October 1, 2014

In case you missed it….

Hot Topics:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The View panel and many members of the studio audience wore pink today in order to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rosie O briefly talked about her mother who died of breast cancer in 1973. Rosie O also pointed out that not only do 30,000 women die of breast cancer every year, 300,000 women die of heart disease every year. She reminded the audience to not only get their breast checked but get their hearts checked too.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: Rosie P said they would also be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month which takes place from September 15th – October 15th. She said there are 54 million Latinos living here in America making up 17% of the population. She also gave a shout-out to all the Latino servicemen and women who have been serving on behalf of our country since the civil war. She wanted to be sure to give them the credit they deserve.
  • Ebola in the US: The first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States after a man who came from Liberia fell ill. Whoopi was surprised that the man who was sick with the disease, arrived in the U.S. and wasn’t more closely monitored. She thought we were monitoring people coming into this country better. Rosie O didn’t think the U.S. has the manpower to monitor everyone that might be of risk. She said Liberia may lose half their population due to the Ebola outbreak. Rosie P pointed out the fact that the U.S. has the resources to handle an epidemic like Ebola but said she’s concerned about the resources over in Africa. She mentioned the Gates Foundation that pledged 50 million dollars to support emergency efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Nicolle said the United States and President Obama has dedicated $175 million to fight the outbreak and $500 million in military assistance. She said the difficult thing is that Ebola is treatable and in Africa people are being left out in the street to die because they don’t have access to good medical care and treatment. Whoopi would like to invite Dr. Richard Besser to come on the show to explain Ebola and the risks the world is facing.
  • Chris Christie Gets Real About Obesity: In a CNN interview that aired this morning Chris Christie talked about losing a friend to drug addiction and things got personal when he began talking about his own struggles with obesity. He admitted that he wasn’t sure about his own food issues and whether or not he was actually addicted. Nicolle said it’s refreshing how incredibly honest Christie is. She said he’s willing to modernize the Republican Party by coming out and saying the war on drugs didn’t work. Rosie P was listening to NPR and said they made mention of how different Christie seems now that he’s “on the campaign trail” and how opposite he seems from the last time he was running for office. Rosie P said this interview was the first time she’s seen him be so vulnerable and honest. She said she appreciated it. She’s not voting for the man, but she appreciates him. Nicolle said that’s okay that Rosie P doesn’t want to vote for him and said it’s better for our politics if we don’t hate each other! Whoopi said it’s going to make for an interesting election!
  • Barbara Walters Donates $10 Million: Barbara Walters has given $10 million dollars toward the creation of the Barbara Walters Acute Care Treatment Center at New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center. Barbara Walters said she’s doing this because it’s important for patients and their families to receive access to the best care possible when they need it most. The ladies discussed how proud they were of her and how her tremendous donation will undoubtedly save lives.
  • Jeopardy Gets It Wrong: The game show Jeopardy is getting slammed in social media because they had a category entitled, “What Women Want” and the question to one of the answers was, “What is a vacuum cleaner?” Rosie P said she lives for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and said she was SHOCKED. Rosie O loves the game show Jeopardy too and wanted to say, “I’ll take equal pay for $500, Alec!” Whoopi said she would, “take an orgasm for $2000, Alec!”
  • Secret Service Under Fire Again: Just a day after hearing about the intruder that got into the White House it got worse. A couple weeks ago, apparently the Secret Service allowed an armed man with a criminal record to share an elevator with the president. Nicolle understood how it could happen but said it’s apparent that the Secret Service has lost its way. Nicolle explained that Presidents have different levels of security depending on the event. She said during planned events everyone is cleared beforehand. Yet she said for unannounced visits the level of security is different because no one knows they’re going ahead of time except a select few. Her best guess is this was an unannounced visit. Whoopi said she is kind of shocked that these types of security related incidents are occurring. She said she hasn’t seen this level of scrutiny with the Secret Service since Kennedy was shot in 1963. Rosie O said she’s seen security empty elevators for Brittany Spears! Surely, they would do the same for the President of the United States!
  • Lil Bub Gets Therapy: Whoopi was pleased to announce that Lil Bub, a former View guest, has had therapy since she was last on the show and she can now walk and even run!
  • Royal Mistreatment: An Arizona school has prohibited a lesbian couple from running for homecoming Queen and Queen. The students are backing the couple but the school says royalty must be male and female. Rosie O said her kids never believe her when she says this but she was actually Homecoming Queen of Commack High School South Class of 1980!  She said her date worked at Baskin Robbins and is currently a fireman with the NYC Fire Department. Rosie ended the hot topic by simply stating for the record “There’s been lesbian homecoming queens as long as there’s been homecoming queens.”


Viral Video: If Google Was a Guy



Jeff Garlin: The absolutely hilarious Jeff Garlin joined The View panel and had them cracking up the entire time. They discussed his role on the hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm and the hilarious Larry David, the art of improvisation and his role on The Goldbergs. Apparently, Jeff wears just his underwear a lot on The Goldbergs so Nicolle dared him to strip down to his underwear for the rest of the interview and he did it! The season premiere of The Goldbergs airs tonight on ABC at 8:30|7:30c. Don’t miss it!


The Ladies of The View and Jeff Garlin


Ron Perlman: The actor, Ron Perlman, joined The View panel to discuss his new book entitled Easy Street (the Hard Way): A Memoir.  He declined to do his interview in his underwear but they did discuss his life as a young man, his difficulties with his own self-esteem growing up and his marriage to his wife of 33 years. Whoopi asked Ron about his role in the movie series HellBoy and whether or not there was going to be a sequel. Ron wouldn’t say for sure but he hinted that there may be a third film coming in the movie franchise.

Marilu Henner: Actress Marilu Henner joined the ladies to discuss her partnership with Always Discreet. Marilu said one in three women have sensitive bladder and it effects over 40 million Americans. She said a sensitive or leaky bladder can hold women back from going to an aerobics class, going dancing and even laughing. Marilu said it usually takes 6 years to diagnose because all too often people are hesitant to talk about it with their doctors.

Audience Gift: Members of the studio audience all went home with the complete first season of The Goldbergs on DVD, Ron Perlman’s book Easy Street and a $100 gift card to Kroger from P&G!


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