October 24, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • The Dangerous Sidewalks of NYC: Rosie P said a cyclist almost ran her over yesterday! She came really close to hitting her and made her fall back into a lamppost. The cyclist gave a pathetic apology and Rosie P didn’t want to repeat on air what she said back to her! Nicolle understood Rosie P’s frustration with cyclists in New York City. She said, “they think they’re in the Tour de France!”  Whoopi said the real problem on the New York City sidewalks are the ladies texting and not paying attention as they’re pushing the “damn baby carriages.” She said they’re texting and pushing the stroller and next thing you know you have “twins up your behind!”  Nicolle hates when she sees nannies texting and pushing kids in the strollers. She said she goes up to nannies while they’re texting and takes the kids’ pictures and tells them she knows the mother and she’s going to send her the photo! (even though she doesn’t ever know the mothers) Rosie O said Nicolle is much more of a “badass” than she is! Whoopi said she knew this about Nicolle and said she’s, “scared of her, she don’t play!”
  • Meditative Coloring: It turns out that adults can de-stress by coloring. Rosie O knows this better than anyone. She is an avid zentangler, crafter and a doodler.   They showed pictures of some of her art and munnys she’s created. She mentioned a book you can purchase that teaches you how to zentangle. Rosie said the hobby has been very meditative and calming for her. Whoopi completely agreed. She loves coloring and said it calms her. She also likes the challenge of coloring in the lines. Rosie O said she’s even got her friend Howard Stern into zentangles! You can purchase some of Rosie’s art and zentangles here. All proceeds benefit Rosie’s Theater Kids.
  • Kissing = Good Parenting: A new study finds that couples who practice PDA are better parents and raise happier kids. Rosie O thinks it’s great when kids are able to grow up in a house with parents who love each other. She said she and her wife will try to go upstairs to “watch a movie” and she tells the kids she needs to “pay a lot of attention to the movie” so they shouldn’t be interrupted! Chelsea, her daughter, will just say out loud, “They’re doing it.” Rosie O thinks showing affection in front of your kids teaches them about healthy, loving relationships. Nicolle agreed and said her two year old loves it when they all hug. Rosie P said Latinos are very affectionate. Whoopi said so are black people! In fact, Whoopi always kisses all the hosts before each show. She said there have been some crazy rumors about how they don’t get along but the truth is, they actually all like each other. Sometimes they get a little stressed, loud or intense but it’s all okay. It’s part of human behavior and they sometimes bite! Rosie O laughed, agreed and said she’s been in timeout three times before, but not today!
  • Must Have Monday:  They’re going to show some fantastic gifts you’re going to love to give on the show on Monday.  There will be exclusive deals up to 80% off the retail price. You’re not going to want to miss it!  They briefly talked about shopping on the Internet and Home Shopping Network.
  • Another Recovering Catholic: Ariana Grande has said in a recent interview that she has decided to leave the Catholic religion because they rejected her openly gay brother. Rosie P said it was difficult for her to leave the church too but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still believe in God and that she doesn’t still pray everyday. Rosie O said it was hard for her too to leave the Catholic church. She said all of her nieces and nephews are baptized and when Parker was born it was a big deal to her family when she didn’t get him baptized. But she didn’t want to baptize him into a church that didn’t accept his mother. Whoopi’s biggest problem is when organized religion doesn’t remember the original teaching of God, which was to love each other and accept one another. She again mentioned her love for Pope Francis and Rosie asked if Whoopi thought the Pope might stop by The View on his next trip to NYC. Whoopi has already written a letter to the Pope asking him to come visit the show when he comes to New York! She knew it would be out of the way for him to stop by the show but she told him they have 4 people on the panel that would love to speak to him who all believe in love.  Nicolle hopes we’re coming at the end of people having to make these types of decisions.  Rosie P hopes so too.  She said she had some mean nuns in her life but she had some wonderful nuns too, who changed her life.  Whoopi hopes the this is an example about how the world might be getting “a little bit better.”


Edward Norton: The ladies of The View sat down with the incredibly talented Ed Norton who stopped by the studio to discuss his new movie Birdman. Ed said, when he became an actor he had hoped that he would get the opportunity to be involved in a movie that was really original and this was it for him. He said it’s unlike any movie he’s ever been in. He said the plot of the movie is very human and about someone having a midlife crisis and Michael Keaton is extraordinary in it. Even though the film is about theater people, Ed said it’s really about how all of us get plagued by our egos and ambitions.  Regarding the film’s Oscar buzz, Ed said he tries not to pay attention to it. He really just hopes people check it out and go see it.  They discussed the film Fight Club and how it’s the 15th anniversary of the movie. Ed said doing Fight Club was a special experience for him and captured a sensation about what the world felt like for us at the time.  But Ed said in 1989, it was Do The Right Thing, starring Rosie Perez, that made a huge impact on him.  He said it was like “throwing a hand grenade into the cultural conversation” and said it changed his “whole view of how dynamic film can be and what it can say.”  The film Birdman is available now so go see it!

Annie Lennox: Annie Lennox joined the ladies of The View to discuss her new album Nostalgia. She talked about how she picked the songs for the album from the “great American songbook” of original classics.  She said she had never really sung jazz before but really enjoyed doing it.  Annie has been participating in a lot of activism in the past decade which has detoured her a bit from her music.  All the ladies of The View expressed their love for Annie.   Rosie P asked about Annie’s recent comments she made about Beyonce which have been taken out of context in the media.  Annie referred to Beyonce as a “feminist light” but really did not mean any harm.  She didn’t realize Beyonce has been performing in front of a huge wall with the word “Feminist” behind her. When she was asked in a recent interview what she thinks of Beyonce she called her a “feminist light” because for her, there’s a spectrum of feminism. She was thinking of Eve Ensler who to her, is a “heavy weight feminist” and a woman who works “at the grass roots” level.  Annie adores Beyonce and said she’s extraordinary, gifted and beautiful.   And if she uses the term feminist, that’s fantastic. She welcomes it. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, we should all be standing shoulder to shoulder.  Annie talked about what it’s like as a musical artist being in “the deep end” accessing the feelings that allow her to make art.  She turned to the audience and asked everyone to put their hand up if they’ve ever felt depressed, felt miserable or had a dark experience. (everyone raised their hand)  She said that is the human experience and what music addresses.  She said it’s the “language of the heart, the language of the mind and the language of the soul.”  Annie closed by saying she’s privileged to live a life of music and happy to still be making it. She sang Georgia On My Mind from her album Nostalgia.

Justin Wiseman: Lastly, the fabulous Justin Wiseman joined Rosie O for a one-on-one.  Justin and Rosie became friends via Twitter as they bonded over their mutual weight loss.  Justin told Rosie she is an inspiration to him.  He said he was heavy all his life and mocked and tormented for it.  He was 100 pounds at age 5 and over 600 pounds at his heaviest.  He said he is an example what childhood obesity can turn into.  Justin was so heavy he had cirrhosis of the liver and sugar was literally crystallizing on his skin. He wanted to live, but he was too heavy for weight loss surgery.  Rosie inspired him to lose the weight. He called her a “beacon of light” that helps people every day.  Rosie asked Justin how he lost the weight and he said he created a “live it list” instead of a bucket list.  And instead of making a list of things he wanted to do before he died, he made a list of things he wanted to live for.  He also eventually lost enough weight to have vertical gastric sleeve surgery.   Justin said he never knew what it was like to live when he was heavy. He said the best part of his weight loss is his new found freedom!  Rosie said tweeting Justin is “delicious and delightful” and she is so proud of him in a maternal way.   Rosie gave Justin a Rosie Barbie doll and got him tickets to see Kinky Boots on Broadway with a backstage pass!

Editor’s Note: One thing Justin knows is that one word can change someone’s life forever.  His goal is to help someone else like Rosie has helped him.  I talked with him via Twitter and email today and asked him about his visit on The View.  Justin is extremely thankful for all the doors that are opening for him and the fact that he has been given this chance to bring attention to a cause he feels so passionately about- childhood obesity.  If you would like the opportunity to get to know Justin more you can follow him on his Twitter profile @theliveitlist and connect with him through his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/theliveitlist

Rosie and Justin Wiseman @thelivelist

Rosie and Justin Wiseman @thelivelist




Whoopi: “I like the challenge of coloring in the lines.”

Nicolle:  [about making the church more accepting] “I think it’s in Pope Francis’ heart to move it [the church] in that direction.”

Rosie P:  “I still believe [in God] and I pray every day.”

Rosie O: “I didn’t want to bring my kid and christen them into something where they’re going to speak against the evils of their mom.”

Ed Norton: [about Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing]  “It was like Spike Lee throwing a hand grenade into the cultural conversation.”

Annie Lennox: [on music] It is “the language of the heart, the language of the mind and the language of the soul.”

Justin Wiseman: [to Rosie O] “You are a beacon of light.  You help people every day.”