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ok so yesterday we filmed dr oz
who is perhaps the kindest man ever born
a guy who truly cares
i love him

he is as real as he seems
smart handsome and open hearted
not easy
for a superstar surgeon

we spoke about my heart attack
in an audience full of others
women who like me had survived
forever changed

oz asked me y
we of the 65% obesity rate
can’t stop
cause its hurting r hearts

this fat

and i wished i had the answer
here is y
ta dah

protection trauma comfort
all of the above
complex humans
each and every one

on we all go
one step at a time
as we mend r broken hearts
one breath at a time


spent the weekend in philly
with some amazing families
all living with desmoid tumors
informative and emotional

i listened to 5 top doctors
deliver TED type talks
about their lifes passion
desmoid tumor research

these r smart peeps
they spoke to hundreds of patients
they brought their own slides
they worked the laser pointer

they answered questions
from worried mothers
from 20 years survivors
some with missing limbs

a community built around a rare disease
3 in a million
gathered together in hope of a cure
a connection

i met a beautiful young couple
whose 2 yr old blonde boy max
has a desmoid in his jaw
i wished for a magic wand

thank u to all who donated money
lots was raised for research
so one day
they will have a way to deal with
demon desmoids

on thursday i will be on the dr oz show
talking about my heart attack
tune in
let me know what u think

peace peeps

honey house

i saw one episode 3 days ago
i am obsessed

i hope u do all u can to protect this family
there is such beauty there
self acceptance
it really is a radical show
in ways most will miss

the balance between celebrating and humiliating has to be carefully kept

can u promise me u will get a doctor to check out junes toe …
the bugs in it –
it looked pretty serious

do u have anyone helping them with money
r u paying them fairly

do something if u can
to guide them david

which i realize is not ur job
but like susan boyle
they need and deserve protection

i am fascinated with the show on so many levels

congrats its a huge hit



i met david when i worked for OWN
he is a pretty amazing man
very smart – fair
honest even
imagine that

i like him
i like his wife
his kids r cool
he knows the best pizza place in rockland
we r nearly neighbors
a town or 2 over

he runs discovery networks
tonight they air a show called the BIG JIG
i am the creator – ish
david and i were flying to LA
he asked which shows i liked
dance moms i said without missing a beat

it was brand new then
he had not yet seen it
i did my best abby impression
he laughed

well my niece was an irish step dancer
the feis
life was ruled by the feis
do a feis dance mom show

he took out his notebook
and jotted it down

2 weeks later
i got a call and a contract
they were making it
that guy goes with his gut

we e mailed after my heart attack
the week before he sent me shark week cupcakes
remembering how my son blake
is totally into it

he asked what i thought about HCHBB
i told him i had not seen it
i don’t like toddlers and tiaras
i am old school

the documentary living dolls –
by shari cookson
said it all
about pageants

i had no interest in the series
so did not know of HBB

and then – i saw one episode
it only took one
to get it
to feel pushed and pulled

so many emotions
i knew why this show was huge

so on sept 26
i wrote the above e mail to david

even though there r many
who think it absurd
that i feel as i do
to strangers
who i am happy to have been introduced to
via cable tv

i know they have turned down the offer of a new house
which came b 4 mine
it doesn’t surprise me
and makes me love them even more

peace peeps


when i moved back to new york
in 1996 – with a new born parker in tow
preparing to start a new show
i needed a publicist

i met with only one
lois smith
a legendary powerhouse
founder of PMK

i walked into her office
looked into her sky blue eyes
and had to catch my breath
she was the spitting image of my nana

we talked for hours
about life and babies and show biz
turns out she lived in the next town
we soon became fast friends

many sundays she would stop by
on her way to salon z at saks
we zip over in her suburau
and scour the sale racks

we had many sunny days on my boat
in the hudson
her husband gene telling us the history of the area
why west point is – where west point is

she loved her clients
with a fierce loyalty
and a huge open heart
that went way beyond show biz

never without her bright red coat
she could be easily spotted in any star studded crowd
she was by my side as i rode the fame roller coaster
holding my hand thru the scary parts

2 weeks ago she called
“ducks” she said – hows the ticker?
she berated me for not coming to visit on plum island
she asked about my kids

she was one of a kind
and her death feels like a dagger
although 85 is a long life
hers was not long enough

returning to the 4 seasons one night in LA
after i hosted the grammys
she opened the limo sun roof
lifted her champange glass and said

“here’s to u world”

she taught me how to live
and how to love

i am not so sure what happens
after we leave the flesh behind
but i hope she is back with marilyn
talking about old times

as nora looks on
taking notes
lois had so many stories
what a movie that would be

this death thing
is impossible to get used to
i hope my heart can withstand it
sorrow is killing me