, you can catch Rosie P giving a speech benefiting the Burns Latino Studies Academy which helps fund student field trips and help revamp the school.


Mayim Bialik:  Mayim Bialik from the hit television shows Blossom and The Big Bang Theory joined the ladies of The View to discuss what she’s been up to these days!  She also wanted to set the record straight about her supposed “feud” with Rosie O over the movie FrozenRosie O asked Mayim about her role in the movie Beaches and how she got the part.  Mayim said it took her 4 months of auditions to land the role in the film.  After Beaches, Mayim landed the series Blossom.  Mayim was two years out of high school when Blossom ended and then went to UCLA where she got her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Neuroscience.  They talked a little bit about her character on the show The Big Bang Theory and how the actors truly don’t know what’s going to happen next.  When Rosie O asked Mayim if she thinks her character, or the other characters on the show, are on the spectrum Mayim said she knows lots of people exactly like those characters on the show.  They showed a sneak peak of tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.  She said she has a great relationship with Jim Parsons in real life.  She said he’s an incredibly humble, gifted actor and a wickedly funny person too.  Mayim is a big advocate for attachment parenting and the notion of gentle disciplineRosie O said she wants to be BFFs with Mayim because they parent the same way but joked that her opinion about Frozen is absolutely wrong.


Rosie & Mayim Bialik

Aaron Sorkin: Writer, Producer and Actor, Aaron Sorkin, joined the ladies of The View about his latest series on HBO entitled The Newsroom.   Nicolle was a major superfan of Aaron and fangirled all over him.  In The Newsroom Aaron explained that he doesn’t have the inclination or ability to tell real journalists what to do.  But just like in The West Wing, where he wants our leaders to be heroic and capable,  he wanted to do the same thing with journalists.  Nicolle said when she worked in the White House she felt like her career was made possible in some way by the fictional Press Secretary Aaron created in The West Wing.  Nicolle thinks he created one of the most important working women ever created in television.  Aaron gave all the credit to Allison Janney who played CJ Craig on the series.  He said Janney is one of the most fun people to work with and all the credit for the character goes to her.  When asked about whether he was done writing for television Aaron said the hard deadlines of TV and the inability to be flexible with his writing, have made him not want to write for TV anymore.  That being said, if he gets another idea for a TV series, he said he’s sure he won’t be able to resist.  The Newsroom airs Sunday nights on HBO at 10/9(c).



Rosie P: “In this world of the Internet and the information highway and social media I think that it’s pretty fascinating that public opinion can turn the tide.”   
Whoopi: “Until you know that it’s true, it’s an allegation.”
 “I am officially a superfan [of Aaron Sorkin].”
Rosie O: “It’s very hard for any of us to discuss Bill Cosby in this context because he is the beloved father image.”
Mayim Bialik: “I think one of the most important parts of attachment parenting, that people don’t really think about, is the concept of gentle discipline which is the notion that children deserve to be listened to.”

What’s your view on the Bill Cosby rape allegations?  Do you think we are too quick to judge?  Is this just a problem with social media and jumping on the bandwagon?  Or do you think where there’s smoke there’s fire?  Do you think Cosby should lose his deals with companies like Netflix and TVLand?  

Take a little time to enjoy The View!

Daily Dax – November 20th, 2014

November 19, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Guest co-host Jessie J sat down with the ladies to join in on Hot Topics and to promote her new album Sweet Talker.  She said she is humbled and happy by all the accolades her album is getting and just “taking it all in.”

Rosie & Jessie J! (photo credit @AbcTheView on Instagram)

  • About Last Night: Last night, Rosie O attended the WWO Foundation Gala where she got to sit at a table with Andrew Garfield, Hugh Jackman’s wife Deb, and Mariska Hargitay’s husband Peter Hermann who she found delicious in every capacity!  She clarified that she is still a lesbian but just likes to look.  She referred to it as “window shopping.”  Whoopi said, “Just because one is a lesbian doesn’t mean one is immune to what is beautiful in a man.”  Rosie O called Mariska’s husband Peter “tall, handsome, charming and delicious!”  Rosie P also had a great night last night.  She presented at the CNN Heroes awards.  She spoke about some of the award recipients and said her night was incredible. Rosie P loved celebrating people doing good in the world.  She said for her, it’s about paying it forward.  She believes in giving back because of all the people that helped her along the way.
  • Tay Tay Picks Google: Taylor Swift has pulled her music from Spotify and she’s helping google launch their own streaming music service.  And singer-songwriter Billy Bragg slammed Taylor for “selling her soul” to Google.  First to weigh in was Jessie J.  She said, as an artist, it’s hard to not contradict yourself.  She said, “You can make a decision as to how you feel one week and then you need to change your view the next week to fit the way the music changes.”  And she said it’s hard for her to make a decision either way without all the facts.  In the end, Jessie J believes, if people love your music, they’ll buy it.  Whoopi agreed and commented how the entertainment industry is always evolving.  She remembered when DVDs first came out and people lost their minds over it.  She said whenever something new comes out bad it is bad for the artists but good for the producers.
  • Making An Exception: Illinois Congresswoman and Iraq war hero, Tammy Duckworth, can’t fly to Washington DC because of her pregnancy.   She asked to cast an absentee vote for the next Democratic leader.  Nancy Pelosi said they can’t bend the rules because of personal circumstances.  Rosie O pointed out that Duckworth lost her legs in the war and how hard it must be for her to walk on prosthetic legs when pregnant.  Nicolle thinks they should make the accommodation because she is pregnant and cannot fly.  She said Duckworth never misses a vote, and if anyone’s deserving of special circumstances, it’s her.  Whoopi agreed and thinks they need to start making more adjustments as more women become representatives who are of childbearing age.  Rosie P agreed!  She said, “Nancy, do the right thing!”
  • An Executive Order Regarding Immigration: President Obama’s new immigration plan will reportedly lift the threat of deportation for millions of illegal immigrants but a lot of people are slamming him for overstepping his powers.  Nicolle said every president has used an executive order in the past but Obama has always contended that he would never do such a thing.  She said problems will arise at him doing it with “the swipe of a pen” and people also have a problem with him going back on his word.  Rosie P thinks Obama has to issue an executive order because we have a Congress that won’t act!  But she knows if Obama passes immigration reform this way and the next president doesn’t agree with his stance, they will just overturn it.  That’s why she wants Congress to act.  Rosie P believes reform is needed.  She said so many kids in the United States are having their families ripped apart. She referenced one of the stars of the hit series Orange Is The New Black who spoke about what it was like for her to come home one day and find out that her parents and brother had suddenly been deported to Colombia.  You have to watch that video here.  Rosie O said she fully supports the president and his immigration reform and hopes he does give an executive order.  And she hopes all of the families get to stay in the United States and that we take care of the 50,000 unaccompanied children alone in Texas.  Rosie P pointed out that this is also not just a Latino issue.  Whoopi agreed and said people have made it a Latino issue but there are many people here in the United States whose Visas are up.  She said either everybody gets affected by the new reform or no one should.  Nicolle said the immigration system became very backlogged after September 11th.  She said there have always been politicians who’ve tried to do something about immigration issues but they never get the backing of the other side.  Whoopi just wanted to know why they can’t fix it if both sides realize there’s a problem.  Nicolle wasn’t sure but she said nothing that ignores the 11.2 million people living illegally in the U.S. will work.  Rosie P said it pisses her off when people say immigrants take the jobs that we, as Americans, don’t want.  She said that’s not true!  She said they are dying for immigration reform in places like Silicon Valley because talented tech workers are coming to the U.S. and want to work.
  • G.T.A. is B.A.D.: The new sequel to the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto includes graphic first person sex footage and teenage boys are loving this game.  Rosie O said her kids have asked for it but she won’t allow them to have it.  However, they do play Call of Duty, Black Ops.  They briefly discussed the violence in gaming issue.  Rosie P said, “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!”  Whoopi has never played GTA but said she likes to kill the devil and his minions in a game called Diablo.
  • Mirrors Don’t Lie (or do they?):  Turns out more and more retailers are purchasing skinny mirrors claiming the mirrors actually make consumers feel better about themselves.  Jessie J truly believes health should come from the inside out and not the outside in.  She said people need to see “what’s real.”  Whoopi couldn’t understand why women would want to lie to themselves.  Nicolle on the other hand, would appreciate a skinny mirror!  Jessie J said it’s cheating yourself if you live your life based on how you look on the outside.  She said if you want to be happier you need to be healthier.  Rosie P said she first ran into a skinny mirror at a department store and then went home and tried the same item of clothing on and thought, “How did I get fat from the store to my house?!”  Nicolle thinks all fancy stores already have these though she wouldn’t name any names. Whoopi ended the conversation by saying, “You’re high if you’re going into the store and not recognizing that that’s not your body!”
  • People Crowns Sexiest Man: Chris Hemsworth has been crowned People Magazine’s Sexiest Man AliveJessie J thinks her boyfriend is even sexier.  In fact, his debut album entitled Luke James is out now!  Jessie J wants you to go get it!


Got Topics:  For the new “Got Topics” segment, Whoopi read a question from The View’s Facebook page.  Someone on Facebook asked them, “What is the grossest thing they have ever done at work?”  Nicolle said she breast fed and pumped in front of a coworker and she thought that was pretty gross.  Rosie O thought Nicolle might get a little backlash for that statement about breastfeeding being “gross” but after thinking about it, she said the grossest thing she has ever done at work was pick a booger!  That made Whoopi almost fall out of her chair, she was laughing so hard.  Then Rosie O pretended to pick her nose and put it in her mouth!



Joe Morton: Scandal Star Joe Morton joined the ladies of The View to discuss his role on the hot television show.  Joe said he spent most of his career playing good guys and now he gets to play a really bad guy and he loves it.  Nicolle said in Washington he would just be called “complicated.”  He said it scares him that there are people in Washington who actually do what his character supposedly does!  Joe recently won his first Emmy for his work on Scandal.  He spoke to the ladies a little bit about what it felt like to be nominated and to win.  Joe and his daughter recently raised money for the Miami Children’s Initiative when he repelled 19 stories as part of a fundraiser to help needy families. The winter finale of Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8(c) only on ABC!

Musical Guest Performance: Jessie J performed a song from her latest album Sweet Talker!

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a copy of Jessie J’s new album Sweet Talker. 


Whoopi: “Just because one is a lesbian does not mean one is immune to what is beautiful in a man.”
Rosie P: “It’s so great when people celebrate people who do good.”  
[to Joe Morton who plays the extremely evil character on Scandal] “In Washington, you would just be called ‘complicated.'”
Rosie O: [About Mariska Hargitay’s husband Peter] “He is tall, handsome, charming and delicious!”

Take a little time and enjoy The View!