October 30, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Taylor’s Takeover of The View: The ladies began the show reminiscing about Taylor Swift’s visit to the show yesterday.  Rosie P always liked Taylor’s music but said she was so impressed with her personally yesterday.  She is her newest fan.  Rosie O said Taylor “emanates the light” and spoke of her real connection to the people in the studio audience and her fans.  She was also so impressed when she heard Taylor was giving all the profits from the single Welcome to New York to the NYC public school system.  It almost made her cry.  Nicolle loves her awareness of her influence over young people.  She said the way you talk to little people says a lot about how you respect them.
  • Time’s Public School Cover Photo: Rosie P briefly mentioned the recent Time Magazine cover Rotten Apples referring to the bad teachers tenured in today’s public schools.  She said they don’t have enough time to talk about it on today’s show but something has to change with teachers.  And she would like to start by paying them more money.  Rosie O agreed!  Nicolle said she has a lot of friends involved in “that fight” and it stems from a couple of lawsuits getting a lot of attention in the media.  Whoopi said parents have every right to protest if their kids are not getting what they need at school.  She said it’s the parents JOB to watch out for their kids and it’s the teacher’s union job to fill in the gaps.  Nicolle said Campbell Brown is involved in one of the lawsuits they discuss in the Time Magazine article and she’d like to have her on as a guest of the show.  Whoopi said they’ve discussed this topic before, about more parents getting involved in this issue, and there are parents from about 4-6 states who have now reinvested themselves in this education debate.  Nicolle said Time Magazine has stated their objective of the cover was to start a provocative conversation, which they did!
  • Giants Win: Nicolle and the ladies of The View sang We Are the Champions in honor of the Giants win in the World Series.
  • Catcalling Vs. Harassment:  Rosie P wanted to clarify her statements about the catcalling video they commented on on yesterday’s show.  She said compliments are okay but harassment is NOT okay and she never said it was nor was she condoning it.  Apparently, she was getting railed on social media for what she said.  Whoopi was pretty fired up about Rosie P taking a lot of heat for her comments.  She said Rosie P is allowed to say what she thinks on the show and the viewers really need to pay better attention to what they’re saying.  Rosie P said she was going to follow Taylor Swift’s lead and “shake it off.”  And Funny Or Die posted a parody video, of what it’s like to walk down the streets of NYC as a man.  No one really laughed though.  Nicolle said it’s a double standard because no one yells out to men like that when they walk down the street and Rosie P and Whoopi said they DO TOO!  Both Whoopi and Rosie P have been known to yell out to a man about how good looking he is.  Whoopi said she will say it to women too because everyone deserves to hear a compliment.
  • Not Very Presidential: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is raising eyebrows again for a recent appearance where he told a local activist and former councilman to “sit down and shut up.”  Rosie O said, “How very presidential of him!”  She rolled her eyes a bit too.  She asked Nicolle if that outburst was going to get him in trouble.  Nicolle said Christie is one of the republican party’s best chances of winning the White House but there are two things that worry people about him.  1. The Bridgegate Scandal: But she said no one in the republican party across the country cares about their traffic jams.  2. The Tough Guy Persona: Half of the republican party loves this straight-talking guy because they believe he needs to be tough-talking against a stacked liberal media. The other half of the republican party is worried about this side of him.  Whoopi pointed out that this guy was not the liberal media, he was mentioning the people who haven’t received the money the Governor promised them for hurricane relief.  Nicolle agreed because the man was one of his constituents.  She said he should have asked him to stay afterwards so they could have a conversation about it.  She said Obama and Bush have had hecklers at their events and there is a playbook for how to deal with this but he didn’t follow it.  Rosie O loved the woman behind him in the video with a huge smile on her face, thoroughly enjoying the smackdown.  Turns out that was his wife!  She laughed and said, “When I scream at the dogs, my wife smiles too.”  Whoopi wants him to recognize that there are people still in pain in New Jersey.  Rosie P knows that people like Christie but she also thinks Jeb Bush is a viable candidate.  Whoopi likes both candidates too but has some problems with things Christie has done.
  • First Fortune 500 CEO to Come Out:  Tim Cook, Apple CEO, made history as the first Fortune 500 candidate to come out of the closet as gay.  Whoopi wasn’t shocked because she always knew.  Rosie P was just surprised he’s the only guy on the Fortune 500 list who’s gay!  Whoopi said he’s not the only one who’s gay, he’s the only one who has come out.  Rosie O thought everyone knew she was gay too and when she came out publicly people were shocked!  They referred to her crush on Tom Cruise and she said she never said she wanted to “do” him she said she wanted him to mow her lawn!  There’s a difference.  She feels the same way about Nelly (one of their guests on today’s show)!
  • Public Shaming: A father who caught his daughter lying about her age online is causing controversy over the way he punished herRosie P thinks he went too far because she had to go to school wearing the shame.  She understood what the daughter did was potentially dangerous but he embarrassed her in front of all her schoolmates.  Whoopi agreed with the father and said sometimes you have to punish this way.  She said it’s the consequences of making bad choices.
  • Viral Video: Rosie O introduced an adorable video of a little girl donating her hair to locks of love.  They want Emily James and her uncle to come visit The View next week so they can give them a big hug!
  • Honey Boo Boo Canceled: The TLC show Honey Boo Boo has been canceled over allegations that the mother has been seeing a convicted sex offender who one of her own daughters claims molested her.  Mama June adamantly denies all of it but her daughter spoke to Entertainment Tonight yesterday saying the allegations were true.  Rosie O was very moved by the show when it first came out because of the amount of love the family had for each other.  She also said it was the first time that a very poor family was on TV and celebrated for their differences.  However, now she thinks the toxicity of fame and all of the pressures that come with being in the public eye have turned this into a tragedy.  She thinks it’s horrific when mothers side with the offenders and don’t believe their children.  She thinks it’s tragic.  Nicolle took note of the audience’s reaction who clapped when Whoopi announced the show had been canceled because the audience is an awesome barometer how people feel about topics.  Nicolle believes Rosie O when she says that this happens (that mothers often side with the perpetrators) but she said she would shoot them in the head with a gun if anyone ever touched her son.  Rosie O said every child that has been touched by an adult in a sexual way wishes for a mother that would respond in that way but not every child who has lived with sexual abuse has experienced that, herself included.  🙁   She got teary eyed and said it scars children and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives.  Whoopi said that’s why the father shamed his daughter for not acting her age.  Because he was trying to protect her from things like this!  Rosie O said when her daughter Chelsea was 11 she was on tour with Cyndi Lauper and she looked like a grown woman and when they were out grown men would hit on her.  She would have to constantly tell the men how young she was!  It infuriated Rosie to see older men hit on her daughter and then Chelsea was mad at her for protecting her.



Nelly: Nelly joined the ladies of The View to promote the brand new season of Real Husbands of Hollywood and his brand new series Nellyville.  Rosie O told Nelly how handsome he was many, many times.  He talked about his show Nellyville which really highlights what it’s like to be a single father who is relevant in his kids’ lives, not only financially but lovingly and mentally.    Nelly has an issue with the way hip hop artists are portrayed in the media.  Every hip hop artist he knows has a non-profit organization and gives back to their community, but you never hear about it.  His song Splurge talks about that very issue.  He’s working with a charity in St. Louis Jes Us for Jackie, which started in his sister’s honor to help find stem cell donors.  They weren’t able to save his sister but they did save 7 lives.  He’s raising both of her kids and his kids and without his kids he said he wouldn’t have made it through this business.  He loves working on Real Husbands of Hollywood.  He said he looks forward to going to work every day when they’re taping that show and enjoys the chemistry on set.

Alfred Enoch:  Alfred Enoch from How To Get Away With Murder joined the ladies of The View to discuss his role on the new ABC series.   He was doing a play in London but decided to audition for this show even though it seemed so unlikely that he would get the part.  But he did!  In real life he has a British accent but has mastered a perfect Midwestern American accent for the show.   Here are a couple fun facts about Alfred!  His father was in the original Dr. Who series and Alfred has been in 7 of the Harry Potter films!    How To Get Away With Murder airs tonight at 10pm on ABC.


Rosie P: “I’m just going to follow Taylor Swift and shake it off.”

Whoopi: “I just want him [Christie] to recognize there are people in pain in Jersey. Why is it so hard to fix stuff?!”

Nicolle: “Chris Christie is one of our best chances of winning the White House in the next cycle.”

Rosie O: [re: the Chris Christie temper tantrum video] “Who’s this crazy woman on his staff encouraging him to act like an idiot?  Oh!  That’s his wife!”

Rosie O: [about sexual abuse of children] “I think it’s horrific when mothers side with the offenders and don’t believe their children.”

Nelly: “There are fathers, such as myself, that are relevant in their kids’ lives, not just financially but lovingly and mentally.”

Take a little time to enjoy The View.