August 17th, 2012

Frannie n her new painting

frannie n her new painting

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  1. Margaret Galardi says:

    Having just had a pacemaker put in and an ablation procedure
    I can relate to your situatuon, I also had a stint put in about 5 yr ago, I follow up with the cardiologist religiously, Rosie please do the same, hopefully you will find a spot on non a tv channel where your fans can watch you daily..or even weekly, OWN was a pay channel many fans could not access or perhaps pay for. Again take care
    Hopefully Michelle is well also.

  2. Sarah says:

    That should read “reading post mortem” not “read post mitten”. Damn autocorrect.

  3. Jeanne says:

    So glad you have shared your story. 17 years ago my mom drove herself to hospital ‘cuz didn’t feel right; 2 days later she had quadruple bypass. 2 important facts to take aspirin & call 911.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Rosie- I am sitting here imagining what it would be like if I was read post mitten articles written about you instead of your blog and it is freaking me out. Thank god or whatever spiritual powers that be that you are ok. A heart attack is a big fear for me- I am 40 and overweight. Trying to use your story to get healthy. Love you, stay safe. Come visit my partner and me in NJ! Ok, had to get that in.

  5. Danielle says:

    Take care. You’re too important to ignore yourself.

  6. Karen O'Sullivan says:

    So glad you are okay. Scary stuff. I wish there was a magic wand that could sweep through our arteries and make them really clean. That would be cool. You are a strong lady. Never give up. Peace out.

  7. linda says:


  8. Tami McQuaid says:

    Why don’t they make it so you should have an artery test if you have been overweight for some time or if you have high cholesterol? So many people die from this when it would have been completley avoidable. I am your age your shape and I am not going to have a stress test, but would love to have my arteries looked at…Would insurance cover this if I ask for it to be done? Hopefully this was a blessing in disguise…I see beautiful things happening to you 🙂

  9. Rob Westlake says:

    I effing LOVE you and all that you do. I’m so glad you re ok! Big huge hug!!!!

  10. Patsy from Plano says:

    Ro … On 3/1/12 I suffered a massive ❤attack. 100% blockage of my LAD. Symptoms for days: neck pain, left side – the “twitch” you get from stress or sleeping ‘funny’. Then it traveled halfway down my back. I was traveling from Chicago to Texas. Those pains dissipated and pressure across my shoulders lingered and was intense. It was an effort to breathe and walk at the same time. A neck massage did not help. I visited my primary care physician at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and had an EKG. It was normal. At 7:00 pm I stood in my kitchen and started sweating, head to toe. My back pain moved to the front of my chest, high up stretching shoulder blade to shoulder blade. I threw up. Chewed an aspirin. Threw up again. Said, this isn’t right … Get me to the hospital. I was saved in the ER. I had a stent placed. I finished Cardiac Rehabilitation yesterday. I am strong and feel great. Most importantly, Listen To Your Body. Women have weird strange symptoms. If something feels icky, strange, weird, painful … Get to the ER, fastest way possible. Call 911 if you are more than five minutes away or have no one to take you. Tell the ER staff you have chest pains and you should be triaged to the head of the line. This is your life you are dealing with — don’t mess around with excuses — get to the hospital, get fixed and get on with your awesomeness!

    • Trenessa Dammann says:

      I don’t care if you live across from the hospital-call 911 if you think you are having a heart attack. Your heart is at very very high risk of going into a fatal rhythm and you do not have the equiptment to deal with that. If you try and drive you could be found dead in your car.

  11. Debbie Bleul says:

    Dear ro

    im so glad ur okay !
    i also had a silent heart attack a few years ago
    i kind of knew it at the time
    what happened was i went in the pool last year n hurt my chest
    by getting to shy n not thinking
    i was in the hospital a few days for tests cause of the pool
    anyway after all the tests came back
    the dr walked in
    looked 22 n so handsome
    my mouth was full of nachos as he walked in LOL
    i told my daughter that was with me
    i said watch him walk in while im eating

    anyway he said
    good news you dint have a heart attack
    bad news is you already had one , a few years ago
    my LIGHTBULB went off
    a few years ago
    i was in the store
    and everything seem to shut off
    like when ur lights go out n come back on

    i had come home that night n told my hub n son
    about it
    i said something happened
    everything shut off
    they wanted to take me in but i declined

    so that was it

    every moment a gift
    im glad were still here
    people still need me
    im a life lover still so many things against me


  12. Ella says:

    Thank God and Bayer .
    We love ya, you know .

  13. Freddi Faye says:

    Dear Rosie,
    I am so glad that you are okay. You are my favorite, and I wish that you had a show on TV everyday again. I miss seeing you on TV where you belong. You are so funny and real.
    Best health to you.

    • ursula abramszyk says:

      Rosie, i couldn’t agree with Freddi more. u are also my favorite and i do miss u not being on tv. because i do not have a computer, i heard about ur heart attack by fluke while watching the news on tv. i was totally shocked and had to get to the library the next day to use their computer to find out more and write something to u to make me feel better about the situation. i to am 50 this year and just went through a cancer treatment very very scary, but i am okay. health & love to u miss u

  14. Helen says:

    Rosie, I just read about your health scare and I am so thankful to God that you are okay and that you received the treatment that you needed. My prayers are with you. A great fan of yours from St. Louis. God bless.

  15. Pam Foushi says:

    Rosie, so glad to hear you got the treatment you needed. I, too, at the age of 55, had a stent put in my LAD, and too, my life saved from a potential heart attack. it started with unexplained pain in my legs when walking. After much unnecessary back treatment,a Med student found that I had no pulse in my ankles and I was sent to a cardiologist who orderend tests. My cardiologist told me that if my leg arteris were blocked, my heart was also likely effected. Tests showed an 85% blockage in the old Widow Maker. Within the next 30 days I had three procedures and received three stents, one in the LAD and one in each leg. I am now healthy and follwoing up religiously with my cardiologist with no additional treatment needed for the last 5 years. Thank God for the Med Student, who may have saved my life. Unfortuneately, my nephew died on July 5th at the age of 35 from an undiagnosed blockage in the same artery. Ladies, take note. If you are over 50, get a stress test and do not ignore symptoms. Rosie, you were very lucky. Best wishes to you and Michelle and please, take care of yourself. The world needs you.

  16. Wendy Yazujian says:

    Dear Rosie —

    I just learned, via today’s news, about your health scare last week. What a relief it is to know that you were able to get treatment and are now resting comfortably. May your recovery continue smoothly.

    Best wishes from an old friend from Dickinson,