October 20, 2014

Today’s View started with them showing off their new set! Check it out!



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  • Weekend Wrap Up: The ladies began the show discussing their weekends. Rosie P was in Maine filming a movie. While she was able to watch the season finale of The Knick, one of her favorite shows on Cinemax, she couldn’t get the big GGG fight on HBO. Rosie O and her son Blake, helped her out by texting her updates after every round! She also said she got a lot of updates from her fellow boxing friends on Twitter.   Rosie O took her son to the movies this past Saturday, which they do every weekend, and they saw the film Fury starring Brad Pitt.   Rosie O loved the film and talked about how great it was to see Pitt play a “fatherly” role in the film. Nicolle was happy to come back to work this morning! She explained how her 2.5 year old son Liam is obsessed with construction vehicles so her husband rented an excavator to move some boulders around on their property. Nicolle was happy for her son and husband but felt pretty bored with the whole idea and teased her husband about how things would be different if they had a daughter. Rosie O gave her a little “motherly advice” and suggested next time they plan a boys day that she call a friend and go to the mall instead. Rosie O said her wife Michelle and Michelle’s mom Gayla were in today’s audience. She said their baby Dakota was backstage and she would bring her out during the commercial breaks to meet the audience.


Dakota backstage at The View

Dakota backstage at The View

  • Shameful Shia: Shia LaBeouf is now claiming that “method acting,” the way he prepares for a role, got him fired from his first Broadway role. Rosie O highly doubted this excuse and thinks Shia most likely had a nervous breakdown. She said it’s hard to be famous sometimes in America. She also thinks perhaps he has been “self-medicating” a mental illness with drugs and alcohol. Nicolle wondered if it’s possible he’s just a tool. She also wondered if you’re screwed for life if you start your career out on Disney. Whoopi reminded Nicolle that THEY are all on Disney (meaning ABC).  Rosie P reminded the ladies that Brando was a “method actor,” but never committed a crime because of it. Whoopi didn’t believe the excuse either and said one can’t just go to a theater and “pee on other people’s art” while people are trying to work. She told Shia to “get it together.”
  • Catholic Cardinals Backtrack On Gay Welcome: Pope Francis recently made statements accepting the gay community into the Catholic church, but conservative cardinals removed from the language rejecting the landmark wording that would soften the church’s stance toward homosexuality. Rosie O compared it to the President when he makes a decision and the Congress overrules it though, of course, she wished they would have accepted the wishes of the Pope. Nicolle loved the message the Pope was sending to one of his Cardinals, an outspoken critic of the Pope, by demoting him and sending him to a ceremonial post in Malta. She’s not Catholic, but she too likes this Pope. Rosie P said it’s hard for her to voice her opinion on a religion that she no longer practices, but she said people should know all the Pope was trying to say was that we should not judge others and we should be more accepting and inviting to gay people. Rosie O was also raised Catholic, although she’s currently non-practicing. She said when she was growing up everything the Pope said was the rule and she wondered why this isn’t the case today. Whoopi likes the new Pope and she likes it anytime organized religion goes back to the heart of what it’s supposed to be about.
  • Go Serena Go: Serena Williams is speaking out against the Russian Tennis Federation President for referring to her sister and her as “The Williams Brothers” amongst other insults. Serena called his comments “sexist,” “racist” and a form of “bullying.” Rosie P said the Williams sisters changed tennis from an all-white, elite organization thereby opening up the game to a broader audience. She said, “They [the Williams sisters] should be given the respect they are due.” Rosie O said the sisters are strong, beautiful, powerful, talented women and should be treated as such. Nicolle loves to see women stand up against bullies, and she loved that Serena spoke out. She said both Serena and her sister are role models who give back tremendously to their community. Whoopi simply stated that the comments “really pissed her off.”
  • Must Have Mondays: Starting next Monday, The View will be having “Must Have Mondays” where they will be partnering with popular vendors on the show to sell items at 60-80% off the retail price.  Watch for that next Monday (10/27)!
  • Meth Lab Toys: A Florida mom has launched a petition against Toys R Us for carrying Breaking Bad action figures.   The toys are aimed for people over the age of 15, but parents are calling for the toy store to pull the figures from the shelves. Rosie O said people like her and other “Comic-Con nerds” love collecting these types of figures. She admitted to owning every single Game of Thrones figure. Both Whoopi and Rosie O understood the market for these types of collectibles and wanted a set for themselves!
  • To Label or Not To Label: According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University, teens were less likely to buy sugary drinks after seeing signs that said how far they would have to walk to burn off the calories or how their faces will age from drinking the sugary drink. The doctors are suggesting warning labels for high calorie drinks like soda.  Rosie O was a big fan of the idea. She said obesity is killing America and anything we can do to stem that problem is of benefit. Nicolle agreed and thinks people, especially teens, might choose their drinks differently if they knew the facts. Whoopi wasn’t so sure. She doesn’t think people who aren’t obese should have to have such a label on their soda. She thinks they should just be able to enjoy a Coke if they choose to do so. She said there are harmful things everywhere and if we’re going to label some unhealthy things we need to label everything that is unhealthy. She asked if we should now label shot glasses of alcohol with the words “don’t drive.” Rosie P said teens and kids aren’t going into bars and this movement is meant to educate them. Nicolle said “information is power” and she’s a fan of labeling everything. Whoopi still thought grownups need to take responsibility for what they choose to drink. Rosie O agreed but said that companies need to take responsibility for selling products that can kill you. She said her generation grew up thinking smoking was glamorous, but that perception changed, and kids today have a different opinion about smoking. She said people have the power to change their way of thinking when it comes to soda, if they can change society’s perception of it.  Whoopi said that change in society’s perception has made it so smokers have nowhere to smoke freely and no affordable help if they want to quit.



Scott Foley: Scandal star Scott Foley joined the panel for a steamy discussion about his role on the hit television show!   Scott and the ladies discussed how his wife feels about the lovemaking scenes and how she even gives him tips on the make-out scenes when they watch the show together! Nicolle asked Scott if he’s ever afraid his character might be in danger and he said he is. He said in television, you’re never safe, and every time he reads one of the scripts at a table reading, he’s terrified. Scott just recently sold a sitcom to ABC and the magnificent Shonda Rhimes has signed on to be the Executive Producer on the project! He spoke with the ladies about what it’s like juggling home life, his wife and two children, and his new baby on the way. Nicolle said all her friends in politics and who live in DC, love Scandal and watch it religiously. The ladies discussed which television shows they enjoy binge-watching, which included shows like House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, The Bridge, Breaking Bad, etc. He said he wasn’t able to binge-watch shows before because his contacts hurt his eyes so much, but when Bausch and Lomb heard about his problem, they invited him to try their BioTrue contact solution. Your can try BioTrue too by visiting BioTrueChallenge.com. Scandal airs on Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.



Clark GreggClark Gregg, who is starring in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., joined the ladies to discuss his role on the show.  Clark had a small role in Ironman, and they kept expanding the role and adding him to the movies.  He went on to star in the The Avengers.  They chatted about his beautiful wife Jennifer Grey and what it’s like to have his very own action figure!  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs tomorrow night (Tuesdays) on ABC.


Whoopi: [To the Pope] “Franny, you’re my dog!”
Nicolle:  “I like to see women stand up for themselves against bullies.”
Rosie P: [about boxer GGG] “He is THE rising star in boxing.”
Rosie O:  “Obesity is killing America.”