the great escape


I can understand how when the edges are rough
And they cut you like the tiny slivers of glass
And you feel too much
And you don’t know how long you’re gonna last,

But everyone you know, is tryna smooth it over,
Find a way to make the hurt go away,
But everyone you know, is tryna smooth it over,
Like you’re trying to scream underwater,
But I won’t let you make the great escape,
I’m never gonna watch you checking out of this place
I’m not gonna lose you
‘Cause the passion and pain
Are gonna keep you alive someday
Gonna keep you alive someday

I feel like I could wave my fist in front of your face
And you wouldn’t flinch or even feel a thing
And you’ve retreated to your silent corner
Like you decided the fight was over for ya,

Everyone you know, is tryna smooth it over,
Find a way to make the hurt go away,
Everyone you know, is tryna smooth it over,
Everyone needs a floor they can fall through
But I won’t let you make the great escape,
I’m never gonna watch you checking out of this place
I’m not gonna lose you
‘Cause the passion and pain
Are gonna keep you alive someday
They’re gonna keep you alive someday

Oh, Terrified of the dark, but not if you go with me
And I won’t need a pill to make me numb
And I wrote the book on runnin’,
But that chapter of my life will soon be done

I’m the king of the great escape
You’re not gonna watch me checking out of this place
You’re not gonna lose me
‘Cause the passion and pain
Are gonna keep us alive someday
Yeah the passion and the pain
Are gonna keep us alive someday, someday

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123 Responses to 'the great escape'

  1. ckerasi says:

    The interview you gave with Barbra Streisand.. When you talked about her music healed your soul when your mother died. Helped me get through the loss of my mom. Because you never get over it, you get through it. Find something that helps you get through it.. The rest of us, we need you.

  2. Tory M says:

    Always keep your heart open. There is no better life lesson learned than the ones a young adult goes through alone. They will be the hardest but most meaningful to grow. Always keep your heart open.

  3. Alexandria says:

    Sending you much love and blessings Rosie. Life comes full circle, just be patient and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong darlin!

  4. Anne says:

    It happened to me as well. They go and they come back- they have miracle thinking- nothing will change being with that other family. No matter where you are there you are. The honeymoon will end. She will come back- don’t make it hard for her to do so. Let her know you love her, you have open arms and heart. Her sibs are her sibs- THEY grew in her heart not the others. Good luck…it was a dark, sad time for me. You can do this, you can do most everything. xoxox

  5. J's mom says:

    I hope you can hear and believe all of the stories here of other moms who’ve been where you are and made it thru to the other side with their precious daughters back in their fold. It hurts and it sucks and takes great focus and courage and strength but you can make it. Promise. Love and light to all of you.

  6. Ann Marie says:

    Rosie I too had to struggle with a child suffering from a mental illness. You are a good mom, please believe me, you can’t make them understand unless they are on their meds and they go to their counseling. I know you are suffering and I pray for you. Please always remember You Are A Good Mom!! Love you Rosie❤️

  7. My heart goes out to you, Rosie. She just needs to spread her wings and fly free for a bit and feel some independence. The love and personal values you have instilled in her will never fade. Stay strong and resolute for your other children as well as yourself. xxoo

  8. Katrina says:

    I am sorry to hear of your struggles right now and cant imagine what your feeling and going threw but your daughter knows you love and care about her and gave her a great life. She is probably feeling lost to what her biological routes are and she needs closer to that. Give her time she will return to you. Have faith and hope .and sorry to hear you lost your fatheri am praying for you .we love you rosie.

  9. Ellen says:

    Hi Rosie-

    Please hear this- you are a good mom. You are a good person. Believe it. It is true.

  10. Marie says:

    My heart is breaking for you. My 12 year old struggles also and I’m trying the best I can but he says he can’t wait until he’s 18 so he can move out and not live under my rules any more. I’m crying just thinking about it. We will pray for your daughter and you.

  11. Pat Baker says:

    Love with all your heart, then let go, and let her grow..

  12. Beth says:

    Dear Rosie,
    I understand your struggle. This year my best girl chose to move out of our home and drop out of the college of her dreams at the age of 18 into a tent and then 250 miles away with a boy of 22. This boy of 22 introduced her to drinking, pot and music festivals. By law I had to let her fly away on her own like a bird out of the nest. I screamed, cried, fought, begged, connived to keep her where I thought she should be. Yesterday she got 3 jobs and into college. Love to you!

  13. Zuinda says:

    All the light and live over all of you.

  14. Sharon says:

    Sending you strength Rosie

  15. Joy says:

    My youngest daughter left when she was 18. Myself, her brother and sister did everything possible to get her to come back. The pain is indescribable when I think about her and wonder how she is doing. Maybe I should have fought harder with her so she knows how much I love her. Maybe I should have gotten angry when she left so she knows how much I love her. Did I tell her I love her enough. Maybe she needed more. Less. Maybe. What if. My thoughts are with you Rosie.

  16. Christine says:


    Some of us learn from the mistakes of the ones that came before us so that they are never repeated. Others need to jump in feet first and sink or swim with every experience because they believe if they listen to the knowledgable voices they’re giving up control. Your daughter will be home; this is a lesson she has to learn on her own.

    Lifting your family up in prayer.


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