January 20, 2015

Rosie-Odonnell-SkeletonWhoopi’s Back:  Whoopi rejoined the hosts at the table after almost a month off due to an injured back.  Her favorite band Vintage Trouble was there to celebrate her return!  She explained to the audience that her back pain came from a herniated bulging disc that may have been aggravated by sitting incorrectly.  Dr. Richard Besser sat down with the ladies to explain Whoopi’s back issues using a skeleton as a visual aid.  He taught a lesson in back anatomy and reminded everyone how important it is that the furniture we sit in fits our bodies correctly.  He said for the furniture to fit us, our legs have to reach the ground and be at 90 degree angle.  Because of this, ABC has bought the panel all new chairs!  Whoopi said, “If you are starting to have issues with your back, pay attention!”  And actress Regina Hall joined the ladies at the table to discuss today’s hottest topics!

Hot Topics:

American Sniper:  American Sniper broke box office records this weekend raking in over $105 million dollars!  Some celebs are taking some heat for their comments about the film.  Seth Rogen compared the film to “Nazi propaganda” and Michael Moore said he was taught that “snipers are cowards and invaders.”  Whoopi said, “Opinions are like buttholes, everyone’s got one.” She said the filmmakers had the right to make the movie they wanted to, just like Seth and Michael are allowed to make the movies they want to.  Nicolle said that soldiers die so that people like Michael and Seth can say this kind of thing.  Rosie reminded Nicolle that “democracy demands dissent” and she thinks it is a valid criticism to say that PTSD is not as thoroughly represented in the film as it could have been.  Although Nicolle agreed with that criticism about how PTSD was not presented, she did not agree with what Rogen and Moore were saying.  In her view, they were calling our soldiers Nazis and she thinks the military should boycott Seth Rogen’s “crappy” movies. Whoopi again said everyone has the right to their opinion, but as filmmakers and creative people, they don’t have the right to put your art down.  Directing her comments to Rogen and Moore, Whoopi said, “Until the bombs are exploding around you and people are dying around you, you need to be a little more sensitive, dudes.”

Rosie-ODonnell-Regina-HallThe Comeback: The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl bound and Rosie’s son Blake is a HUGE fan of the Green Bay Packers (as are his mom Kelli and her wife Anne). When it looked like the Packers were about to win, with 2 minutes left in the game, Rosie purchased four Super bowl tickets and 4 plane tickets to Phoenix.  Minutes later, Blake texted her and said, “Crap.”  But she said, “Too bad! You’re going!”  And now she has four tickets to go to a game between two teams no one in her house likes. Nicolle called her a good mom.  Rosie said Blake was heartbroken over the loss.  Whoopi thinks that people have forgotten how to lose.  Regina reminded everyone that one team always has to lose and said, “It’s called life.”

The Agony of Victory: A coach was recently suspended after his 161 – 2 win over an opposing team.  Some say he should have gone easier on the other team.  But Whoopi thinks if you don’t teach your kids to get better, they wind up mediocre.  Regina thought the other coach needed to be suspended because his team was only able to score 2 points.  She said he’s in the wrong profession.  Nicolle believed the win was a little excessive and perhaps the team that was in the lead should have given their players to the other side for some of the game.  Whoopi did not agree at all.   Regina, who knows what it is like to lose when it comes to auditions,  said she lost 100 auditions in a row and no one felt bad for her and offered her a role!  However, she IS starring in a new Lifetime movie this weekend entitled With this Ring. The movie is about friends who make a pact to marry within a year, no matter what.


Rosie-ODonnell-Kristen-ChenowethKristen Chenoweth: Kristin Chenoweth is currently starring in the animated movie Strange Magic and the new thriller The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez.   Kristen is also headed back to Broadway in On the Twentieth Century in a role first made famous by Madeline Kahn.  She said it is an incredibly challenging role but she’s enjoying it tremendously.  Her biggest regret in life is that she never met Madeline Kahn or Leonard Bernstein.  Rosie said after Madeline died, she got a thank you note from her.  Rosie had sent Madeline a gift because she heard she was ill and she received her thank you note back, after her death.  She said, “It was like a gift from heaven.”  Kristen named her dog Madeline Kahn!  She said she prefers dogs to men and doesn’t understand people who don’t like dogs!

Regarding The Boy Next Door, Kristen said she’s always wanted to be in a thriller!  She said J-Lo is very down-to-earth despite being a huge star and they really connected on the set.  She said, “I love her.”  In Strange Magic, which is a take on Midsummer Night’s Dream, Kristen plays the Sugar Plum Fairy.  The Boy Next Door opens in theaters this Friday, January 23!  Go see it!

Judith Light: Two time Emmy and Tony winner, Judith Light is starring in Transparent which just recently won the Golden Globe for best series.  She plays a woman whose ex-husband is transitioning from a man to a woman.   Rosie cannot say enough about the show Transparent, and she called it “brilliant.”  Judith said she is honored and proud to be a part of this show.  She said they were shocked when they won the Golden Globe because they weren’t expecting it!  It’s the first online show that has ever won a Golden Globe award.    Judith said the show is really about removing prejudice and honoring those who have transitioned and are brave enough to live in their truth.


Judith and her husband have been together for 30 years and she said the secret to her marriage is they talk about everything.  But she said they also have close friends whom they model themselves after who continue to inspire them with their own relationship.  Rosie said Judith inspires her in her “physical health, in her emotional growth, and in her Broadway performances.”  You can watch all 10 episodes of Transparent on Amazon Prime today!

The show closed to the rockin’ notes of  Vintage Trouble.

Take a little time to enjoy The View!


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions