my font size is 36
with glasses on
i turned 56
we all need help 2 see

Only Fox News
a chid covering his eyes
believing he can’t be seen
a tantrum

he didn’t parent his kids
in any way
he doesn’t know
what we moms and dads do

u never let a tantrum work
if u do
ur doomed
they will get bigger n bigger

til the collapse
which always comes
as humans we break
part of the design

Only Fox News
Only the white men
Only the missing children
Only the raped katie johnson’s

he is breaking
before r eyes and ears
his lies don’t work
the NFL gig is over

we see u Donald J Trump
we know u fuck w/anyone u want
dedicated public servants
something u know nothing of

u hurt people
women and children first
those who believed u next
now all but u

AMERICA is woke
And ur shitshow is done
donald from queens
its over