November 7, 2014

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  • Shoe Cam Update: Don’t forget to check out pics of Whoopi’s fancy shoe choices on her Facebook page! She wore shoes today made by Charlotte Olympia. She said she started the unique shoe trend because when she started The View, the ladies were all dressed so fancy and she’s more of a casual dresser, she felt like she needed to do something to spice it up!
  • Home DeDon’t: Hardware stores are reporting a steep decline in sales and one theory points to men not being as handy today as they once were. Whoopi asked if this was a sexist theory. Rosie P thinks if you want a man who is going to take out a garbage and fix a light bulb, make sure you find that kind of man. But she said not every man is going to be like that and you shouldn’t assume they will be. Nicolle thinks men should do the male chores like shovel when it’s snowing because that is one of their “jobs.”  She said she has a terrific husband but he is not handy. She has her husband and then she has the guy she calls who changes her light bulbs. Rosie P said she’s very fortunate because her man is very handy. Rosie O called herself a crafty person but not a handy person. She can’t fix anything but she has a “rented husband” named Brian whom she can call anytime she needs him. If the CO2 detector goes off in the middle of the night, she can call him! Whoopi said you can marry a guy and hope for handiness, but you can’t expect it.
  • Observation Affects Reality: A new restaurant study finds when chefs can see the diners at the table, the food tastes better. Rosie O believes this theory. She said her wife is a “foodie” and will often get them a table right near the kitchen so they are able to taste a little bit of everything the chef makes and it’s some of the best food she’s ever tasted. Though she wasn’t sure this theory held when it came to fast food. Rosie P thought the study was “silly.” Nicolle thinks for any job, the performance or behavior can be affected when they know someone is watching so she thought the theory might be valid. Speaking of watching behavior, Rosie O said she’s concerned a little about the new nursery monitors with audio, video and a two way intercom speaker. She said sometimes she will speak to their baby Dakota and say, “Dakota, mommy sees you. Lay back down and go to sleep.” The baby will look around to see where the voice is coming from! She’s worried that’s going to make her paranoid about big brother always watching over her. Whoopi said if they had that when she was growing up she probably would have thought it was the voice of God and most likely would be a nun right now.
  • New Found Fame: In a recent interview, Lupita Nyongo has stated that she hasn’t figured out how to be a celebrity yet. Nicolle also pointed out that Lupita goes on to say how much Whoopi inspired her in her role in The Color Purple. She encouraged all the viewers to read the entire article. Rosie P believes and understands what Lupita is saying regarding fame. She said fame can be difficult for some people because some actors get into it for the art and not to be famous. She said no one teaches you how to deal with it or how to handle your fans. Rosie O said she had done a few movies before her TV show The Rosie O’Donnell Show but after the show aired her entire life changed in a week. She wasn’t complaining but it was really “trippy” for her to not be able to go out or to get recognized at Target. Whoopi went from no one knowing her to people literally yelling her name out in the streets. She said she never wanted to be rude to fans because she was happy to be recognized but sometimes fans don’t realize how scary it can be for their kids having them run up to her. She thinks Lupita is very sweet though and said she knows she’ll be fine.



Lisa Kudrow: Lisa Kudrow joined the ladies of The View to discuss her series The Comeback which has “come back” to HBO! Rosie O was one of the show’s original fans and was a major voice in trying to get the show back on the air. She called it “one of the most brilliant shows she’s ever seen!” Lisa said the people at HBO were big fans of the show too and called her into their office to tell her how much they missed her character Valerie. They asked her what Valerie would be up to if they brought the show back. Lisa said she came up with the idea for the show, a celebrity doing a reality series about her life, back when the show Survivor started years ago. She thought the concept of reality television was pretty much the end of the world as we know it. Then she saw The Amazing Race and thought, “Oh NO! Couples are arguing, vomiting and crying and it is going to be broadcast for the entire world to see.” She thought it was fascinating and yet couldn’t fathom who in the world would sign up for that. However, she’s since realized how wrong she was because everyone is now into broadcasting their life now. Lisa and Rosie O discussed the show’s producer Michael Patrick King and one of her hilarious costars, Robert Michael Morris. Rosie P was a big fan of the show Friends and excited to talk with Lisa about the Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel. They discussed Lisa’s son who is now 16 and not particularly interested in anything she does professionally which cracked everyone up. And they discussed her Showtime series Web Therapy that Rosie once did a cameo in! You can watch that here. SO FUNNY. Lisa joked about her character in the show Web Therapy and said she plays a therapist who has absolutely no interest in actually helping people. Her character was much more concerned with how people can help her. The Comeback returns November 9th at 10pm on HBO. Don’t miss it!

Kalief Browder: When Rosie O first heard Kalief Browder’s story, it shook her to the core. Kalief was walking home from a party, minding his own business one day, when an officer told him and his friend that a man accused them of stealing his backpack. Kalief denied ever stealing anyone’s backpack and the officer told him to just come into the station and discuss it with him. When he got to the station he was arrested and charged with robbery. The bail was set at $3500 but his family didn’t have the money to bail him out. He was the baby of the family and his mother was devastated she couldn’t come up with the money to get him out. Kalief was taken to one of the toughest jails in the country and spent 3 years without a trial, for a crime he didn’t commit. He endured physical beatings and even attempted suicide. He was a victim of gang violence and spent 900 days in solitary while he waited for a court date that never came. The Judge told Kalief that if he simply plead guilty to the crime he would be released the same day but he wouldn’t do it. He refused to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t do. In June of 2013 all charges against Kalief were dropped. But he missed his junior and senior years of high school, his senior prom and graduation.

Kalief and his lawyer Paul, joined the show. Kalief said he was nervous but at the same time, happy to have his voice heard. He said it’s hard for him to explain the feelings of what it has been like for him over the years. Rosie O told Kalief what he went through, no human being should ever have to go through. She told him how inspiring he was and that he was a true hero for having survived it. She asked Kalief why he ended up in solitary and he said he would have to defend himself in fights or when corrections officers would beat him and oftentimes that would land him in solitary confinement. Kalief was only 16 years old when he was sent to prison for this crime. His lawyer said it’s tantamount to child abuse.   Kalief said after everything he had been through he couldn’t just admit to something he didn’t do and walk away even though most of the other prisoners he was incarcerated with told him to do so.

Before Kalief was arrested he liked sports, he liked to go to the park, go to school, workout and go to parties with his friends. Now he can’t even have fun. He said everything he does is in an attempt to try and catch up on everything he’s missed out on in his life. He’s now working and going to college and he thinks he wants to go into business management though he’s still young and unsure. Rosie O wanted Kalief to know that everything in the world is available to him now. She told him that many people have now heard his story, feel the injustice and want to help. She told Kalief how proud she was of him and how strong he was to survive what he did. Rosie O and The View gave Kalief a laptop to help him with his studies and promised to keep in touch with him. She gave him a little kiss on the cheek and a hug and told him what an inspiration he was. Rosie O updated the audience and let them know that the city has denied all wrongdoing in this case.  To read more about Kalief’s story, check out this article in The NewYorker.



Rosie & Kalief Browder


The heroic Kalief Browder and how you can help:

Watch yesterday’s interview with the brave Kalief Browder here:

Join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #Justice4KALIEF


Hot Holiday Toys:
Nicolle and Whoopi shared the hottest toys this season with a Toys R Us spokesperson! To see the toys in the Christmas book go to Toys R Us online.

Cutie Patootie: Cutie Patootie, Iain Armitage, who is a 6 year old theater reviewer with his own YouTube channel joined the ladies of The View to discuss his favorite Broadway plays! Rosie O and Iain met each other last weekend at Sideshow. He loved it and so did Rosie! Iain talked about Broadway, his all-time favorite shows and told Rosie about his father who is an actor. It turns out, Phantom of the Opera is one of Iain’s favorite shows so Rosie O got him the Phantom of the Opera monkey. He was delighted and told Rosie he’s always wanted that! Rosie O just adored Iain and told him to come back and do his theater reviews on the show anytime. You can watch Iain’s theater reviews on YouTube here!


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