stranger DM i love

By Anthony Atamanuik

Here I stand
Huffing and puffing
Like a horny beast
Wet at the mouth


I am a flexing pig
My speeches
The rhythm of an idiot!

I piss vinegar on the
Black and the Brown.
I am the stench of
Burning bodies piled
High with indifference.

Orange, I am rusted.
White lipped.
Tossing my jaw back and forth
Belching bloody bile.

I am a fat little redhead.
Ever Lonely.
Never Loved.
Pure Ego.

Let the nukes fly!
Bursting prostate-choked
Pearls of Jizzum
Spilling from my gnarled Acorn.

I am the Trumpet In The Sky!
I am the Bringer of Death!
I am the Fire Dog!
According to ‘Gina!

I’ve muttered these sick, sad Psalms
Of vigorous stupidity for years.

Depart from Plato’s cave!
Stop screaming silent
At the shadows on the wall.

Agitate me!
Disrupt me!
Save me
From myself.

Let me be the absurd
Oily sideshow
The Inverted Clown
Who snidely molests people
With my smarm.

Tell me
You’re Fired.

Return me to New York
To eat amuse bouches
At Per Se.

There I will sit.
In My Gold and Chrome Tower
And Wonder About The Time
I Almost
The World