October 21, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Oscar Pistorious Sentenced: Oscar Pistorious was sentenced to 5 years for shooting his girlfriend. Nicolle said this is an example of cold-blooded murder and she thinks he got away with murder. She identified this as an example of how women are most at risk from the men that they live with. Rosie O agreed and recommended the HBO documentary Private Violence which explores that very topic. She was also unsure the sentence fit the crime. Rosie P clarified that Oscar was charged with “unintentionally murdering” his girlfriend. Nicolle said it didn’t feel right to her that he should get away with murder. To Whoopi, this type of event seems to happen a lot and she has read that pregnant women, particularly those that are 8 months pregnant, are most at risk when it comes to domestic violence. Rosie P discussed how she likes television shows like Investigation Discovery about crime investigations because they break down how the murders happen, which Nicolle pointed out always ends up the same: The guy murders his wife.
  • Monica Lewinsky Internet Pioneer: In a recent speech, Monica Lewinsky claims to be the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet. Nicolle thought her speech was brave. She said Lewinsky was moved by the story of the Rutgers student (Tyler Clementi) who killed himself after being bullied via the internet. She saw a role for herself in speaking out for victims of internet bullying. Nicolle believes she was bullied by the political system. Rosie P said in Great Britain if you are caught trolling (harassing someone) via the internet you can be jailed for up to two years. She commented on the violence against women over the internet and referred to it as “brutal.” Rosie O (who we all know is very active on social media) said she actually loves Monica Lewinsky. She was once at an event in 2002 and the Secret Service approached and told her that Bill Clinton wanted to speak to her. Rosie O declined to speak to him. She then went on stage and talked about how Lewinsky was walking around with a scarlet letter “A” on her chest while he was laughing his way through life without a care in the world. Rosie O didn’t think it was fair. Lewinsky wrote Rosie O a letter and said she was the first public figure to stand up for her. Rosie O thinks she is an amazing woman and said if Clinton had been in a corporation, he would have been prosecuted and ousted for his actions. Rosie P said women should stand behind her because no one deserves to be bullied. Nicolle said she was “slut shamed” because she had sex with Clinton. Rosie O pointed out that she was single and he was the one who was married and broke his vows. Whoopi said there were no heroes in this story, everyone was at fault, but just because someone makes a mistake does not mean they should wear a scarlet letter for their entire lives. Nicolle said if Hillary Clinton runs for President, this issue will surely come up, which is fascinating to her.



Valerie Plame: The former CIA operative who was outed in the Bush administration joined the ladies of The View for a discussion about her former career. Plame described her former career as a covert CIA officer. She said it was her job to spot, develop and to recruit foreign nationals in order to provide critical intelligence. Her expertise was in nuclear counter-proliferation which meant trying to prevent bad people from getting their hands on nuclear weapons. The ladies of The View discussed the recent threat of ISIS and she said it was a strategic surprise when ISIS started taking territory in Iraq. She said they are not Islamic and do not conform to the teachings of the Koran. She said they are not a state, but a “menace.” Plame said the mere thought that they could acquire a nuclear weapon would be catastrophic. Rosie O wanted to know if the character Carrie on the television series Homeland is an accurate portrayal of her former job. Plame said a woman who suffers from bipolar disorder would not be permitted to have a job in the CIA but she thinks the show is great TV. She says the CIA looks for people who are deeply resilient with great interpersonal skills which Carrie doesn’t have. Rosie P liked Valerie’s new book, Burned, because she really “tells it like it is.” Rosie O asked how Plame was recruited, but she can’t say publically. Rosie O joked and asked if it had anything to do with Mandy Patinkin. Whoopi wanted to know if she misses her old job, and Plame said that she does. She said she was proud to serve her country, loved what she did and never really wanted to be publicly known.


More Hot Topics:

  • Texas Teacher Busted: A 24 year old female Texas teacher was busted for having an affair with a 17 year old student. After she sent him a naked selfie he showed it around to all his friends. When the teacher found out she asked the school to investigate! The story made Rosie P laugh out loud and say, “Honey, what is your problem?!” All the ladies had a laugh at the stupidity.
  • Stem Cell Success: Stem cell therapy is now helping a paralyzed man to walk. Whoopi wanted to know how people could still have a problem with stem cell research after seeing success like this. Nicolle explained how Bush stopped federal dollars from supporting it, but Obama has reversed the decision. Rosie P understood that people still have an issue with this research but also couldn’t argue with success like that. Rosie O wished that Christopher Reeve had lived to see this day and reflected on a friend of hers, Francesco Clark.   Francesco tragically dove into the wrong end of the swimming pool and was paralyzed from the arms down. He is now benefiting from the stem cell research and the Christopher Reeve Foundation and she thought many people are going to be helped by the research. Whoopi agreed and is thrilled that it is happening.
  • RIP Oscar De La Renta: The ladies briefly gave tribute to Oscar De La Renta who died at the age of 82. Mr. De La Renta was a friend of the show and even dressed the first lady of ABC, Ms. Barbara Walters. The ladies expressed their condolences to his friends and family.
  • Sidebar: Nicolle plugged Birds Eye Frozen Broccoli Florets, Marie Calendar’s Frozen Chicken Pot Pie, and Green Giant’s Frozen Corn and Black Beans with Brown Rice (in a southwestern style sauce) and talked about how frozen meals help food last longer and will save time and money for your family.



Terry Crews: The new host of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Terry Crews, joined the the show to discuss his new gig!   He discussed his 5 beautiful children and his change from having a performance based family (where everyone had to please him) to helping his kids create vision boards to fulfill their own dreams. They discussed his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his role in Expendables and his new book Manhood.


Rosie & Terry Crews!

Sarah Hyland: Sarah Hyland joined the ladies of The View to discuss her hilarious role on the hot show Modern Family. She said the cast really does love each other and filming the show is tons of fun. They showed some photos from an upcoming Halloween episode and Sarah talked with the ladies about some of the fun they have on the set. Sarah grew up in show business and is starring in Scream! The Musical. She has teamed up with Swiffer and the ASPCA to promote pet adoption. If you follow Swiffer on Twitter today, they are giving out 100 boxes full of Swiffer products!


Rosie & Sarah Hyland

Audience Gift: The entire studio audience received a copy of Valerie Plame’s new book, Burned. And the American Frozen Food Institute gave everyone in the audience a $100 gift card from Walmart.


Announcements: Rosie O is getting an award at the Veteran Feminists of America!



Nicolle: “It sure feels like a lot of men get away with murdering their girlfriends and wives in cold blood.”

Whoopi: “Just because people make mistakes doesn’t mean we put them in the scarlet letter forever.”

Rosie P: “The violence against women on the internet is insane. It’s brutal.”

Rosie O: [about Monica Lewinsky] “I think she’s an amazing woman.”

Terry Crews: “When you get your life together, when you get everything in order, life happens.”