when i think of home …

waiting in the rain
adele blares
i will be ur remedy
another mass shooting

when the pain cuts u deep
my son in a blue lives matter t
as i merge into the black body
between the world and me

my mouth bleeds
new crowns on swollen gums
porcelain placed and pounded
perfect and numb

in nyack
u text
as talking has always
left u vexed

come on by
flys thru my thumbs
without thought
our love aint water under the bridge

the baby curled
on the cocoa leather couch
the code given
enter – again

u r with a man
10 years ur senior
20 years my junior
from my home town

he offers his hand
eyes down
he has been here before
somehow familiar

his mother –
he confesses
is bi polar
his dad dead

a swamp person
like us
he has survived
many fires

i take u in
ripped blacks jeans
on a starved small frame
let me photograph u in this light

ur arms now marked
like mine
ink stained pain
to define u

i read today
joyce maynard
adopted 2 girls
from Ethiopia

6 and 9 in 2010
14 months later
she gave them away
rehomed them

rehomed is a new word
spell check underlines it
makes no sense
the red dashes say

rehome – verb
to find a new family
for adopted children
on your own

20/20 – did a similar story
a heavy set – gay seeming
republican christian dad
clinging to his stoic wives hand

with tearful watery eyes
they told their tales
of troubled terrorist tykes
and christs redemption

i worry about u
my kid who rehomed herself
there in a strangers house
that somehow feels like your very own

now again in the ER
angry i know
that u feel pain
like all of us

and i know about it
in spite of all ur efforts
at radio silence
i hear

one adam 12 – i adam 12
see the girl
see the girl