big sisters know shit

Hey Sister:

Just saw ya on my AOL front page.

Having grown up with “big brother’s” imposition, I just wanna suggest that you not engage in anymore DJT commentaries (or re: his family) at all for the next 4 years.

Your existence will become an extension of everything beyond the White House’s intelligence mediums.

It’s bigger than him now. Let his own character reveal itself without your responses, assessments and so on.

It’s tough, I know. But — this is when stepping back really counts.

Just resume your life as much as possible. Restore yourself. Build on your securities. Take care of your family, KidRo… etc. Dive into wellness and peace of mind.

Fodder will not help. It only agitates. These folks can tap, invade, deplete, distort, divert and syphon in ways you need not endure. If HRC could not win (knowing what she knows about this apparatus), you can not. You do not want to continue to be skinned alive amidst the nature of men in government.

Seems like there are a lot of free for alls going on in the world. You do not want to be folded into any of it.


And pardon, if my not seems too heavy-handed.