when tweets become news

new-moan-ya isn’t fun at all
it sounded like a bunch of lonely kittens
were living in my lungs
aching to escape

a new anti biotic
changed my world
in 48 hours

a week in bed 2 catch up
on shows i missed
or hadn’t ever seen

i watched only one episode
LL looking lost – late for work
again and again
scared suffering – surrounded by sycophants

broke my heart in many ways
a long island girl – so familiar
with a mom my age
fighting a disease that too often wins

while the world watches
this is now entertainment – celeb/reality tv
anna nicole and whitney
a slurring paula abdul

we r asked to watch but not see
what is right in front of r eyes
to nod in complicity
as everyone braces for impact

i tweeted the show was a tragedy
“an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress”
thats what it felt like to me
start to finish

i wish only for lindsays healing
for sobriety that will serve her so
for a calming of all demons that plague her
for stillness inside her soul

i have compassion for the little girl i see
beneath the designer duds
one that could use a safe place to land
maybe for the first time in her life