January 7, 2015

Host Update: Rosie began today’s show explaining to the audience that Whoopi and Rosie Perez aren’t there again today.  Whoopi is still mending her injured back and Rosie Perez is rehearsing a Broadway show for the month of January.  The guest co-hosts who joined Rosie and Nicolle for the day were Michelle Williams, Mario Cantone and Rachel Feinstein.  Rachel has a new sketch show with Amy Schumer coming out on Comedy Central.   Michelle has a new CD out entitled Journey to Freedom.  And Mario Cantone has a brand new show entitled Hindsight which airs tonight, January 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

Hot Topics:

rosie-donnell-nicolle-wallaceSay Yes To the Dress:  Yesterday, Rosie wore a DRESS and Nicolle’s parents loved it so much they called Nicolle three times yesterday to tell her!  Mario told Rosie how beautiful she looked in the dress and he said Twitter was going crazy over it.  They showed several Tweets to Rosie from fans complimenting her on her new look!  Michelle called Rosie Bootylicious, a reference to the Destiny’s Child hit from the early 2000’s.  Rosie thanked everyone for the compliments but admitted she did not choose the dress.  She credited the amazing stylist, Fran Taylor, who dressed her.  She did admit she felt a little self-conscious, however.  Rachel’s mom also called her about Rosie’s dress and said Rosie looked like a “smart, foxy Hollywood starlet.”  Michelle suggested Rosie wear at least one dress a month and Ro liked the idea but said she felt more comfortable dressed as Edward Scissorhands.  Mario also told Nicolle how beautiful she looked today and Nicolle gave all the credit to the stylists at The View for her look.

Drink Up:  Billionaire Bill Gates is supporting an initiative to get fresh water around the world to people who desperately need it.  However, the process is making some people a little queasy because it turns sewer sludge (human waste) into clean drinking water.  Mario said he would try the water if it meant it’s going to save the world.  Nicolle said she isn’t even sure the green drink she drinks every day doesn’t have poop in it!  As far as she knows it does!  And she said people spend more money on bottled water than they do for a gallon of gas at Whole Foods.  She would try it.  Rosie thought it was a wonderful solution to a world-wide problem.  Nicolle said they’re also making fresh water out of sea water which might be a little easier for everyone to handle.



Naked Ambition: A new article in Politico, entitled The Secret History of Women in the Senate, claims that back in 2008 North Carolina’s Senator Kay Hagan wanted to use the Senate pool but was told it was for men only because the male Senators liked to swim naked.  Mario said, “Yes, the sagging scrotums of the Senate swimming across partisan lines.”  Rachel was sure no one is googling for those images on the Internet.  Nicolle said Aaron Schock might make the water more inviting!  (And they showed a picture of the buff Congressman in his swimsuit.) Rosie didn’t even care if he was a Republican or a Democrat, she licked her lips at the image.  Then she said, “I put on that dress and I think I’m turning straight!”  Mario said, “If he’s a Democrat, he’s gay.  If he’s a Republican, he’s in the closet. Come on, look at him!”  The audience exploded with laughter.

Phylicia Rashad Speaks Out:  Phylicia Rashad recently broke her silence about the allegations against her TV husband Bill Cosby.  She said she thinks it’s an orchestrated destruction of his legacy in order to keep him off TV.  Michelle feels like Phylicia has worked with Cosby for years and if anyone should know him well, it’s her.  She thinks it’s good that someone who knows him so well would speak out because it really says something when your friends are silent and there are allegations against you.  Rosie asked if there can be a very talented entertainer who did so much for civil rights and racism who may also be a serial rapist.  She said both could be true even if they don’t make sense in our heads.  She doesn’t think 27 women in their 60s and 70s would lie in order to ruin Bill Cosby’s career.  Rachel thinks it’s offensive and insane to say the women are just looking for their moment in the limelight.  Mario said unfortunately, because of the statute of limitations, Cosby will never be able to prove his innocence and the victims will never be able to prove their allegations are true.  He doesn’t know what to think about it.  Nicolle said either way it depresses the hell out of her.  Rosie said rape is happening all over the country in a way that’s shocking.  One in six women will be raped in their lifetime and some statistics say it’s as many as one in three.  Mario (half jokingly) said he thinks sexual predators should be castrated and Nicolle was surprised by this statement.  She said it was a “very Republican approach.”  Michelle feels badly for the women because if the stories are true they’re not being believed.  Rachel thinks rape is treated differently than any other crime.  She said if 26 people said they were all mugged in the park we wouldn’t all doubt them but when it’s rape we suddenly start asking questions like, “What were you wearing to cause that to happen?”  Rosie said rape is a crime of power, not sex.  She said it is a crime of both power and violence against women.  She referenced her friendship with Stephen Collins and when she saw his interview about him using the hand of a 10-year-old to pleasure himself it made her physically ill.  She was bothered by Collins’ dismissiveness about the incident along with the way Katie didn’t push him in the interview at all.  To her, it felt like a re-violation because she would like Collins to know what it feels like to be the 10-year-old girl on the receiving end of that abuse.  He seemed to equate that they were equals in the interview, which of course, they were not and that really bothered her.  She said it’s a very difficult subject to talk about in society but it’s necessary.  Michelle said it’s a bigger topic than just what happened with Bill Cosby.  And Nicolle said we have to be careful not to diminish Phylicia Rashad either because this is her truth.  And there’s a possibility that what she said is true too.  Rosie said there’s a slim chance that what Phylicia said is true.  She likened it to when a mother in an incestuous family knows the father is sexually abusing someone in the household but chooses to deny it because that’s the safest place for their brain to land.  She called it “cognitive dissonance,” or holding two thoughts in your brain at once, and said that should be the goal for everyone in 2015.  Mario asked if they could move on to the next topic before he had to take a Xanax.

rosie-odonnell-rachel-feinstenMistaken Sexting: Rachel recently sex-texted some racy pictures to the wrong person!  What was so upsetting about it for her was that the picture wasn’t even a good picture!  She said it was done sloppily with a receipt by her foot and a half-eaten muffin in the shot.  When she realized she sent the picture to the wrong person she freaked out and called her friend Amy Schumer.  They both know the guy and to make Rachel feel better Amy sent him one too!  Now that’s a good friend!  He has since deleted the pics, so he claims.

Million Dollar Interview:  Rosie asked the group if any of them had seen The Interview.  Rosie said she saw it because her teenagers really wanted to see it while they were on holiday break.  She thought it was a cute comedy and said that Seth Rogen is “incredibly talented.”  Michelle was embarrassed to admit it but she was afraid to watch it.  She thought North Korea would come after her.  But since Rosie is still here to tell the story she might attempt to watch it.  Mario saw The Interview and liked it too.  He said Seth is a wonderful actor.  Mario thinks what the North Korean hacking really did was to allow Middle America to see what really happens in negotiations.  He said producers say stuff about actors and actors say stuff about producers.  Rosie said there’s a new movement out about net neutrality and keeping the Internet free.  Some see the North Korean government hacking scandal as a way some people in this country can push the agenda that we must do a better job of “policing the Internet” and therefore, making it no longer free.  Rosie said today the Internet is sort of seen as the fourth estate.  She said since all the major news channels are owned by major corporations, the Internet is oftentimes the way we get alternative “non-corporately owned” news.  Nicolle was a little surprised by this theory and said she never would have thought it.


Jerry Springer:  Jerry Springer joined the program to discuss his brand new dating game show on Game Show Network entitled Baggage on the Road.  Jerry is in his 24th season of his talk show and said he thinks it’s so popular because it’s “so crazy and so out there.”  He said when the show first aired people had never seen anything like it.  But nowadays, with social media as it is, people are coming on TV to talk about their private lives, not just sharing everything on social media.  Mario blamed Jerry for everyone’s social media oversharing and he replied, “I just hope hell isn’t that hot.”  When asked about his most memorable guest ever, Jerry said it had to be the guy who was married to his horse.

Jerry has another show on GSN entitled Baggage.  He said it’s a traditional dating show but the twist is people come on and reveal personal details about their lives that they may not have normally shared with a new partner.  They’ve filmed 300 episodes of Baggage and now they’re taking it on the road to college campuses with Baggage on the Road.

Game – Rosie’s Baggage: The hosts played a game where they stood in front of 3 pieces of luggage that each contained a secret about Rosie’s past.  The other hosts had to guess which item was actual baggage she would bring to a relationship.  The items were:

  1. I will only sleep on sheets that contain cartoon characters.
  2. I eat my hair.
  3. I am obsessed with popping other people’s pimples.


Everyone KNEW number 3 was the one!  Baggage on the Road airs tonight on the Game Show Network.  Don’t miss it!

Joshua Sasse:  Joshua Sasse stars in the musical mini-series Galavant, the highest rated new comedy of the year, where he plays a dashing hero planning a journey to save a damsel in distress from a wicked king.   He joined Nicolle, Rosie and Mario to discuss the show’s premise, a musical comedy where the heroes aren’t very heroic and the princesses aren’t very dainty.  Josh talked a little about his role in the musical Mama Mia and how he’s an active Twitter user!  Follow Joshua on Twitter hereGalavant airs Sunday nights at 8pm EST on ABC.


Tune In: Nicolle’s going to be on WWHL on Bravo tonight and don’t forget to catch Mario Cantone tonight in Hindsight!

Audience Giveaway:  Michelle Williams has a new album out entitled Journey to Freedom and everyone in the audience received a copy.

written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions