October 6, 2014

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  • In case you missed it, The View is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! They’re kicking off their celebration today with some fantastic Hispanic Americans.
  • Americans Panic Over Ebola: Whoopi discussed the Americans that have been diagnosed recently with Ebola and whether or not there should be travel bans. Rosie O discussed a recent John Stewart segment that she loved where he tried to put the Ebola epidemic into perspective for Americans. Rosie P said her husband is flying today and she told him to be extra cautious, stay calm and let the TSA take his temperature if they need to.  Nicolle said she thought it was interesting that some people are proposing sealing our borders. She said that would make things so much worse! She said if we don’t aid West Africa the disease will only spread more and many more people will become infected and die.  And then she said even more Americans would be at risk. Whoopi really wants Dr. Richard Besser on the show as a guest to help explain the risks of Ebola to the audience. However, he just returned from the region and some of the people at The View weren’t sure they should have him in the studio just yet because they didn’t want to put the audience at risk. Rosie O mentioned a documentary she loved about the President of Liberia entitled Pray the Devil Back to Hell. The film documents a peace movement which led to the election of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Liberia, the first female President of an African nation.
  • Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher: Ben Affleck and Bill Maher got into a heated argument over Bill’s provocative statements about Islam. Rosie O said she watched it this weekend and she agreed with everything Ben Affleck said. She mentioned it on Twitter and she said it made the Twitterverse go crazy! Rosie P said Maher shouldn’t have made such a generalization about the Islamic faith. She said, “When you make a generalization about anybody, it’s wrong.” Nicolle said Maher is calling out Liberals for not standing up for what he believes are the illiberal beliefs of the Muslim faith. She doesn’t think Maher is going to stop pointing out the violent strains within Islam. Nicolle said Maher pointing out these disparities is a provocative thing to do when Muslims are fighting alongside Americans to help us defeat ISIS. Rosie O said Affleck’s point was that religious fundamentalists, on the whole, are the problem because they all believe in some common things…women are second-class citizens, gays are evil, violence is okay if my side does it since I speak for God, sex is generally bad, other religions are inferior and my religion is being victimized. She said religious extremists have all these traits in common and it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu. Whoopi said whenever a culturally accepted belief is against them and not you, people better be careful because it could be YOU everyone is against someday. She said there are many Muslims who do not believe in these extremist beliefs and if Bill Maher has never met any, and would like to come on the show, they will introduce him to some.
  • Missing Teens: Rosie O’s daughter Chelsea’s friend Carolyn Lindsey is missing. She is 16 years old and has run away with her boyfriend, Sam Foley. Both children have special needs and need medication. In case the teens were watching, Rosie O looked directly at the camera and said, “You are not in trouble. Please call home and someone will come pick you up.” If you have any information about these missing teens please call the Clinton Police Department at 860-669-0451.
  • Womb Service: The first baby was born to a woman with a transplanted womb. The panel thought it was wonderful!
  • RHONJ Stars Sentenced to Jail: Joe and Teresa Giudice, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, have been sentenced to jail time for fraud. Joe was sentenced on multiple fraud charges to 41 months in jail and Teresa was sentenced to 16 months. Whoopi wasn’t surprised. She said you can’t mess with the IRS, “they don’t play.” Nicolle went back and studied about the RHONJ stars (after Wendy Williams introduced her to them) and was shocked to see them shopping with loads of cash! She said that was a major tipoff to the IRS. They played a clip from the RHONJ where Teresa goes furniture shopping and Rosie P said it reminded her of a scene from the film Goodfellas. Rosie P said she hopes the children are taken care of when their parents go to prison because that’s the real heartbreak.
  • Superfan Abe: A superfan named Abe Calimag has seen the musical Rock of Ages 500 times, in 6 different countries, on several cruise ships and has spent nearly 25K on his quest! Whoopi asked Rosie O if she’s a superfan and she said she was! She said she used to “cut out of school” the day Barbra Streisand’s albums were released. She used to wait in line at the record store the day her album dropped in order to get the first copy. And she’s seen some Broadway shows 10 or 20 times! Rosie P saw Caroline, or Change at least four times and went to the opening. She said she can understand seeing a Broadway show several times because every performance is different. (Though she wasn’t sure about seeing a show FIVE HUNDRED times.) Nicolle wanted to know when a superfan crosses the line and becomes a stalker? Rosie O said “when they hurt you. ” Rosie P said she’s never experienced a “stalker” superfan. And Whoopi said fans are great and it’s nice when you get to meet them. However, she continued, “if they follow you home” THAT might be uncomfortable.
  • Florida to Bermuda in a Bubble: A man thought he could walk to Bermuda in a homemade inflatable bubble. He didn’t make it and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. He actually called the Coast Guard because he needed directions!



John Leguizamo: Actor John Leguizamo joined the panel to talk with them about his new film with Keanu Reeves, John Wick which hits theaters October 24th. Rosie P pointed out that John is #6 on Variety Latino Most Influential Stars List and he’s come a long way from a career that started doing standup on a subway. He said he uses material from his family for his act, which used to bother his mother until he bought her a brownstone. They discussed Hispanic Heritage Month, John’s wife and kids and showed a clip of Rosie P and John from the movie Fugly which hits theaters November 7th. Rosie-ODonnell-John-Leguizamo

Rosie Rios: United States Treasurer, Rosie Rios joined the panel to discuss her role as U.S. Treasurer and one of the most powerful women in America. When Obama was inaugurated in 2008, Rosie Rios was appointed as U.S. Treasurer. She is a first generation Mexican-American with eight brothers and sisters who were all raised by their single mother. Ms. Rios oversees the US mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Rosie P gave her two snaps for that! And she wanted to know how Ms. Rios made her way to Harvard and the U.S. Treasury as a child of nine siblings. Ms. Rios said she owes all her success to her mom who instilled in her a strong set of values, appreciation for education and sent all nine of her children to college. She is honored to be the first Latina from Harvard to have her portrait commissioned! All the ladies expressed what an honor it was for them to sit at the table with Ms. Rios.

Ana Ortiz: Actress Ana Ortiz talked with the panel about her role on Devious Maids and her future guest role on How to Get Away with Murder. Ana sat with Nicolle and Rosie P and discussed her father, who was the first Puerto Rican City Councilman in the state of Pennsylvania! She also gave a shout-out to Rosie P’s documentary Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas, which she said was required viewing in her home. She said she’s always loved to perform and grew up studying ballet. They also briefly discussed the controversy surrounding her show Devious Maids because of the portrayal of Latinas as maids. She said she did the role because the characters were smart and funny and because the women in the show were the ones who held all the power. She said many Hispanics are maids and to not tell their story would be disrespectful to them. Ana will be guest starring on the show How To Get Away with Murder and talked about what it was like working with the fabulous Viola Davis. Watch for her appearance in the show this Thursday, October 9th, at 10/9c on ABC.



Rosie P: “When you make a generalization about anybody, it’s wrong.”

Rosie P: [discussing Sophia Vergara’s accent] “I’m just happy I’m not the only Latina people imitate anymore!”

Whoopi: [regarding the new View desk that Whoopi now has to straddle the leg of, in order to sit comfortably] “I feel like I’m doing something illegal with this table.”

John Leguizamo: “I try not to suck.”

Rosie O: In general, religious fundamentalists all believe “women are second-class citizens, gays are evil, violence is okay if my side does it since I speak for God, sex is generally bad, other religions are inferior and my religion is being victimized.”

Nicolle: [regarding the Ebola crisis in West Africa] “If we were to shut our borders so that no one could go there and no one could come back, many more people would die and many more Americans would be at risk.”

Rosie Rios: [about her single mother who raised her and her 8 siblings] “Everything I do, I feel like I do for her.”


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