an amazingly touching and informative documentary
now available to watch on line
i am happy to have been a small part
of this kickstarter project


“…everyone one was trying to explain it in their own way
but i had never seen the internet grieving in its own way

at no time in his childhood – did arron have mood swings
or what i would describe as severe depression

we r standing in a middle of our time
when grave injustice is not touched
where the architects of the financial meltdown
have dinner with the president nightly

in the middle of that time
the idea that THIS was what the government
the prosecuteor
its absurd

aaron is dead
wanderers in this crazy world
we have lost a mentor , a wise elder
Hackers for right, we r one down
we have lost one of our own
nurturers, carers listeners
feeders – parents all
we have lost a child
let us all weep…”