Rosie Speaks With Rita Cosby

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  1. Barbra says:

    Great interview! Keep on Rosie! You are brilliant! We all need you and your wisdom right now! Hope you can get your word out more to the general public!!! Please keep pushing for the people and our planet!

  2. Jet says:

    Rosie has never said she wants to be president. However, she is very knowledgeable on politics. Trump was given his money but Rosie made her own. She is sooo right on women’s rights. I think she has a huge heart and wants the best for all. She has only made me laugh and think more deeply on many things.

  3. Zayn says:

    Rosie I always admired your ability to think critically when it comes to our political system and leadership. However, it’s clear that you along with so many are willing to overlook and give a pass to Hillary on war, fracking, income inequality, big money ties; you give this pass for the very reason you claim she is being scrutinized, because she is a woman.

    You do know that when we speak of Bernie winning the young vote we aren’t just speaking of 20 year olds. We are speaking 45 and…

    • Zayn says:

      We are speaking 45 and under. We are all VERY educated on Hillary. You can’t claim Hillarys experience as senator and Secretary of State, while at the same time you want to call people uneducated on who she is. It’s because of her long history that we know who she is very well.

      • Zayn says:

        Is she a horrible person, absolutely not. Is she worthy of being president, absolutely she is. You a champion for the oppressed, the under privileged, the poor, should know very well that the status quo is killing them. A status quo candidate like Hillary who plays the corrupt political system we have will only further insure the extension of the middle class.

        • Zayn says:

          The youth is very educated, and a lot more in tune to the real issues. Your elitist support will only further the largest oppressed class in the history of this nation. An oppressed class that is not prejudice to skin color, shape, size, gender, or sexuality. If you really want equality, we must end the corporate funded political system and give the equal opportunity this country was built on back to the people. Bernie 2016. Not me US!

          • JNagarya says:

            We who were old enough to sit up and pay attention during the 1990s, while having been engaged in the political process for some 30 years already, know who Hillary Clinton is. And we also know the differences between who she actually is, on one hand, and on the other, all the baseless dirt flung at her by the right-wing, Republicans, and ignorant of that history.

            Often the “old” know stuff the young have yet to learn. “The youth” don’t care to listen, or to learn.

  4. Judy says:


  5. Michelle says:

    Hey you, wonderfully done my friend. ROSIE for Vice President? Keep on Keeping on my swamp friend.

  6. tony bassham says:

    I’m so happy to hear your voice again.. Thanks for supporting Hillary..

  7. Jill R says:

    Great interview. Also proud to support Hillary. I believe that she will do great things – and hopefully her coattails can change Congress too.

    • JNagarya says:

      They would have to, because Sanders promised to help fund down-ticket campaigns, but has refused to keep his word. And he has repeatedly said he’d release his tax returns (releasing the same one twice is arrogantly insulting), but continues to refuse to do so.

      By contrast, Clinton released her tax returns long ago, without having to be asked — “transparency,” “open-handedness” —

      This is current the score:

      Clinton tax return release: 33 YEARS.
      Sanders tax return release: 1…

      • gatestwo says:

        And where are the transcripts to her Wall Street speeches? Come on! Really? You have the nerve to talk about transparency and Hillary Clinton in the same breath. The same woman who is still haunted by her failures in Libya and her personal email server, among other issues. At least TRY to conceal your bias.

  8. Rosie, you should go on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton. You are so well spoken and informed and passionate that I think you would be a great asset to her campaign.

  9. Elysa Cooper says:

    So well said, Rosie. Thank you for supporting Hillary- the most qualified person to be POTUS! One more reason to love and respect you.

  10. Jeffrey Launius says:

    Rosie and Rita, what a great interview! I hope many people get a chance to listen. I don’t know why so many cannot see that the Emperor has no clothes. Thank you for challenging reporters to ask the tough questions so we can see that the Bully is not qualified!!! Im with Hillary all the way!!! Keep telling the truth Rosie. All the best from your favorite Flight Attendant @BroadwayJeffrey

  11. Janel says:

    Very surprised to hear you say that Bernie Sanders ideas are impossible to achieve because of the way the government works. That is the very reason to vote for Bernie. He wants to change the way the gov’t works. People are fed up and want change. I believe if we, the people stand up and say we demand change it will happen. Voting for Hillary is saying we give up, we’ll just settle again for the same old way things are. She does not offer anything new from what we have had in the past. Obama…

  12. Kelly O says:

    If only the people who didn’t already agree with you could hear this. Sadly, those of us who are listening, already know you are right.

  13. Cindy says:

    Thank you for posting this. So good to hear you again. Was voting for HRC over Trump any way (if that’s what is come to).
    But enjoyed your perspective on her and her humanity.

  14. Annette Russo says:

    Rosie, u rock. Been in your corner from the beginning. Keep on, keeping on