Social Media BLACKOUT

Join a One Day Grassroots to Send A Powerful Message to Donald Trump.

Years ago, the bars within the logo below let people watching television know that there were technical difficulties—and what they should just sit and wait for the issue to be solved. With the election of Donald Trump, the last thing we can do is “Stand By.”

On Friday January 20th Inauguration Day, you can let Donald Trump know that you will fight back against any attempt to pull America backwards.Join this grassroots social media “BLACKOUT” by simply uploading the photo below to ALL your social media feeds and use the hashtags #pleasedonotstandby and #getinvolved. Then, add your own comments, messages and hashtags. By flooding social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, etc) with the same art we all can send a very powerful protest.

Over the past 18 months, Donald Trump has divided Americans up by:
· Race
· Gender
. Sexual orientation
· Ethnicity
· Religion

Violence against all groups is rising and this administration is looking to change laws that protect ALL our RIGHTS. We must STAND TOGETHER and speak with one voice to stop it from happening.

Upload the photo below and to get more information or to learn about organizations that you can get involved with, – PLEASE DO NOT STAND BY GET INVOLVED – Together we can make a difference.