saw ARGO today in toronto
a city i love
a country i adore
what an amazing movie

ben affleck is quite a film maker
the visuals – music – acting- all perfect
nothing like being swept away
in a dark room full of strangers

the ticket was 20 dollars
because the theater had a “VIP zone”
which was nothing more than a small screening room
with a waitress i never saw

no matter – i was thoroughly entertained
i love canadians
so many wearing red poppies on their coats
remembrance day – for all lost in war

its very moving
to see so many honoring the dead
a constant reminder of the sacrifice
the human cost of war

i am shooting an episode of BOMB GIRLS
a wonderful series on global tv
about canadian women who worked in bomb factories
during WW2

my friend Meg Tilly stars
with a cast of 20 somethings
it reminds me of LOTO
in so many ways

tomorrow i have a 4 40 am pick up
so i am now in bed
pretending it is time for sleep
fingers crossed

i left nyack on friday
we still have no power
but luckily do have a generator
i have never seen such damage

the storm shook us all
yet leaves still hang on the trees that stand
the hudson churned and roared
and now – is calm once more

may all those who lost loved ones
be held in comforting arms
as we pull together
and start healing

remember to vote on tuesday
remember women have the right to reproductive freedom
that 4 years is not enough to right the wrongs
we all were left with

vote with ur heart
u know what is right for u
its 2012 – not 1952
god bless america