October 29, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Taylor Swift on The View: The ladies discussed how excited they were to have Taylor Swift on the show today.  Whoopi really feels like Taylor Swift has her act together.  She loves it when she hears about her fans because Whoopi really feels like she’s leading them in the right direction.  Rosie O agreed.  She spoke about the longevity of Taylor’s career and her new number 1 album.  Nicolle also loves Taylor Swift and how nice she is.  Rosie O said her 11 year old is not talking to her though because she didn’t let her cut out of school today and come to the show.  Rosie P said she should have let her!  Whoopi said you meet a lot of performers who have no idea what their art is but Taylor really knows her art.
  • Viral Video: The ladies discussed a viral video going around of a woman walking down the streets of NYC getting catcalls from all over.  She was harassed over 108 times over a 10 hour period!  No one at the table was particularly surprised but Nicolle said that has never happened to her on the street.  Rosie P was surprised by that because she thinks Nicolle is really hot!  Rosie P said it happens to her often and unless the guy is really rude or disrespectful she doesn’t mind the compliments.   Rosie O said her wife gets catcalls a lot and Michelle isn’t bothered by it.  Whoopi said older women often tell her how much smaller she looks in person and how big and fat she looks on television.  Rosie O said the worst was the time when some woman came up to her at Target and said, “I don’t want to insult you, but you look like Rosie O’Donnell.”  She said, “Ew!  Don’t say that!”
  • Costco is Closed on Thanksgiving: One of their favorite stores,Costco, has decided that they will be closed for Thanksgiving.  They all loved that the Costco employees got to stay home on the holiday and think that’s the way it should be.  Nicolle said Nordstrom is also closed on Thanksgiving in order to celebrate the holiday and to allow their employees to celebrate with their families.  Good for you Costco, and Nordstrom!
  • Must Have Monday Extended:  The Must Have Monday flash sale has been continued until Thursday (10/30) at 12:00pm Pacific Time while supplies last.    Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to 85% off the retail price on some fabulous gifts for your friends and family!
  • Truth & Consequences: Rosie O’s son Blake grabbed his older brother’s BB Gun and shot out a window of a truck that was parked in their driveway.  Rosie O made him pay for it and he was really mad at her.  He also wrote an apology note to the owner of the truck.   All the ladies agreed it was good parenting that Rosie made him pay for the window.  Whoopi thinks it’s an important lesson to learn.  If you damage someone else’s property, you have to pay for it.
  • Rosie P Celebrating An Anniversary: Today was the anniversary of the day that Rosie P’s husband proposed to her.
  • Harry Potter Can Rap:  Rosie O loved the video of Daniel Radcliff rapping on The Tonight Show!  She adores both of them.  Watch the video here.
  • There’s An App For That: There’s a new app that can get you out of a bad date.  It’s called Dorothy.  It includes a device that you can clip onto your shoes, so that you to click your heels to make your cell phone ring.  That way you can pretend there’s an emergency and you have to leave if you’re on a bad date!  Nicolle said this app is the technological version of what she learned on Sex In the City when Carrie Bradshaw used to have her friends call her when she was on a hideous date.
  • Rosie O’s Lil Pumpkin: Rosie O showed some adorable pictures of her baby Dakota at a pumpkin patch yesterday.
  • Nicolle’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Nicolle wore royal blue by mistake yesterday and she’s convinced that’s why the San Fransisco Giants, her favorite team, got killed in the World Series.
  • Republicans Want Their 2 Seconds on The View: Nicolle said a lot of Republican’s reached out to her yesterday after Elizabeth Warren visited the show and they want to make sure they are mentioned too.  She encouraged Republican voters to support and vote for Senator Mitch McConnell, Scott Brown in New Hampshire and David Perdue in Georgia.   She said when she’s voting she typically votes for the Republicans and she doesn’t care who the viewers choose to vote for, as long as they get out and vote.  Whoopi said if the audience doesn’t vote they have no right to bitch about what happens in our government because the only way things will change is if we change them.  Nicolle emphasized how women determine the outcome of elections.  Rosie P encouraged that voters to do their homework and not just listen to political pundits when they go out and vote.
  • Unrecognizable: The latest star people are calling unrecognizable is filmmaker Kevin Smith who just posted pictures of himself clean shaven and a whole lot thinner.  He said he lost weight by cutting out sugar and walking more.  Rosie O loves him but doubts you can lose that much weight by “walking more.”  However, she said, if he’s had some sort of weight loss surgery she’s sure he will own up to it.  Though he says he did not.  She said it’s hard for someone to go from how large he was to how small he is now without medical intervention but she said it is possible.  Rosie P said there are people who were very large and lost lots of weight naturally and she doesn’t care how they do it.  Rosie O thinks it’s great he lost the weight and said he looks like a totally different person.
  • Cute Baby Videos: Whoopi showed a video of her great-granddaughter’s first taste of ice cream.  Little Charlie got a taste of an ice cream bar and refused to give it back to her mother who was video taping the tasting!  Whoopi thinks her mother (Whoopi’s daughter) is “in for it” and she’s going to enjoy watching.


Taylor Swift: The talented Taylor Swift joined the ladies of The View to screaming applause!  The audience sang Shake It Off to Taylor and she simply adored it.  She recognized a lot of her super fans in the audience too!  Taylor has a new album out entitled 1989.  She’s been spending a lot of time online reading the comments on Instagram and Twitter and she realized she and many of her fans are going through the same difficult struggles.  Everyone has to deal with people talking about them and she said the reaction has to be the same, you have to shake it off.  She said it’s human instinct to defend yourself when people have the wrong impression of you but you have to let go of it. Taylor said her label was a little nervous about this album, though they would never admit it now.  She’s never presumptuous about winning awards because she feels like if she is then maybe she won’t work as well creating her art.  She said she keeps a nice healthy level of insecurity going at all times.   Taylor said it’s interesting how feminism has come up so much more in the past year for her.  She said she was never really taught the definition of feminism as she was growing up but she’s realized it’s just about equality.  Taylor said it’s been a life-long dream of hers to move to and live in New York City.  She said New York City feels like “endless possibilities.”  She’s donating all of the proceeds from the song Welcome to New York to NYC public schools.  Regarding the women Taylor chooses to surround herself with, she said she looks for women friends who really have their own passions, dreams and ambitions.  She said her friends challenge her, motivate her and make her want to be smarter, stronger and better.  They showed a video of Taylor visiting a little boy in the hospital who was suffering from leukemia.  They discussed National Cat Day and talked about how much Taylor loves her cats.  She joked that her cats have become very famous and all the fame is going to their heads!  Her 1989 Deluxe Album is available exclusively at Target and has three extra songs on it.  It also has three songwriting voice memos from her personal cell phone!  She added those to the album so she could show people how her songwriting process starts and then they can listen to the album to see where it ends up.


Taylor Swift and Rosie!


Bethenny Frankel: Bethenny Frankel joined Nicolle and Rosie O to discuss her new book Skinnygirl Cocktails which details her own personal cocktail recipes, all under 150 calories each and really easy to make.  She sees drinking as kind of an accessory and a conversation starter and said her cocktail recipes will make your guests happy.  They briefly discussed her years on reality television and her return to the reality television genre.  She said being flawed and going through struggles in a public way was really what connected her to the audience.  She briefly discussed dating, her daughter and her failed talk show.

Audience Giveaway:
Members of the studio audience received a copy of Taylor Swift’s album 1989 and a copy of Bethenny Frankel’s book Skinnygirl Cocktails: 100 Fun & Flirty Guilt-Free Recipes.


Whoopi: “No one completes you.  You are already complete.”

Rosie O:  “You would NOT believe that Harry Potter can rap!”

Rosie P:  “Do your own homework.  Know what’s on the ballot and vote.”

Nicolle: “I don’t care who you vote for, I just want you to vote next Tuesday.”

Taylor Swift: [about New York City] “It feels like endless possibilities.”

Bethenny Frankel:  “Being flawed and going through difficult times [on reality television], is really what has connected me to the audience.”