i got carton stickers
that fit on i phone chargers
so everyone can tell
its mine

no matter how many i buy
at 30 bucks a pop
they disappear into thin air

so now
no one can claim
they picked it up by accident
thinking it was theirs

but now
i have too many
its like an episode of hoarders
at best buy or the apple store

i have stickered charger cubes in every room
brightly colored wires
dangle like baby snakes
from each outlet in my new home

problem solved
problem gained

3 Responses to 'STUCK'

  1. Suzy says:

    Cute-a way to know which charger goes to which thing.
    Thought of getting them for my son and his wife-they have so many chargers-but then feared that my little granddaughter may be attracted to them. Do not like the idea of her being attracted to an outlet-seeing a plug as a toy.
    I do this with my reading glasses-I will buy spare pairs at the dollar store and put them in all the rooms of the house and they all end up in one room and not the one I am in. Living alone no one to blame but me.

  2. T/S says:

    LOL I did the same thing, I even have one in the garage.
    My latest problem is scissors. Constantly losing them to wherever this house takes them. I bought 6. I have 1 in its usual kept place & several hidden in drawers, both up & downstairs. The problem is, I think they know where I hid them, so they disappear too. Im considering keeping a pair in my car along with my secret hidden ipad, iphone,& mophie charge cords. Which of course means I’ll need a bigger car. Oy! Have a great day Ro! <3

  3. Deb Josiah says:

    So true!! But there are only two of us in the house (besides animals). I need one in every socket too. That might solve the problem