October 23, 2014

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  • Today’s show was a little bit different because Whoopi was in Spain opening Sister Act: The Musical and Rosie P ate some shrimp last night that gave her food poisoning!  She came to the studio this morning but had to leave because she was too sick to go on. Natasha Lyonne had been scheduled to cover for Whoopi and they called Amy Robach and asked if she’d stand in for Rosie P. Get better soon Rosie P!

Rosie and Natasha Lyonne!

  • Shooting in Canada: The ladies started with a discussion about the shooting in Canada yesterday and the many questions it has stirred up in their nation and in the United States. Nicolle said it’s most important when we’re analyzing the situation that we remember Nathan Cirillo, a young single father, died yesterday. She said we’re so fast to the debate and begin discussing the politics of it all, we need to remember that a man died. Rosie O mentioned a tweet that model Chrissy Teigen tweeted which stated, “Active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in America, Wednesday.” Rosie O thought the tweet was “on point” but some people thought it was insensitive. Amy believed timing is everything and Chrissy’s point may have been missed because the people of Canada were still mourning and in shock. Nicolle said it is important to point out that this might have been an evil terrorist not just someone who was mentally ill. Rosie O said Chrissy was trying to make a statement about gun deaths in America.  She said 86 people a day are killed because of guns in America and that IS terrorism. Nicolle said there are two equally important conversations going on and we shouldn’t try to compare them to each other in order to prove which one is more horrific. Rosie O said the entire country of Canada is in mourning because of the people shot yesterday and in America, this happens on a daily basis and because of that, we don’t even pay attention anymore. Natasha agreed with Amy and said there’s a question of her timing and how and when to make your point. She said timing is everything.  She said the backlash Chrissy is facing may be partly due to the fact that she’s a model with these deep thoughts.   She said some things might be better off texted to a friend rather than posted publicly on Twitter.  Rosie O thinks mental illness will surely be at play in the shooting case but Nicolle said it’s also possible the shooter just wanted to join the Jihad. Amy pointed out that the shooter was raised well and had parents who were well regarded in the community.  Nicolle said Obama loathes war but  when you see evil like ISIS, taking the country to war was the right thing to do. Rosie O simply stated that she’s against war, against killing people and against violence. She said there has to be an alternate means of resolving conflict other than killing each other.
  • Hitler Creamer: Migros, a Swiss retailer, offered apologies Wednesday for their coffee creamers with pictures of Hitler on them.  Natasha’s grandparents were holocaust survivors and she wanted to make it clear that she knows, more than anyone, that Hitler is not a joke. But she was SHOCKED by the mistake and called it the “greatest news item she’s ever read.” She was also happy to hear the company has decided to take them off the market. Rosie pointed out that the retailer is no longer doing business with the label company. Nicolle believes an investigation is warranted for how the error occurred and Amy said she’d like to look into it!
  • Get Out and VOTE: Nicolle reminded viewers that early voting has started and every citizen has a vote to cast because every member of Congress is up for reelection. She said approval for Congress is at a measly 12% and no one likes them but then nobody votes! She discussed how politicians are having trouble even getting air time on today’s news and why that could be. Rosie O agreed. She said Obama can’t even get anyone’s attention in the media. Amy said perhaps it’s because people have so many options and ways to entertain themselves or perhaps it’s because people are so disaffected by politicians.  No one believes politicians can actually get anything done or make change happen and that makes it difficult for people to pay attention. Natasha said it’s not a good time to stay home from the polls this November because important issues, like reproductive rights, are on the table. 
  • Viral Video: The ladies showed the video You Don’t Own Me which reminds women to participate in the political process and VOTE on November 4th. Nicolle said women are not simply a “voting block” that politicians need to pander to, they represent more than half the country. She said women are the majority of the people who vote and everyone should get out and vote; Democrat and Republican. She said when you look at the elections in the final days, it’s the women that often decide the outcome. Rosie O agreed and said at the Veteran of Feminists of America luncheon she went to the other day, voting was the biggest issue they discussed.
  • #TBT: As a throwback Thursday, they showed a clip from an old television game show called Crosswits featuring Rosie O’Donnell!  The Game Show Network will be airing the 1984 episode of the show this Sunday at 11pm!  They showed a clip from the show and Rosie couldn’t believe her hair or what she called her “weird speech impediment.”  She called it “scary and embarrassing.” Tune into the Game Show Network for that gem this Sunday!
  • Tweeting Larry King: Larry King, whom they all love and admire, is a frequent tweeter, even in the wee hours of morning.  Rosie recommends people turn off their phones after 11pm but in honor of Larry’s tweets, each host read several of the more humorous ones for the audience.  They ranged from his thoughts about the Zoo, finding pilots voices comforting, how he hates people with perfect teeth, how he misses his lunches with Joe Biden, etc. etc.  Rosie O said Twitter and the fact that celebrities have access to the public in this way is a publicist’s worst nightmare.
  • Dog Breed Predicts Life You’ll Have: Rosie O said a new study finds that the breed of dog you own predicts the kind of life you’re going to have.  Natasha and Amy both have a Maltipoo’sNicolle has a Vizsla named Lily.  And Rosie O has a Chihuahua and miniature Australian Shepherd who she called “very neurotic” and the “most needy dog” ever.   They also gave a shout-out to Rosie P’s dogs (who are sadly, no longer with us) a Sussex Spaniel and a mutt she loved.  They then discussed their love of Rosie Perez and how inspired they were after they read her book Handbook for an Unpredictable Life: How I Survived Sister Renata and My Crazy Mother, and Still Came Out Smiling (with Great Hair)Rosie O recommended everyone read her book and she said if you do, “you’ll want to hug her every day, for the rest of her life.”



Tom Bergeron: Tom Bergeron joined the ladies of The View today to discuss his shows Dancing With the Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Tom discussed how this is his last season of AFHV.  He said it’s his 15th year on the show and he felt it was time to pass it along to another host.  However, his good friend William Shatner didn’t want him to step down!  Natasha asked Tom if it’s true he has an uncredited part in the movie Gremlins and he said it was not.  And as every View fan now knows, one of Nicolle‘s greatest fears are mimes and it turns out Tom used to be a mime!  He joked endlessly with Nicolle and even did some mime moves for her which really scared her!  She said she was sweating and shaking watching him mime!   Tom said the highlight of DWTS this year had to be when Alfonso did the Carlton on the show.  You can catch America’s Funniest Home Videos on Sundays at 7pm and Dancing With the Stars on Mondays at 8pm.


Nicolle, Rosie, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Robach and Tom Bergeron

Little Big Town: The band Little Big Town joined the ladies of The View to discuss their new album Pain Killer.  The group discussed how they were recently inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and what an honor it was.  They discussed their new album, their recent appearance as coaches on The Voice, and what it’s like to be on tour with their children.  Lastly, they played a game with the ladies called “Sigourney Weaver.”  In the game you sing any song but you can only use the lyric “Sigourney Weaver.”  The group performed Day Drinking from their new album Pain Killer.


Little Big Town on The View


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience got a copy of the album Pain Killer by Little Big Town.




Amy Robach: “People are so disaffected by politicians.  They don’t believe them, they don’t believe that they can create change so they don’t want to hear about them and they don’t want to vote.”

Nicolle:  “When you see evil like ISIS, taking the country to war is the right thing to do and I support President Obama.”

Rosie O: “Eighty-six people in America are killed every day with guns and that is terrorism here.”

Natasha Lyonne: [whether to tweet or not to tweet] “It’s the question of the inside thought in the modern age.  I have a lot of thoughts and I feel like that’s why I text.”

Tom Bergeron: [about America’s Funnies Home Videos] “It’s like a slap-stick buffet.”