November 19, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Guest co-host Jessie J sat down with the ladies to join in on Hot Topics and to promote her new album Sweet Talker.  She said she is humbled and happy by all the accolades her album is getting and just “taking it all in.”

Rosie & Jessie J! (photo credit @AbcTheView on Instagram)

  • About Last Night: Last night, Rosie O attended the WWO Foundation Gala where she got to sit at a table with Andrew Garfield, Hugh Jackman’s wife Deb, and Mariska Hargitay’s husband Peter Hermann who she found delicious in every capacity!  She clarified that she is still a lesbian but just likes to look.  She referred to it as “window shopping.”  Whoopi said, “Just because one is a lesbian doesn’t mean one is immune to what is beautiful in a man.”  Rosie O called Mariska’s husband Peter “tall, handsome, charming and delicious!”  Rosie P also had a great night last night.  She presented at the CNN Heroes awards.  She spoke about some of the award recipients and said her night was incredible. Rosie P loved celebrating people doing good in the world.  She said for her, it’s about paying it forward.  She believes in giving back because of all the people that helped her along the way.
  • Tay Tay Picks Google: Taylor Swift has pulled her music from Spotify and she’s helping google launch their own streaming music service.  And singer-songwriter Billy Bragg slammed Taylor for “selling her soul” to Google.  First to weigh in was Jessie J.  She said, as an artist, it’s hard to not contradict yourself.  She said, “You can make a decision as to how you feel one week and then you need to change your view the next week to fit the way the music changes.”  And she said it’s hard for her to make a decision either way without all the facts.  In the end, Jessie J believes, if people love your music, they’ll buy it.  Whoopi agreed and commented how the entertainment industry is always evolving.  She remembered when DVDs first came out and people lost their minds over it.  She said whenever something new comes out bad it is bad for the artists but good for the producers.
  • Making An Exception: Illinois Congresswoman and Iraq war hero, Tammy Duckworth, can’t fly to Washington DC because of her pregnancy.   She asked to cast an absentee vote for the next Democratic leader.  Nancy Pelosi said they can’t bend the rules because of personal circumstances.  Rosie O pointed out that Duckworth lost her legs in the war and how hard it must be for her to walk on prosthetic legs when pregnant.  Nicolle thinks they should make the accommodation because she is pregnant and cannot fly.  She said Duckworth never misses a vote, and if anyone’s deserving of special circumstances, it’s her.  Whoopi agreed and thinks they need to start making more adjustments as more women become representatives who are of childbearing age.  Rosie P agreed!  She said, “Nancy, do the right thing!”
  • An Executive Order Regarding Immigration: President Obama’s new immigration plan will reportedly lift the threat of deportation for millions of illegal immigrants but a lot of people are slamming him for overstepping his powers.  Nicolle said every president has used an executive order in the past but Obama has always contended that he would never do such a thing.  She said problems will arise at him doing it with “the swipe of a pen” and people also have a problem with him going back on his word.  Rosie P thinks Obama has to issue an executive order because we have a Congress that won’t act!  But she knows if Obama passes immigration reform this way and the next president doesn’t agree with his stance, they will just overturn it.  That’s why she wants Congress to act.  Rosie P believes reform is needed.  She said so many kids in the United States are having their families ripped apart. She referenced one of the stars of the hit series Orange Is The New Black who spoke about what it was like for her to come home one day and find out that her parents and brother had suddenly been deported to Colombia.  You have to watch that video here.  Rosie O said she fully supports the president and his immigration reform and hopes he does give an executive order.  And she hopes all of the families get to stay in the United States and that we take care of the 50,000 unaccompanied children alone in Texas.  Rosie P pointed out that this is also not just a Latino issue.  Whoopi agreed and said people have made it a Latino issue but there are many people here in the United States whose Visas are up.  She said either everybody gets affected by the new reform or no one should.  Nicolle said the immigration system became very backlogged after September 11th.  She said there have always been politicians who’ve tried to do something about immigration issues but they never get the backing of the other side.  Whoopi just wanted to know why they can’t fix it if both sides realize there’s a problem.  Nicolle wasn’t sure but she said nothing that ignores the 11.2 million people living illegally in the U.S. will work.  Rosie P said it pisses her off when people say immigrants take the jobs that we, as Americans, don’t want.  She said that’s not true!  She said they are dying for immigration reform in places like Silicon Valley because talented tech workers are coming to the U.S. and want to work.
  • G.T.A. is B.A.D.: The new sequel to the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto includes graphic first person sex footage and teenage boys are loving this game.  Rosie O said her kids have asked for it but she won’t allow them to have it.  However, they do play Call of Duty, Black Ops.  They briefly discussed the violence in gaming issue.  Rosie P said, “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!”  Whoopi has never played GTA but said she likes to kill the devil and his minions in a game called Diablo.
  • Mirrors Don’t Lie (or do they?):  Turns out more and more retailers are purchasing skinny mirrors claiming the mirrors actually make consumers feel better about themselves.  Jessie J truly believes health should come from the inside out and not the outside in.  She said people need to see “what’s real.”  Whoopi couldn’t understand why women would want to lie to themselves.  Nicolle on the other hand, would appreciate a skinny mirror!  Jessie J said it’s cheating yourself if you live your life based on how you look on the outside.  She said if you want to be happier you need to be healthier.  Rosie P said she first ran into a skinny mirror at a department store and then went home and tried the same item of clothing on and thought, “How did I get fat from the store to my house?!”  Nicolle thinks all fancy stores already have these though she wouldn’t name any names. Whoopi ended the conversation by saying, “You’re high if you’re going into the store and not recognizing that that’s not your body!”
  • People Crowns Sexiest Man: Chris Hemsworth has been crowned People Magazine’s Sexiest Man AliveJessie J thinks her boyfriend is even sexier.  In fact, his debut album entitled Luke James is out now!  Jessie J wants you to go get it!


Got Topics:  For the new “Got Topics” segment, Whoopi read a question from The View’s Facebook page.  Someone on Facebook asked them, “What is the grossest thing they have ever done at work?”  Nicolle said she breast fed and pumped in front of a coworker and she thought that was pretty gross.  Rosie O thought Nicolle might get a little backlash for that statement about breastfeeding being “gross” but after thinking about it, she said the grossest thing she has ever done at work was pick a booger!  That made Whoopi almost fall out of her chair, she was laughing so hard.  Then Rosie O pretended to pick her nose and put it in her mouth!



Joe Morton: Scandal Star Joe Morton joined the ladies of The View to discuss his role on the hot television show.  Joe said he spent most of his career playing good guys and now he gets to play a really bad guy and he loves it.  Nicolle said in Washington he would just be called “complicated.”  He said it scares him that there are people in Washington who actually do what his character supposedly does!  Joe recently won his first Emmy for his work on Scandal.  He spoke to the ladies a little bit about what it felt like to be nominated and to win.  Joe and his daughter recently raised money for the Miami Children’s Initiative when he repelled 19 stories as part of a fundraiser to help needy families. The winter finale of Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8(c) only on ABC!

Musical Guest Performance: Jessie J performed a song from her latest album Sweet Talker!

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a copy of Jessie J’s new album Sweet Talker. 


Whoopi: “Just because one is a lesbian does not mean one is immune to what is beautiful in a man.”
Rosie P: “It’s so great when people celebrate people who do good.”  
[to Joe Morton who plays the extremely evil character on Scandal] “In Washington, you would just be called ‘complicated.'”
Rosie O: [About Mariska Hargitay’s husband Peter] “He is tall, handsome, charming and delicious!”

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