January 14, 2015

Today, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by guest co-hosts Naya Rivera, Mario Cantone and ESPN College Football and game day reporter Samantha Ponder.  Rosie Perez is rehearsing her Broadway show this month and Whoopi is still recovering from a back injury.

Hot Topics:

Showered With Attention:  Samantha didn’t bring her baby with her to the show this morning like she did last time and this disappointed Rosie, tremendously.  Naya apparently sparked some controversy with a comment she made on yesterday’s show and wanted to clear up any confusion.  At first she made a comment about showering and she said she read a study that said you are supposed to shower once or twice every three days.  Then she said that ethnic people don’t shower as much as white people.  Naya apologized if anyone was offended by her comment but it was supposed to be a joke.  She is excited that it started a big conversation about how many times you should shower.  This was all said after Nicolle admitted to showering 3 times a day.  Nicolle said she received a lot of positive feedback from the OCD crowd who understood her need for multiple showers in a day.  Rosie read that doctors say you should take a bath every day but that skeeved out Samantha who said bathing is just like sitting in your own filth.  Naya read some of the funny tweets she received over the comment.


Beyonce What: Former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee went after the President and the First Lady for allowing their 16 and 13-year-old daughters to listen to artists like Beyonce, who he claimed is totally inappropriate for kids their age.  Mario doesn’t have children but remembered adults criticizing the lyrics to songs when he was a kid too.  But, he admitted, the raciest lyrics at the time were phrases like “afternoon delight” and now he thinks today’s lyrics are so much worse!  Naya said a lot of Beyonce’s lyrics are filled with innuendo.  Samantha said it’s a scary thing to criticize queen Beyonce in this country because people “take their Beyonce” very seriously.  However, she read some of Beyonce’s lyrics last night in preparation for this story and really isn’t sure if she’d be okay with her daughter singing along to them!  She doesn’t know though since her daughter is still just a baby.  Nicolle said Mike Huckabee is a really good guy and someone who typically makes the Republican party appear more thoughtful.  But, she continued, she believed this cultural battlefield is a minefield politically speaking.  She was immediately reminded of the movie Footloose and she said when you try to repress what 13 and 16-year-olds listen to, who they talk to or what music they dance to, it always backfires.  She said the more enlightened parents understand those situations are merely an opportunity to have a conversation with their kids.  Rosie said as a mother of teenagers, when her son connects his iphone to her speaker system in the car and then plays Lil’ Wayne (whom she thinks is very talented) she is also shocked when she hears the lyrics!  And that he knows all the words!  Nicolle thinks instead of criticizing the Obamas, Mike should have said something about knowing what our children are listening to and advising parents to use it as an opportunity for a conversation.  Samantha believes many people in this country see Beyonce as a role model and she wouldn’t want her daughter dancing or singing like Beyonce when she is 13-years-old.   Rosie, on the other hand, said if her 13-year-old daughter was dancing and singing like Beyonce she would turn into Abby Miller from Dance Moms!  She said she’d be the biggest stage mom ever!

Naya-Rivera-Rosie-ODonnell-Mario-Cantone-Samantha-PonderBoozy on The Bachelor:  There are always drinks flowing on ABC’s The Bachelor and this week one of the contestants named Jordan clearly didn’t know when to say whenRosie called it The Bachelor meets Intervention.  Jordan didn’t get a rose Monday night and she’s claiming she warned Producers that sometimes she can have a few too many but they kept offering her drinks.  Mario said this is what reality television is all about.  He said they give the booze out freely and then encourage the participants to just go!  Rosie pointed out that reality show participants are given the option to drink, they don’t have to.  They showed a few more scenes of Jordan being drunk out of her mind and Nicolle and Rosie think she most likely has a drinking problem.  Rosie said when you do a show like Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, they have drinks there too and if you don’t want one, you don’t have to take one.  Naya wonders if The Bachelor contestant was just nervous.  Samantha also said the show takes hours to shoot so they’re literally drinking all night long.  But everyone knows the sloppy drunk girl always gets put on camera so they were all aware of that.  Rosie hopes seeing her acting this way provides The Bachelor contestant with an opportunity to see what she looks like when she’s been drinking too much and she hopes it might lead to her recovery.  Nicolle thinks the contestants sign up for this and they get what they signed up for.  She said dating on television and drinking on television in bikinis is a toxic combination.  Naya asked if this was alcoholism or just one bad night.  Mario believes it’s more than one bad night because if she acted that way when the cameras were around, imagine what she does when the cameras aren’t around.  For Samantha, the drunkenness isn’t even the most shocking part about the situation.  For her, she cannot even believe there’s a show where one  guy is dating 30 other women and that’s seen as normal.

Friends and Lovers: Supposedly, Justin Bieber is having issues with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez dating a DJ who is a mutual friend of theirs.  Reportedly, he thinks she’s doing it to get back at him.  Rosie said for lesbians, this is standard protocol.  Mario agreed.  He joked that there’s only 3 lesbians in the world they all recycle each other.  But, he said for gay men, they don’t do that.  They will cut you for dating your ex. In fact, he finds it amazing how women can be friends with their exes after relationships.  Nicolle thinks Selena should go for it.  She is very anti-Bieber and said if the Biebs is against, she’s for it.  Naya saw Selena at the Golden Globe party with her new date and said she looked really happy.

Body and Mind:  New research found that women who are bisexual are more likely to suffer mental health problems than lesbians.  Mario said he’s never touched a breast in his life and yelled, “I’m a healthy homosexual!”  And then Rosie took his hand and put it on her breast!  Mario put out his hand and yelled, “I’m bleeding!”  After the chaos of that moment, he more calmly stated that he thinks bisexuality is a double problem because you’re attracted to two times the people and therefore may be jilted by two times the people.  Nicolle wondered if it’s now harder for bisexuals because the whole world over is now so accepting of same-sex marriage.  She wondered if it further complicates life because bisexuals don’t “fit in a box.”  Rosie said bisexuals have often felt marginalized by the gay community because some people feel as though bisexuality is a “cop-out” to not admitting you’re gay.  But Rosie believes all sexuality is on a spectrum from 100% gay to 100% straight and everyone else falls somewhere on that spectrum.  Mario agreed.  He too used to think bisexuality was a cop-out until he met truly bisexual people.  Rosie revealed to her kids recently that she once lived with a man for a year when she was 28-years-old.  Her kids asked her if she was bisexual.  She thinks she was trying to figure it out at the time and that sexuality is something you have to come to terms with and accept.


George Lopez shows off his serious side in the new movie Spare Parts.  It’s the true story of undocumented high school students competing against the best colleges in America and George plays a teacher who thinks they’re in over their heads.  He joked that he showers three times a day because he wants to smell white!  George explained the premise of the film.  In 2004, four very smart Latino kids entered a robotics competition and beat out students from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.  He said it’s an amazing story and when he found out the other actors who were going to be in the film, he had to do it.  George said, “Dreams have no color.”  Samantha got emotional when she saw the film because her mom substitute teaches at the school where the movie takes place and she went to a high school in the same district.  She saw their experience growing up.  George said the message of the film is that every kid should dream.  And, George spoke to the hosts about how for the last nine years, he’s returned to his elementary school and given a toy to every child.  He personally hands them out himself.  They’ve named the auditorium in his school after him too.  Spare Parts will be released in theaters this Friday!  Go see it!

ROSIE O'DONNELL, DONNIE OSMONDDonny Osmond:  Donny, who has been a friend of Rosie’s for decades, has just released his 60th record The Soundtrack of My LifeRosie told Donny what an amazing talent he is and that his voice is as good today as it was when he recorded his very first album. He spoke with Rosie about their mutual love of Broadway and he said he would love to go back someday.  He said he and Rosie should do a show together!  Rosie loved the idea!  He said as soon as he’s finished in Vegas, he’ll consider it.  Donny said he and Marie were supposed to be in Vegas for 6 weeks back in 2008 and they just signed a theater extension to make it an 8 year run!  He still lives in Utah and commutes back and forth.  He said Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and when they received the Best Show of Las Vegas award it was a very humbling experience.  He spoke with Rosie a little about his time on Dancing With the Stars too!  Donny and his wife of 37 years are expecting their 8th grandchild.  He said faith and admitting his wife is always right are the keys to a happy marriage.  This latest album, The Soundtrack of My Life,  is a compilation of all the songs that have made up the soundtrack of his life.  Donny sang “My Cherie Amour” for the studio audience.


The View Hosts Sing With Donny!

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written by Kelly Weist
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