January 22, 2015

Today on The View, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by singer Michelle Williams and YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger.  Whoopi was taking another day to heal her back and Rosie Perez returns to The View on Tuesday February, 3rd!  Colleen has an unbelievable YouTube channel called Miranda Sings that has over 325 million views and has 3 million subscribers!  Colleen said she got the idea for the YouTube channel after she started going to school with a bunch of vocal performance majors who were very cocky and really rude to her.  So she poked fun at them a bit on her YouTube channel and now she’s hosting The View!


Michelle Williams, Nicolle, Colleen Ballinger & Rosie!

Hot Topics:

Battle of the Balls: The deflate-gate scandal is calling for the Patriots to be disqualified from the Super Bowl.  Rosie actually agrees.  Coach Belichick spoke at a press conference earlier this morning and said he had nothing to do with it.  He also said, “I don’t handle the balls.” Rosie said as a lesbian she can say that too! Rosie thinks the team shouldn’t go to the Super Bowl if they were cheating but Michelle respectfully disagreed.  She feels like other teams have probably done things that could get them a point or two in the past too.  Because Nicolle isn’t a football expert, she asked her husband about this issue and he said it makes it a lot easier to throw and catch a football when they’re a little deflated.  She thinks the Patriots should lose their win and a team that didn’t deflate their balls should go to the Super Bowl.  Colleen said at least they cheated using deflated balls because it gives them so many funny things to talk about.  Rosie asked if the Patriots are picked on so much because they’re good or because they cheat better.  Michelle likes the Patriots and thinks it was an accident.  Nicolle said the Patriots actually scored more points in the second half of the game after the balls had been reinflated.

Show Me Your Login: A new cyberbullying law allows schools to force students to hand over their social media passwords if the school suspects the child of bullying.  Michelle said she was for it.  She thinks parents are oftentimes in denial about what their children are capable of and since she was a bullied child, she has a low tolerance for bullying.  Colleen has strong feelings against the law.  Firstly, she feels like parents should be involved before they bypass them and access the student’s social media accounts.  But she does like that schools are trying to do something to combat cyberbullying because she witnesses it every day.  Rosie thinks until kids are 18-years-old parents have the right to monitor their kids’ social media accounts and online activity.  She has an app on her computer called Teen Safe that allows her to monitor her teens online.  Nicolle believes if one child’s life is saved because of this new law, she’s all for it.  She thinks that snooping is a higher priority than the privacy of a teenager.  Colleen doesn’t think it will really prevent anything to delete a teen’s Twitter account.  She said if they’re a true cyberbully, the teen will just create another account and keep doing it.  Rosie has wrestled with the concept of going off all social media herself.  Now, if Rosie brings out her phone while she and her young daughter Dakota are coloring or playing together, Dakota will grab the phone and say, “No, Mommy, no!”  Dakota wants her full attention!  She said iPhones, in a way, have ruined their lives because they have made us want to record every single moment.  Colleen agreed and said her niece and nephew just want to play with her iPhone whenever they’re together rather than interact with her.

First Kiss Freak Out: A grade-school boy named Griffin has gone viral for a video he made describing his first kiss!  (watch the video below)  Colleen was 16 when she had her first kiss and it wasn’t even a real kiss, it was a stage kiss, but Rosie said that still counts.  Nicolle doesn’t even remember her first kiss and Michelle’s first kiss was in church!  Rosie remembers her first kiss well.  It was with Craig Blitz who lived in Dix Hills, New York.  They were playing basketball together in her driveway and the ball bounced into the garage.  He followed her in to get it and he kissed her! Then two weeks later, he stole a ring from his mom’s jewelry box and gave it to her.  She loved the ring but his mom alerted the school and the principal called Rosie down to the office to ask her where she got it.  She ended up having to give it back.

Watch Griffin as he describes his first kiss…

Baby Bulletin:  Chelsea Clinton says she reads the newspaper to her infant daughter every morning.  Rosie thought that was “interesting and little bit odd.” Nicolle said after the Newtown tragedy, she and her husband don’t have the news on in the house anymore.  She doesn’t want her child to ingest the negativity.  She realizes he’ll have access to all the news on the Internet someday but said she doesn’t want it a part of their daily lives.  Nicolle said she wouldn’t choose to read the news to her son but she said she’s sure that Chelsea’s daughter will be just as smart as all the other Clintons.  Michelle said Charlotte Clinton might be a co-host on The View someday, who knows!

Quit Calling Me Cougar:  Jennifer Lopez’s The Boy Next Door opens tomorrow (1/23) and in the film J-Lo gets involved with a much younger man.  However, she has a problem with people calling her a “cougar” in real life when she enters into a relationship with a man who is younger than her.  Mostly, because no man is ever called a cougar.  They are congratulated.  Colleen said there’s definitely a negative connotation with women dating younger men but if an older man dates a younger woman he’s celebrated.  She thinks that’s ridiculous.  Rosie said it’s definitely a double-standard.   Madonna for example, doesn’t care what anyone thinks about who she dates.  She chooses to date the person she loves no matter their age or what anyone says.  Rosie was always inspired by how Madonna embraces her sexuality.  Michelle, who is single, joked that she would rather go for the older guy with a senior discount at this point.

In Google We Trust: In a brand new survey, Google is now a more trusted news source than TV and print journalism.  Michelle enjoys Google because now there is no excuse for being ignorant.  She likes that you can find out the truth in real time.  Nicolle said she’s still a “dinosaur” and reads three newspapers every morning but she does think Google helps marriages.  She thinks it’s a great tool for couples to clear up disagreements immediately.  She and her husband have settled political disputes using Google and Rosie thought it was so cute that Nicolle fights about politics with her husband.  Colleen and her fiancé have argued and had to use Google to find the correct pronunciation of words.  Colleen met her fiancé after he saw her YouTube videos!  He messaged her on Facebook and they started chatting.  The day they met in person they said, “I love you.”   Rosie said Colleen’s story is a little like FrozenMichelle thinks she must be doing something wrong because she’s still single.  And she said maybe she should start a YouTube channel like ColleenNicolle thinks Michelle is a wonderful person and she’ll surely find the right person someday.  Michelle joked that whoever it is, he will have to be able to “handle her crazy.”  Rosie said that’s the requirement of all partners.  She said everyone comes with baggage and baggage can also be seen as experience.  Rosie said, “You don’t get to be where you are right now without everything that’s happened to you in the past.  And the great news is, the past is in the past.”

And that whole conversation reminded me of this scene from The Lion King, so here it is for your enjoyment!  🙂



David-Hyde-Pierce-Rosie-OdonnellDavid Hyde Pierce: David is making trouble for Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife and making his directorial debut on Broadway in the new musical It Shoulda Been You.  Firstly, he told Michelle, if he wasn’t already married, he would marry her!  Awwwwwww.  He said his new musical It Shoulda Been You is in pre-production right now and it’s very exciting!  His husband wrote the book and the cast has many stars including the talented Tyne Daly!  Rosie asked David if he’s ever been to one of Tyne’s poker parties at her house.  He hasn’t, but said he learned from Tyne, who he said has “the best legs on Broadway,” to always take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Nicolle said she is obsessed with The Good Wife. David plays Julianna’s political opponent on the show and Nicolle wanted to know if this is going to be a dirty campaign.  He said it’s going to get dirtier!  He tapes an episode of The Good Wife tonight and he still doesn’t know if he wins or loses the election!

David talked about what a huge Broadway guy he is.  He said his very first play was entitled Beyond Therapy and it was performed at the same theater where he is going to have his directorial debut.  Rosie saw David in Heidi Chronicles and thought he was fantastic.  Michelle asked David if there will ever be a Frasier reunion and he said they have them all the time, but they happen in private.   It Shoulda Been You begins previews on March 17th and opens on April 14th. But you can buy tickets now!

Mike-Huckabee-Rosie-Odonnell2Mike Huckabee: Mike Huckabee joined the ladies to discuss his new book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy  and to also discuss his political aspirations when it comes to the next presidential campaign.  Nicolle complimented Mike about how great he is at standing alone in his political beliefs, even when he’s surrounded by those that don’t agree.  Mike said he is a conservative but he’s “not mad at anyone about it.”  He believes in the ability to have conversations with people that may not agree with him.  One of the things that bothers Mike about politics today, is that so many people make it “hostile and polarizing.”  He thinks people can have the sharpest of disagreements in the kindest of ways.  He recalled when he joined Rosie on her radio program Rosie Radio.  They had a wonderful conversation about gay marriage.  Rosie agreed.  She said they have different views but they were able to come to a “mutual understanding.”

Nicolle flat out asked Mike if he was going to run for president.  He said he left his very successful show on Fox News and if he doesn’t run, he has to be the dumbest man around to leave a good gig like that! (Though he wouldn’t say for sure if he was running.)  Mike’s wife wanted him to run for president in 2012 but he didn’t think it was the right time and he also didn’t think it was a good idea to run against a very popular, incumbent president.  And after the election was over she said to him, “You were right.”  Three of the best words he’s ever heard!  Colleen asked Mike what makes him different from the other Republican candidates running for President and he joked, “I’m on The View and they’re not!”  More seriously, Mike said all the other Republican candidates are “good guys” and he’s not going to say anything bad about them.  He always finds it disingenuous when candidates bash each other in a primary campaign and then praise who ever gets the nomination at the convention.


They played a lightning round where Nicolle gave Mike a few words and he had to say what first came to mind:

President Obama:  Mike said he is a good man but missed his opportunity to work with the legislature and build relationships with the people in Congress.  Rosie said some of the people in Congress have not been open to having that relationship with the president either.  Mike agreed but said it is up to the president to make the effort.  And Mike said he believes in term limits for members of Congress.  He said Washington has become “The Roach Motel: They go in but they never go out.”  Rosie totally agreed.

Beyonce: Mike said she’s an amazing singer and unbelievable dancer but she doesn’t need to do songs like Partition and Drunk In Love in order to be an effective and amazing talent.  Michelle loves Beyonce and thinks she chose to do those songs in order to shed the “good girl” image. Michelle thinks Beyonce had some freedom and she “owned it.”  Michelle respects Mike but was definitely offended by his comments about her girl, Bey.  Mike said a lot of what people are reacting to are the headlines and how reporters have spun the story, not what he actually said in the book.

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a pair of tickets to It Shoulda Been You and Mike Huckabee’s new book entitled God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.


Take a little time to enjoy The View!

written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions