honey house

i saw one episode 3 days ago
i am obsessed

i hope u do all u can to protect this family
there is such beauty there
self acceptance
it really is a radical show
in ways most will miss

the balance between celebrating and humiliating has to be carefully kept

can u promise me u will get a doctor to check out junes toe …
the bugs in it –
it looked pretty serious

do u have anyone helping them with money
r u paying them fairly

do something if u can
to guide them david

which i realize is not ur job
but like susan boyle
they need and deserve protection

i am fascinated with the show on so many levels

congrats its a huge hit



i met david when i worked for OWN
he is a pretty amazing man
very smart – fair
honest even
imagine that

i like him
i like his wife
his kids r cool
he knows the best pizza place in rockland
we r nearly neighbors
a town or 2 over

he runs discovery networks
tonight they air a show called the BIG JIG
i am the creator – ish
david and i were flying to LA
he asked which shows i liked
dance moms i said without missing a beat

it was brand new then
he had not yet seen it
i did my best abby impression
he laughed

well my niece was an irish step dancer
the feis
life was ruled by the feis
do a feis dance mom show

he took out his notebook
and jotted it down

2 weeks later
i got a call and a contract
they were making it
that guy goes with his gut

we e mailed after my heart attack
the week before he sent me shark week cupcakes
remembering how my son blake
is totally into it

he asked what i thought about HCHBB
i told him i had not seen it
i don’t like toddlers and tiaras
i am old school

the documentary living dolls –
by shari cookson
said it all
about pageants

i had no interest in the series
so did not know of HBB

and then – i saw one episode
it only took one
to get it
to feel pushed and pulled

so many emotions
i knew why this show was huge

so on sept 26
i wrote the above e mail to david

even though there r many
who think it absurd
that i feel as i do
to strangers
who i am happy to have been introduced to
via cable tv

i know they have turned down the offer of a new house
which came b 4 mine
it doesn’t surprise me
and makes me love them even more

peace peeps

6 Responses to 'honey house'

  1. jen says:

    I love that show. That family has to be doing something right because not one of those kids lacks self confidence in being who they are.

  2. Jaime Marie says:

    As always, you see the world in reality not the false world celebs live in. Which is why I love to read and hear what you have to say! Yellow Ro, and love!!

  3. Kelly says:

    I love this story. Those of us that “get” u know that when u love something or someone u go “all in.” And that’s why we love u. Some would hold back because they would be too scared they would be wrong, seem foolish, or end up hurt. But u live with ur heart wide open not afraid to love people. And I also understand why they won’t take the offer. How do u thank someone for a gift like that anyway? The whole story makes me smile.

  4. STM1999 says:

    I am so very amazed how “rare” everyone finds this family. Clearly those in NYC need to get out of town more and get your head out chasing a different life. I live in the south and the qualities you find so genuine and needs to be “preserved” are really not that rare here. I’m not at all surprised they turned down a house offer – they are very content and happy – just what money can’t buy. When you grow up in an environment where family is the source of fulfillment – you get it.

  5. Cherry says:

    I understand why you love this family. They aren’t all Hollywood & what you’re use to in the business. They’re a family unit – they aren’t gimme, gimme, gimme…take, take, take. They seem genuine, rare to find people like that these days. So many people aren’t even around their kids, yet she centers her life around them & loves them unconditionally it seems. Let them live, people ! If you don’t like it, turn the channel. No need to bash them cause you & your family aren’t on TV !

  6. liz1971 says:

    those of us who ‘get’ you, understand what you are trying to do, why you are so fascinated. many will never truly know the lengths you go to to help those who have touched that huge heart of yours.

    anyway, i get it. thanks for all you do. 🙂