A Heartfelt Stand Up (HBO Documentary Films)

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  1. Kim says:

    Hey Rosie, Saw your special on HBO, thought it was terrific!!! There is just not enough information on women’s heart disease out there. Keep well, enjoy what you can of the roll coaster of life. The up up’s and the down down’s. It’s never easy.The laughter helps. So thanks for helping.

  2. Leslie Cooper says:

    Dearest Rosie,
    Thank you for “A Heartfelt-Stand Up”, I was able to interpret my patients symptoms as a possible heart attack and sent him to the hospital where they saved his life. I am a Nurse Practitioner and listening to our patients is our #1 priority.
    Wishing you always the best of health!
    Leslie Cooper, MS, NP-C RN

  3. Bill Briner says:

    I’ve had a 100% blocked LAD artery for the past 3 years. A typical blockage is 5 mm long, mine is 40 mm long. A CTA scan indicated that some small, collateral arteries grew to create a natural bypass around the blockage. This is called angiogenesis. I suspect that you have a collateral artery that bypassed your blockage to kept you alive, otherwise you probably would have died within a few minutes. God built miraculous self-healing properties into the body. Thanks for sharing your message!

  4. Sandra Callahan says:

    The “Heartfelt” documentary should be required viewing for all women. It’s hilarious and entertaining but more importantly, it’s health information every women should know. I’ve saved my dvd recording for my daughter to watch with me. I want her to spread the HEPPP signs to her friends and coworkers. Thank you.

  5. Aine says:

    Would love to know if I can purchase the documentary from Ireland?

  6. JenniferT says:

    Just finished watching your HBO special. OH! MY! GOD!!! You nailed it!

    Congratulations! It was fantastic! You still got it!


  7. Linda Franco says:

    Listened to a clip of your documentary, “A Heartfelt Stand Up”. Love your vivacious humor as always! Your new material never feels to entertain me!!!
    The announcement of your 19 yr old Parker’s personal life though, Ouch! Hope him and his girl take that with a typical Mom’s grain of salt.
    Have a great HBO airing night! 🙂