October 27, 2014

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  • Thoughts About The Weekend: The ladies began today’s show giving their condolences to all the families and the victims of the Washington state high school shooting tragedy.  Also, one of The View producers fell ill this weekend and is in the hospital,  so they wanted to let him know they were thinking of him too.  Rosie P wished a happy 50th birthday to her beloved cousin Sixto!    Though at first she jokingly wished him a happy 60th birthday because he once played a similar joke on her.  She said, “I got you back!”  Whoopi was back from her trip to Spain where she helped open the play Sister Act The Musical and she said the trip went great.  Nicolle was so happy her San Francisco Giants are doing so well in the World Series!  Rosie P joked with Nicolle that she should be rooting for the underdogs but Nicolle was having no part of that!  She said she’s a Republican and she already roots for the underdogs!
  • Ebola in New York: With one confirmed case of Ebola in NYC, Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie imposed a mandatory quarantine on aid workers returning from Africa.  A nurse was immediately put into quarantine right from her plane and now she’s threatening legal action for the way she was treated.  Rosie P likened this to the AIDS epidemic when it first began.  She wished people would have listened to the health care professionals instead of the media because that would have prevented some of the hysteria.  Rosie P thought Christie was quick to react to this crisis in a pretty severe way.   Nicolle pointed out that Christie imposed the quarantine in conjunction with New York State.  Nicolle watched the press conference this weekend between the two Governors and likes to connect the political dots.  She said there’s a widening gap between what our medical professionals are saying and what our political leaders are saying.  Whoopi was fine with the Governor’s imposing these restrictions but thought the hospitals weren’t prepared to deal with the new demands. Rosie O liked how the New York Health Commissioner spoke out against the fear and how we have to rely on science to guide our decisions.
  • Anthony Weiner is BACK:  Anthony Weiner is back on Twitter apparently and one of his favorite tweet friends is a lady called Sugarfuzz (@JoslynStevens).   Her bio reads, “Filling in for your wife since 2001. Indulge your sexual fantasies by having an affair. instagram/sugarfuzz.”  Whoopi wanted to know if Anthony learned anything at all the last time!  Rosie P was angry because Weiner was a good politician and he just threw it all away.  Nicolle did the Bill Maher show with Anthony Weiner in May of this year.  She thinks he’s a really good politician too.  Rosie O commented on how if she ever sees a male celebrity in their underwear she can never get the image out of her head.  She said it’s distracting for her if she’s seen them in their skivvies.   Whoopi joked how it’s only distracting if you can see it!



Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley:   The cohosts of the CMA awards sat down to chat with the ladies of The View.  They’re both performing live this year and Carrie is up for Female Vocalist of the Year.  They discussed how much they love hosting together and how Brad’s kids are more impressed by Carrie’s musical talents than his!    Carrie is expecting and due in the Spring.  She said she’s nervous for the responsibility of parenting but excited.  Rosie O told Carrie how much she loved her in The Sound of Music live on television.  Carrie said it was hard and rewarding and the best thing about it is when people come up to her and tell her they watched it together as a family.  Brad has a new album that he dropped through social media entitled Moonshine In the TrunkRosie P asked Brad why he decided to release the album this way and Brad said he did it because he wanted to control the way everyone heard it the first time.   He thought it was the best use of Twitter and Facebook in order to make a splash and get attention for the album.  Carrie has a Greatest Hits album coming out in December.  She said it’s been 10 years since American Idol and it felt like a great time to do it.  She said there are some really fun extras on the album her fans are really going to enjoy.  Brad sang Perfect Storm for the studio audience and viewers at home.

Lawrence Fishburne: Lawrence Fishburne from the sitcom Blackish, joined the ladies of The View for a little sit-down about what it’s like to be a part of the hilarious new show.   He told Rosie P how proud of her he was and he thanked Whoopi for her documentary about Moms MableyWhoopi thanked Lawrence for all his advice when they worked together in The Color Purple.  Rosie P asked Lawrence what it’s like to work on a comedy as opposed to the serious roles he traditionally does.  Lawrence said this was a great opportunity to show his lighter side.  Regarding the controversy over the name of the show he said it could have several meanings.  For some people the word “blackish” is when black people kind of act white and for some people, it’s when white people kind of act black.  You can catch Blackish Wednesdays at 9:30 on ABC!


Rosie & Lawrence Fishburne!


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