October 31, 2014


  • The ladies were dressed in their very best movie-themed costumes!  Rosie P was Cleopatra.  Nicolle was Effie Trinket from The Hunger GamesRosie O was Edward Scissorhands. And Whoopi was the badass ballerina from Black Swan!  Whoopi gave a shout-out and thank you to the little ballerinas from The School of American Ballet and the hardest working hair and makeup team in the business for their transformations  They discussed whether or not family members were allowed to scare them when they are home.  NO ONE is allowed to scare Rosie P or Rosie O.  Nicolle commented on how this is her first year as a mom where she’s had to face scary things in celebration of the holiday.  Basically her son karate chops anything that’s scary.  Whoopi used to threaten the monsters under the bed in order to scare them away for her daughter.  Rosie O had a foster child who was terrified of monkeys.  She designed a bottle of “Go Away Monkey Spray” and secretly put it on the shelves at CVS.  Then they purchased the monkey spray (aka hairspray) together at the store and she sprayed her entire room with it every night.  And the fear of monkeys went away!
  • DIY Costumes:  They showed some fun homemade costume ideas from Pinterest!
  • Last Minute Halloween Decorations: The ladies presented some last minute Halloween decorations you can do today to decorate for tonight’s trick-or-treating!
  • Whoopi visited the most haunted places in New York City!  She visited the Old Merchants House of New York the most haunted house in New York City and the most haunted restaurant One If By Land Two If By Sea in New York’s West Village.  Lastly she visited Washington Square Park which, unbeknownst to some, was a mass burial ground for yellow fever victims, Native Americans and slaves.  It was also a location for public executions and hangings!
  • Finally, the hosts picked their favorite costumes from the studio audience and gave them each a $100 gift card.

The Ladies of The View on Halloween


Grant Gustin:  Grant Gustin, from the runaway hit series The Flash, joined the ladies of The View dressed as Superman!  He discussed his love of Superman and how much he’s always loved the comic book superhero genre.  He was surprised when he got the role as Flash because he was so unlike what they were looking for in the casting call.  Grant got one of his early breaks on the hit show Glee and they showed a clip from an episode he starred in.  He started tap dancing when he was very young, grew up doing community theater and went to high school and college as a theater major.  Grant starred in West Side Story on Broadway too!  You can catch the series The Flash Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW channel.

Audience Giveaway: In honor of the holiday everyone in the studio audience received a Butterfinger gift bag!

Take a little time and enjoy The View.