honey house

i saw one episode 3 days ago
i am obsessed

i hope u do all u can to protect this family
there is such beauty there
self acceptance
it really is a radical show
in ways most will miss

the balance between celebrating and humiliating has to be carefully kept

can u promise me u will get a doctor to check out junes toe …
the bugs in it –
it looked pretty serious

do u have anyone helping them with money
r u paying them fairly

do something if u can
to guide them david

which i realize is not ur job
but like susan boyle
they need and deserve protection

i am fascinated with the show on so many levels

congrats its a huge hit



i met david when i worked for OWN
he is a pretty amazing man
very smart – fair
honest even
imagine that

i like him
i like his wife
his kids r cool
he knows the best pizza place in rockland
we r nearly neighbors
a town or 2 over

he runs discovery networks
tonight they air a show called the BIG JIG
i am the creator – ish
david and i were flying to LA
he asked which shows i liked
dance moms i said without missing a beat

it was brand new then
he had not yet seen it
i did my best abby impression
he laughed

well my niece was an irish step dancer
the feis
life was ruled by the feis
do a feis dance mom show

he took out his notebook
and jotted it down

2 weeks later
i got a call and a contract
they were making it
that guy goes with his gut

we e mailed after my heart attack
the week before he sent me shark week cupcakes
remembering how my son blake
is totally into it

he asked what i thought about HCHBB
i told him i had not seen it
i don’t like toddlers and tiaras
i am old school

the documentary living dolls –
by shari cookson
said it all
about pageants

i had no interest in the series
so did not know of HBB

and then – i saw one episode
it only took one
to get it
to feel pushed and pulled

so many emotions
i knew why this show was huge

so on sept 26
i wrote the above e mail to david

even though there r many
who think it absurd
that i feel as i do
to strangers
who i am happy to have been introduced to
via cable tv

i know they have turned down the offer of a new house
which came b 4 mine
it doesn’t surprise me
and makes me love them even more

peace peeps