October 28, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Messages To Start the Show: The hosts started today’s show with a message to former View host and friend, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, hoping she gets better soon!  Nicolle started a whole family drama yesterday! When she was discussing how she and her family are  huge San Francisco Giants fans yesterday, she showed a picture of her sister and her sister’s friend at the Giants game.  Nicolle mistook her sister for the friend and identified the friend as her sister!  Whoopi was surprised and said, “Oh! YOU all look alike too!”  Everyone roared with laughter.
  • Walmart Apologizes: Walmart has apologized for labeling plus-sized Halloween costumes on their website as “Fat Girl Costumes.”   Rosie O said as a woman who has been obese for most of her adult life, it is hard to shop for “plus-sized” costumes as it is.  She thinks it was probably a mistake however she acknowledged that there is fat shaming in America.  Nicolle agreed that we should all be referees to call out this type of behavior because it sends a terrible message, especially to little kids.  Rosie P said she was “fat” in 5th grade and was mortified when she had to shop in the “husky boy” section in the department store.  Rosie O said whenever she offends someone and they lash out at her through social media the first thing they call her is fat.  Whoopi thinks it’s time people just get over themselves because there are both fat and skinny people in the world but the connecting fiber is we’re all people.
  • Larry King Tweets: Larry recently showed the world that he has a way with Twitter and he’s at it again!  Each host read some hilarious tweets written by the King and his thoughts on a range of topics including, the smell of turpentine, pocket watches, buttered popcorn, rap music, water, mail, and lastly, “I’m glad Rosie O’Donnell is back on The View!”
  • Must Have Monday Extended: The Must Have Monday flash sale has been continued until Thursday (10/30) at 12:00pm Pacific Time while supplies last.    Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to 85% off the retail price on some fabulous gifts for your friends and family!  And maybe pick up a little something special for yourself…  🙂
  • Bill Maher: Bill Maher was picked as keynote speaker at UC Berkeley’s fall commencement but some students are fighting against it because of his comments about Islam.  The petition they’ve started already has 2,400 signatures.  Rosie P said when she thinks of Berkeley, she thinks about civil rights and activism.  She thinks they should invite him and protest his visit rather than ban him.  Rosie O remembered attending one of her brother’s college graduations and the students that were protesting the commencement speaker stood up and turned their backs during his speech in order to have their voices heard.  Nicolle’s commencement speaker was Oliver Stone and her parents are convinced that’s how she became a Republican!  The history of Berkeley isn’t banning speeches that offend you, it’s the fight for free speech.  She thinks it’s so interesting that the students of Berkeley would be squashing the very rights  their campus has fought for.  Whoopi thinks times have changed from a climate where you felt like you could protest and discuss to a time where people just don’t want to hear opposing opinions. Rosie O said Bill knows the price of what he says because he’s been fired before for stating his opinion.  She said you have to respect that’s what America is all about – freedom of speech.
  • Viral Video: Watch as a Chinese table tennis pro loses his mind after he wins a table tennis championship.  He was then stripped of the award money for the win because of his celebration.  Rosie O recalled the time soccer champion Brandi Chastain removed her shirt after the FIFA world cup final win in 1999.  She named lots of athletes who have broken things in celebration and frustration. Nicolle thought that celebration was what made the match interesting and thinks he should get his prize money.



Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson joined the ladies of The View for a discussion about his new book Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.  Mike loved the new energy of the show and said he used to be nervous to visit.  Now he’s got his Brooklyn side in common with Rosie PRosie P and Mike have known each other for years and they showed an old picture of them together from the 90’s!  He discussed his promotion company Iron Mike Productions, his improved relationship with Evander Holyfield and what a struggle it was for him to mature when he was growing up in the spotlight.  He said having an intimate relationship while he was fighting was almost impossible and he doesn’t miss it. Mike said he’s doing well with his sobriety right now but is always aware of the dangers of falling off the wagon.  He said all his success comes from his failures. His failures and losses, Mike said, have helped him arrive at his highest successes.  They showed a clip from his new project Mike Tyson Mysteries.  You can catch Mike Tyson Mysteries Monday nights on Adult Swim!

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Elizabeth Warren:  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sat down with the ladies of The View to discuss today’s hottest topics in politics.  Rosie P asked Ms. Warren if she ever made out with Jon Stewart!  Jon had joked that he wanted to make out with the Senator after the way she spoke out against the bank regulators.  Elizabeth said Jon is very cute but she’s been happily married for 34 years and she’s not ready to change.  She explained what she meant when she said “the political system is rigged.”  What she meant when she said that was the government works for those that can afford to hire armies of lobbyists, lawyers and big campaign contributors and it doesn’t work anymore for real families.  She thinks we have to have real people take our government back and make it work for us.   Nicolle wanted to know how it felt for her to be so well received by democrats at a time when the political establishment is all but ready to coronate Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee for president.  Elizabeth said it’s not about her but about the core set of issues they need to talk about which is about women voting.  She said, “If you don’t have a seat at the table you’re probably on the menu and that is absolutely the case for women.”  She said the only way women are going to have their voices heard about the issues they care about is by getting out and voting.  The 3 democratic women that Elizabeth thinks will determine the outcome on election night are; Allison Grimes in Kentucky, Michelle Nunn in Georgia and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.  Nicolle mentioned 3 republican women to keep an eye on in November’s election which were Joni Ernst in Iowa, Barbara Comstock in Virginia and Elise Stefanik in New York.   If you don’t live in these areas and can’t vote for them directly but still want to help, you can offer to make phone calls, give $10 (if you can) or by sending them an “atta-girl” in support.

Barry Manilow:  Barry Manilow joined the ladies to discuss his new album entitled My Dream Duets and the famous commercial jingles he’s written!    In his new album he sings emotional duets with famous artists who are no longer with us.  He sang I Believe In You and Me off his new CD for the audience.

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow

The DWTS Cast-Offs: Antonio Sabato Jr. and Cheryl Burke, the latest Dancing with the Stars cast-offs danced for the audience.

Audience Giveaway: Members of the studio audience received a copy of Mike Tyson’s book Undisputed Truth and a copy of Elizabeth Warren’s book entitled A Fighting Chance and a copy of Barry Manilow’s My Dream Duets.


Rosie O: [regarding the word FAT] “It’s the one pejorative that everyone feels like they can throw at you with immunity.”

Nicolle: “I went to Berkeley.  My commencement speaker was Oliver Stone and my parents believe that’s how I became a republican.”

Whoopi:  [to Mike Tyson about his sobriety] “Listen, you’re gonna be fine. You’re not gonna go backwards. You’re on the right road.”

Rosie P:   [about Berkeley banning Maher as a commencement speaker]  “I think that instead of banning Bill Maher, invite him and have your say.  Challenge him.”

Mike Tyson: [when asked about his sobriety] “I’m kicking butt right now!”

Elizabeth Warren: “I think we have to have real people take our government back and make it work for us.”

Elizabeth Warren: [about women] “We’re half the population.  We need to be half of the government as well.”